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What Do Dreams About Fish Mean?

by | Mar 12, 2024

  • The dreams of fish are regarded as good omens by different cultures and ancient civilizations.
  • Dreaming about fish is considered to symbolize abundance, success, and resourcefulness.
  • Fish dreams are generally positive but can also have negative messages based on the context of the dream.

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Dreams of fish can seem odd. Unless you’re a fish enthusiast, a marine biologist, or a seafood chef, the average individual isn’t exposed to fish daily. Since dreams are generally believed to be products of our subconscious (i.e., experiences we have during the day), dreaming of fish may lead you to search for their meaning.
In this article, we’ll help you understand why you may be dreaming about fish, what they could symbolize, and if there’s a hidden message behind these odd dreams.

General Dream Symbolism of Dreams About Fish

Before we start, it’s important to note that dream interpretation is highly subjective. Though there are general meanings, accurate interpretation always lies within your self-reflection.

Dreams often mirror your subconscious. It may be difficult for your consciousness to articulate what’s in your mind, so they appear in your dreams using symbols.

To understand a dream about fish, we must examine what these sea creatures represent. What do they symbolize, their characteristics, and what do they represent regarding their association with humans?

Let’s dig deeper into the world of fish dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Fish Dreams

The Bible is an excellent source of understanding what the dreams of fish mean. The fish was known to be a symbol of Christianity in the 2nd century. Carvings of fish were frequently found in catacomb walls in the ancient city of Rome. Fish is also mentioned in several Bible passages, such as the following:

  • Ezekiel 47:9 says, “It will come about that swarms of living creatures where the river goes will live; and in this river, there will be very many fish, for these waters flow there, and the others become fish; so everything will live where the river goes.”
  • Jonah 1:17 says, “And God sent a huge fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was inside the stomach of this fish for three nights and three days.”

Other Bible mentions of fish include Matthew 14:17, which talks about abundance and provision, where Jesus Christ is believed to have fed thousands of people with only five loaves and two fishes. In Job 28:5, the fish is regarded as “bread from the waters,” symbolizing spiritual nourishment. In Matthew 4:18-22, Jesus called Peter and Andrew “fishers of men,” signifying hard work.

Using the Bible’s symbolism of fish, we can say that dreaming of fish can mean hard work, abundance, provision, and spiritual nourishment. Your dream about fish could mean abundance and sustenance, coming after you’ve been struggling. Or it could also be a reminder to connect with your spirituality or to Him if you’re a Christian.

Cultural and Ancient Symbolism of Dreams of Fish

The dreams of fish have hidden messages about abundance, luck, joy, the higher self, and creativity. This is based on the symbolism and interpretation of several ancient civilizations and how different cultures regard this marine creature.

Ancient Greeks

The classical Greek word for fish was “Ichthys/Ichthus,” which was later used to call Jesus in Christianity. If we dissect the letters representing Greek words, we will find that “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is the Savior” is the hidden meaning behind this name.

Therefore, ancient Greeks and Christianity view the symbol of fish as godly.

Ancient Babylonians

Another civilization that viewed the fish as godly was the Babylonian civilization. According to ancient Babylonian myth, a fish moved a giant egg from the Euphrates. After this egg emerged, a mermaid appeared, and she was called Atargatis, or the goddess of the seas. The son of Atargatis was eventually named Icthus, which was later used to call Jesus Christ.

Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian goddess Hatmehit was believed to be presented as a fish or had a crown on her head with a fish emblem. Known as a fish goddess, Hatmehit was known to protect life and people.

Mesopotamian Religion

Fishes were believed to have originated from Ishtar, an Akkadian goddess. The fish was regarded as protection from war and suffering. Dreaming of a fish was meant to be a message that great fortune was coming your way soon.

Native Americans

The Native Americans of the Plateau region used the fish to symbolize life, healing, and spirituality. This reverence towards the fish was based on their dependence on the fish for sustenance for their people.


In Chinese culture, they view the fish as a symbol of prosperity and luck. It signifies water and the flow of life from the Earth. Their writing for the character of fish (yu) is pronounced exactly the same as the character for surplus (also uy), which signifies abundance and prosperity.


According to the Vietnamese, to dream of a goldfish signifies protection and security.


In Hinduism, the symbol of a fish means luck and wealth, successful completion of a venture, and contentment in life.


Buddhists regard the fish as a symbol of good health, abundance, fertility, prosperity, and regeneration. If a person dreams about a fish, they believe it means the dreamer’s goals will be achieved with patience and diligence.

Spiritual Symbolism of Dreaming About Fish

Based on the Bible, different cultures, and ancient civilizations, these are the spiritual symbolism of dreaming about fish:

1. Abundance and Prosperity

When you dream about a fish, it could signify that abundance and prosperity are coming your way. View it as a sign of good luck, success, money, and joy.

2. Successful Gains

If you have a business or an executive position, dreaming about a fish means successful gains will soon occur. Profits, more sales, and hitting targets in your company are about to happen.

3. Growth and Development

This could mean spiritual or creative growth and development. Since the fish is highly regarded in the Bible, it could be a reminder to get in touch with your spirituality more, or it could also mean you need to delve deeper into your creativity to succeed.

Now that we’ve covered the general symbolism of dreaming of a fish, let’s discuss the specific kinds of dreams of fish and what they could mean for you.

fish dream meaning

Common Dreams of Fish

Here are the most common dreams of fish and their possible interpretations:

1. Fish Swimming in the Sea or Ocean:

A dream of a fish swimming in the sea or ocean means good luck and a positive omen. Water is said to be a symbol of joy and money, and it is also believed to signify that you are in control of your emotions since water is associated with emotions in dream interpretation.

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2. Fish In Clear Water

This dream means you are about to have apparent success and abundance in the form of money and power. If the fish is in murky water, it could mean troubled times are about to come or you may be struggling with stress and negative emotions right now.

3. Catching Fish

To dream of catching fish generally means you are in control of your happiness and success.

4. Catching Fish With Your Hands

Catching fish with your bare hands signifies catching something that you want. If you’ve been waiting for a job promotion or want someone to fall in love with you, this dream is believed to be a sign that what you want will happen soon. It also signifies your strength and power to succeed.

5. Catching Fish in the River

Catching fish in a river signifies your hard work and diligence. You are focused on achieving your goals no matter what (despite the flow of the water or emotions in your life). It could also mean you will be landing a good job soon, you’ll get married, or you’re going to get a record deal if you’re a singer.

6. Cleaning Fish

Cleaning fish in your dream signifies preparation. You are preparing to cook the fish so you can eat it soon, and therefore, signifies sustenance and provision. Through your preparation in real life, such as in your job, personal life, or business, this dream shows that all your hard work will be rewarded soon.

7. Cooking Fish

Cooking fish in your dream also means you are about to reap the rewards of your hard work. While cleaning a fish in your dream signifies preparation and hard work, cooking fish implies the job is almost done, and your reward is coming very soon.

8. Eating Fish

Now that you’ve cleaned and cooked the fish, it’s time to eat. So, if you dream about eating fish, it means you’ve finally obtained personal nourishment and contentment, and your goals have finally been obtained—or you’re about to obtain them tomorrow or in the coming days.

9. Dead Fish

This is one of the instances where dreaming of fish can have a negative meaning. Since dreams of fish are about good luck and abundance, to dream that the fish is dead could mean the opposite. It could signify future disappointment, failure, loss in life, or that something needed nourishment, but you neglected it, so it has now died.

Try to reflect on a relationship, a project, or a job you failed to work hard for. It may be a sign that the failure is your fault; thus, the dead fish is your own doing.

10. Fish in a Bowl or Aquarium

Dreaming of fish in a bowl could signify restriction or loss of freedom. Since the fish belongs to the sea and is stuck inside a bowl, it could mean you feel restricted in your relationship or career right now. In the case of love, it could signify that you have few options to find a partner.

11. Being Eaten by a Fish

Being eaten by a fish is another dream that signifies negativity. It could mean there are people around you who are out to get you. Someone may be dragging you down or not wanting you to succeed. It could also symbolize your overthinking or your faults and pitfalls leading to your failure.

12. Fish Out of the Water

The idiom “Fish out of water” means someone struggles in unfamiliar situations. Similarly, if you dream of a fish not in the water, it could make you feel detached and lonely. You may have moved to a new city and feel out of place. You may have a new job, and you’re not doing things right. Or perhaps you’re in a relationship that’s not working. This could remind you that you need to work harder at your job, end the relationship, or change your behavior and open up more to people.

13. Large Fish

If you dream of a large fish, this could mean you may be going through some obstacles in your life right now that are too overwhelming. But it also depends on how you felt in the dream. Feeling good and happy could signify a large sum of money, joy, or happiness coming to you soon.

14. Fish and Pregnancy

Dreaming of a fish during pregnancy is said to be expected. If you’re a woman and you dream of a fish, folklore states that you or someone you know will be pregnant soon. It is believed to have prophetic meaning and could foretell the baby’s gender. If it’s a regular fish, it is said that the baby will be a girl; if it’s a black fish, it is believed the baby will be a boy.

If the dreamer is pregnant, dreaming of a fish could mean the delivery will be smooth and healthy. Dreaming of a carp when you are pregnant signifies that the baby will be talented and intelligent, and most likely, it will be a girl. If you catch a fish in your dream and you’re pregnant, a boy will be born with outstanding accomplishments.

Types of Fish

The type of fish in your dream also signifies specific meanings. Here are the most common types of fish and their possible interpretation:

1. Goldfish

Dreaming of a goldfish means opening up your horizons and coming out of your comfort zone. Goldfish are commonly seen in fish tanks or aquariums, so they are characterized as being restricted in space. Dreaming of a goldfish could be a reminder to spread your wings and go out of your comfort zone to find opportunities and happiness.

2. Black Fish

A black fish dream represents your inner feelings. Since it’s black, it could mean you’re going through troubled times or about to.

3. Colorful Fish

Dreaming about a colorful fish means you must explore your creativity more, or you will have a great marriage. It could also signify excellent health or a reminder to take better care of yourself.

4. Flying Fish

A dream about a flying fish could mean things in your life that are jumping out of you right now. Maybe it’s emotions about a particular person, the trauma you haven’t healed yet, or new skills you’ve never explored. It’s a sign that you need to explore these things more.

5. Dolphins

Dolphins represent intelligence, intuition, playfulness, and protection. Therefore, to dream about dolphins could mean you need to be more playful, listen to your intuition more, and have a more joyful approach to life.

6. Whales

To dream of whales signifies guidance. It could remind you to listen to your unconscious thoughts more and be more intelligent and social as you navigate your day-to-day life.

7. Piranha

If you dream of piranhas, it could be a warning sign of threats around you. It could be a physical threat, emotional, or someone who is not happy with you and would like to harm you.

8. Catfish

A dream about a catfish is believed to symbolize good fortune and reminds one to protect the blessings in one’s life.

9. Eel

To dream of an eel symbolizes a person or an event that will shock you in real life.

10. Salmon

Salmons swim upstream, and dreaming of this kind of fish could mean you need to fight for what’s valuable in your life. Since salmons swim upstream, it could signify that you may be heading in the wrong direction, so remind yourself to choose the right path.

These are the most common dreams of fish, but there are plenty more. The key to finding meaning and interpreting the possible message about your fish dreams is to relate the details of the dream to your waking life.

Look at the struggles and events in your current life and associate these things with your fish dreams. Most importantly, it would help if you remembered the emotions you experienced during your dream. Just because you dreamed of a fish in clear water doesn’t mean everything will be positive despite feeling sad.

The key to the interpretation is reflecting on your life.

A Word of Advice

Do you now have a general understanding of what fish dreams mean? While the consensus is that these dreams signify positive events and emotions, it’s always a good idea to reflect on your own life to get an authentic interpretation of your dreams.

Different cultures deem fish good luck, joy, money, prosperity, and abundance. So, if you dream about fish and experience positive emotions, it’s considered a good sign, regardless of the dream’s concept.

If your fish dreams feature black or dead fish, then you know it may have a negative connotation, and it could reflect negative things that are about to happen or have happened in your waking life.

The most important thing to do when you have these dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake up. Write down the details and your emotions in the dream. All of these elements, as well as reflecting on your personal life and career, will give you the best and most genuine dream interpretation about the dreams of fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do fish symbolize in dreams?

The dreams of fish are generally regarded as favorable omens. They are messages of good luck, money, joy, and success.

2. Is dreaming of fish lucky?

Yes, dreaming of fish is considered lucky as long as it’s not a dream about a dead or a blackfish.

3. What does it mean to see fresh fish in the dream?

Fresh fish dreams could signify you are investing in something valuable, news of pregnancy, abundance, or new and better opportunities.



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