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Pregnancy Psychic Readings – Accurate Baby Predictions

by | Oct 15, 2018

If you’re already pregnant, planning to conceive in the near future, have trouble getting pregnant, or are unsure whether or not being a mom is in the stars for you, then a pregnancy psychic reading might just be for you.

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What is a Pregnancy Psychic Reading?

One of the most significant experiences one can have as a woman is conceiving a child. It’s also one of the most stressful, life-changing events of your life that will absolutely turn your life upside down, and can be one of the most joyful and scariest things to ever happen to you.

A pregnancy psychic reading is just like any other psychic reading but it focuses on everything that involves a woman’s pregnancy: From conception, to communicating with the unborn child, to current pregnancies, and even your relationship with the father of your growing baby or future child.

Psychics are mediums that communicate with the spirit world. They feel auras, spirits, and energies that surround you, and contrary to popular belief, psychics don’t actually predict the future. So if you’re looking for a specific answer such as what year you’re going to have a baby or who the father will be, then you won’t find your answers with a psychic.

Pregnancy psychic readings are mostly found online, but you can also find a psychic in person. You can contact them online through chat or email, or you can also call them through phone or talk to them face to face through video calls. If you wish to talk to one in person, that can also be possible.

What are the Types of Pregnancy Psychic Readings?

Though a pregnancy psychic reading covers a wide range of topics involving pregnancy, there are specific types of psychics that focus on specific topics. Here are the different types of pregnancy psychic readings:

1. Pregnancy Psychic Readings

This type of pregnancy psychic reading involves all types of topics related to being pregnant or an upcoming pregnancy. The psychic may read spirits or energies regarding the state of your pregnancy and advice or guide you about how you should take care of yourself, what to avoid, and whether or not you’re going to have an easy or difficult delivery based on your current energies.

This type of reading could also tell you whether or not you will be pregnant soon or not, if the psychic can sense the energy of a future child.

If you’ve never been pregnant, you can also ask this psychic if having a child will happen for you or not.

2. Baby Psychic Readings

This type of reading covers everything about the baby, especially if you’re already pregnant. You may have some anxieties or questions about the baby, if you’re going to have a good bond, or if it will be easy for the baby to settle in his or her new home.

This type of reading can also tell you about the possible personality or characteristic of the unborn child. The psychic can also help to guide you how best to comfort or take care of him or her while inside the womb.

If you’re not yet pregnant, the psychic may also sense if there’s an energy of a baby around you, to sense if conceiving may be in the near future.

This type of psychic reading can also sense how many children you’ll have in the future by sensing several energies of babies.

3. Fertility Readings

If you currently have fertility issues, this type of reading can sense the blockages in your mental, emotional, and physical states that prevent you from being pregnant. The psychic can also help you feel more in control about your future fertility plans, as well as helping you gain a new perspective about having a baby.

If you can’t have a baby, then this type of reading can also help you understand and deal with the issue, and guide you on other ways you can become a mom.

4. Conception Readings

If you don’t have any fertility issues but have problems with conceiving a child, then this type of reading is for you. There may not be any problems with your body, as well as your partner’s but there may be some other factors that block the energy of your baby from entering your life.

The psychic can sense if there are any obstacles in the way such as the timing not being right, or maybe you may have some relationship problems with your partner that you need to fix first before conceiving a baby. Blockages from your career choices or future career plans can also be sensed with this psychic reading.

How Accurate Are These Readings?

As mentioned, a psychic reading is not a prediction. It won’t tell you the date of the conception of your child, nor will it tell you who the father will be. A pregnancy psychic reading is just like any other psychic reading, where the psychic acts as a medium between you and the energies around you.

Psychics do not see the future so you should know what to expect when you’re about to have pregnancy psychic reading. Your own perspectives and beliefs also contribute to the accuracy of the readings.

When you have the psychic reading, you should have an open mind with regards to what the universe has to offer. You may have your own beliefs or religion but having a psychic reading means you are open to beliefs that spirits are around you. If you are a skeptic or believe in science-based facts, then the accuracy of a psychic reading will mean nothing to you.

What Questions Can You Ask?

A pregnancy psychic reading can answer many things, here are some questions that can be answered:

  1. Will I have a baby in the future?
  2. What will be my future child’s personality or character?
  3. Will I have a good relationship with the father of my child?
  4. What will be my child’s gender?
  5. How should I improve my chances of getting pregnant?
  6. How many children will I have?

These are just some of the questions that you can ask a pregnancy psychic. It’s important to note that open-ended questions are more ideal, which are questions that don’t require a “Yes or No” answer.

Should You Get a Pregnancy Psychic Reading?

If you’re open-minded to alternative energies and realms outside reality, then having a pregnancy psychic reading can do wonders for you. To the psychic, the world is not one dimensional – it’s made of different realms and dimensions that exist side by side, and the psychic has the ability to read and communicate with the energies that exist within these realms.

If you are a skeptic or have already closed your mind with this type of belief, but are just curious, the spirit realm will not be so open to communicate with you. Because you show up at a reading with a blocked mind, the spirit world will find it hard to enter your energy.

How Does a Psychic Communicate with the Spirit World Regarding Your Pregnancy?

A psychic that specializes in pregnancy psychic readings have the skills, the experience, and the specific energy to communicate with an unborn child, a future child, and your pregnant energy.

For example, a psychic can sense whether or not your unborn child is a boy or girl by sensing its energy. The psychic does not “see” the gender but rather senses the energy, whether it is a yin or yang. A yin is a feminine energy, so it signifies a girl; while a yang is a masculine energy, which signifies a boy.

Now, there may be times that a psychic gets your baby’s gender wrong: the energy may be yin or feminine but the gender may be wrong and vice versa. A yin energy with a male gender may mean that your little boy may have more feminine qualities; and a yang energy with a female gender may mean that your little girl may have more masculine qualities.

A psychic can also sense blockages by talking to you about your past relationships and experiences. Past trauma can block your child’s energy from entering your life so the psychic can help you break the blockages.

Generally, you will have to provide the psychic information about yourself, as well as talk to her or him about your concerns, past experiences that may still haunt you, as well as your future plans.

Can You Connect with Your Unborn Child Through the Psychic?

A psychic can help you communicate with your unborn child through energy reading, but if you wish to connect with the child on your own, you can do so by practicing the following:

  1. Journaling – you can write about your future child or unborn child in a journal;
  2. Meditation – you can meditate and think about your child; imagining to communicate with him or her; visualizing how he or she looks like (Help yourself with MUSE Meditation Brain Sensing Headband);
  3. Intentional Dreaming – right before going to bed, you can imagine about your future child and talk to the universe about dreaming about him or her.

Why Should You Get a Pregnancy Psychic Reading?

One of the major reasons why most women get a pregnancy psychic reading is to gain reassurance about doubts and anxieties that you may have about having a baby. You may be in your late 30’s and wondering whether you’re going to get pregnant soon or maybe adopting may be a better option for you; or maybe you have fears of not conceiving at all and you need some advice on how to accept the fact.

Some women may have been trying to conceive for months or years to no avail, so they need guidance on the next step or whether they should keep trying now or later or never. Some women may also have questions regarding their partner, whether or not they’re the best father for their child.

Whatever reason you may have in your decision to get a pregnancy psychic reading, always approach it with an open mind and an open heart – believing in your psychic is key to having a meaningful and significant pregnancy psychic reading.

Pros and Cons of Pregnancy Psychic Reading


  • You get reassurance of your doubts and questions.
  • You can get guidance on dilemmas regarding your pregnancy or future pregnancy plans.
  • Your anxieties are reassured, so you won’t have to worry too much or stay up late at night too much overthinking the future of your child.
  • You are given advice or guidance on how to improve your chances of conceiving, as well as how to take care of yourself and your unborn child.
  • You are also given advice on your interrelationships: with the father of your child, your friends, and immediate family.
  • You can get answers to questions you don’t have answers to with regards to your pregnancy.


  • A pregnancy psychic reading will not always give you positive results.
  • You may not get what you’re looking for.
  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear.
  • There are a lot of myths and misconceptions with regards to psychic readings.
  • Some psychic readings are “one-all for-all”:, which means they give the same readings and advice to everyone.


If you’re looking for a specific answer, then pregnancy psychic readings are not for you.

Just like any other psychic reading, a pregnancy reading is not a prediction per se but it merely helps you understand the energies that surround you.

These energies belong to a different realm that a normal human being can’t get to, which may be causing your doubts, fears, and anxieties. Such fears may be causing you mental and emotional problems, and a pregnancy psychic reading can help to clear out messages from this realm so you have a better understanding of your current and future situation and therefore, you will have a better plan on how to deal with your pregnancy issues.

You won’t lose anything with a pregnancy psychic reading, just your time. So if you’re unsure about many things regarding the conception of a baby, your plans to start a family, your relationship with the father of your unborn child, or whether or not being a mom is in your future, then you’ll gain a lot with a pregnancy psychic reading.

A little guidance and advice from the spiritual world just might have the answers you’re looking for.

Writer Judita Tanko

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