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Mediumship: How to Communicate with Spirits?

by | Aug 1, 2019

It’s the stuff that horror movies are made of: an eccentric woman with her eyes closed seemingly talking to a ghost and losing herself as the spirit takes over. It can’t be real, can it? Well, you don’t have to be an eccentric woman to be able to talk to spirits and you definitely don’t need to lose yourself to be able to communicate with beings in the other dimension.

Mediumship is a psychic skill that can be learned and practiced by the ordinary person. Because after all, we all have some level of psychic ability, whether we know or not, whether we like it or not.

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What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits in other dimensions. A medium is the person that connects the spiritual world to the physical world, wherein he acts as the contact person between these realms.

Mediumship is a psychic ability and it’s more known as having the gift of communicating with deceased loved ones. A person, who’s in no relation to the medium whatsoever, usually approaches the psychic to talk to a dead loved one, for the purpose of closure, or to find an answer to a question, or simply to know whether that deceased loved one is in a good place or not.

Individuals who approach mediums usually have unfinished businesses with dead loved ones, or even if the deceased wasn’t a loved one. Usually the deceased left this Earth on an untimely manner, such as dying suddenly of natural causes or of unnatural causes.The medium provides comfort through the form of answers, or through conveying information that only the deceased and the individual know about. While messages may not be clear and may not always be right, individuals always find comfort that the deceased are still around and watching over them or that despite the way they died, they are now in a good place.

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What are Spirits?

Spirits are considered to be supernatural beings and are non-physical entities. They’re often interchanged with souls or even ghosts. But for the purpose of mediumship, we will refer to spirits as those of the deceased. The word “spirit” was first used in an English translation of the Bible in 1250 AD. The Greek word “pneuma” and the Hebrew word “ruah,” were considered to mean “breath of life,” and scholars believed the word “spirit” was meant to convey that which gives life to physical entities.

How Do Mediums Communicate with Spirits?

Because spirits and mediums do not live on the same dimension, they have to meet at a mutual place. A medium needs to raise her vibration to reach the spirits, while the latter lower their vibration to reach the medium. And this is where the word “Medium” comes from, which conveys the meeting in the middle for both the spirit and the medium.Spirits communicate with mediums in different ways. Some spirits can talk in actual sentences, while others communicate in just words or numbers, while others send images and symbols. The messages are not always clear because communication in the physical and spiritual world is completely different; it’s like talking to someone who speaks a different language. Maintaining the communication is also a challenge for mediums because they need to stay in that state of higher vibration throughout the entire time. They need to be in a higher state of consciousness long enough for the spirits to convey their messages and long enough for the medium to relay the messages to the recipient.

How to Communicate with Spirits in 6 Easy Steps?

Everyone has some degree of psychic ability – others are more aware of their skills while others are more finely tuned to their natural extrasensory abilities.And this means that an ordinary person just like you can learn to talk to spirits, if you want to. So how do you do it? Here are the steps to communicating with the spirits:


Step 1: Create a Safe Place

Step 1: Create a Safe Place

Choose a room in your home to contact the spirit. Make sure there are no distractions such as the noise of cars from the streets, or any phones, or anything that could catch the spirit’s attention, or yours.Make the place sacred by burning candles, lighting up some incense, or placing crystals around the room.The safer and more welcoming the room is, the more comfortable the spirit will be in contacting you.


Step 2: Protect Yourself

Step 2: Protect Yourself

Trying to contact a spirit opens your body, mind, and soul to the spirit world. And if you can communicate with a spirit of a dead loved one, then other spirits can contact you, too. Thus the need to protect yourself.Before you even begin to attempt to contact a spirit, you must protect yourself first. Say a prayer and call on your spirit guides to protect you from any evil or any negativity. You can also use protective crystals and place them in different parts of the room.


Step 3: Heighten Your Consciousness

Step 3: Heighten Your Consciousness

Now that you’ve created a safe place and protected yourself, it’s time you bring yourself to a state of heightened awareness. Put on some candles, dim the lights, sit on a chair or on the floor and get comfortable. Meditate and bring yourself to a state of elevated consciousness so your mind is free from all distractions.When you reach that level of high vibration, you are now ready to learn how to communicate with the spirits.


Step 4: Let Your Intention Be Known

Step 4: Let Your Intention Be Known

Once you are fully relaxed, it’s time you begin to contact the spirit you want to communicate with. Visualize that spirit and create a vision in your head of where they are in the room, what their face looks like, what their clothes look like, and how they’re looking at you.With your eyes closed, let your intention be known to this spirit. Start talking and Inform it of the purpose of your contact and what you want to achieve. It’s also important that all of your communication to the spirit is that of a positive one. If you’re stating any negative intentions, then the spirit will repel from you.


Step 5: Be Aware of Everything Around You

Step 5: Be Aware of Everything Around You

Listen to any sounds that you may hear, feel all the sensations that you’re feeling, and simply be aware of everything that you sense in the room. Messages from spirit entities will start to flow once you start to listen.

You can also open your eyes and watch for signs and symbols that may appear. Orbs or sparks of light may also appear, as well as fog or smoke, or insects suddenly coming in view. Pay attention to all these sensory occurrences and interpret them as the spirit’s messages.

Spirits will not always be straightforward. If it’s your first time contacting beings in the other dimension, then they’ll sense that, too, and may not be so open to communicating with you.

Do not rush this process and simply enjoy all the sensations that you are feeling. If you hear words or a voice, then that could be the spirit talking to you.If you wish to use a tool, such as a pendulum or Ouija board for contact, you may do so but be wary – other spirits, especially those that have bad intentions can easily use you as their channel to the physical world.


Step 6: End the Contact

Step 6: End the Contact

Whether you made a successful contact with the spirit or not, it is most important to end the communication after each session. Always explicitly end the contact. You can say you’re done with the session today, thank the spirit, and always end on a good note.

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What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

A medium is a psychic but not all psychics are mediums. You have to have extrasensory perception to be able to talk to spirits but not all who have psychic abilities can communicate with the dead.Psychics are more known to receive information from the spiritual world with regards to a person’s past, present, and future; whereas a medium simply uses his body to act as the channel for which spirits can communicate. Mediums don’t necessarily receive information about another person’s past, present, or future.

Tips to Getting the Most of Your Mediumship Practice

If you don’t receive any signs, or any communication from a spirit the first time you try, then don’t worry, you won’t always get the results you want the first time. To make your next attempts better, here are some tips to get your sessions more effective:

1. Listen To Your Instincts

Have you ever had to choose between two decisions but had difficulty choosing which one? Like maybe two job offers that are on the same page?

Well, you have to listen to your gut. Sometimes spirits may not always communicate with you directly, but they prompt you to do something by nudging your gut. So in the case of choosing which job to take, you have to listen to your gut each time.

2. Practice Meditation

When you are in a higher state of consciousness, the spirit world becomes more reachable to you. When your mind is open to become a channel to the other dimension, then spirits are more aware that you are calling them.

3. Receive Contact

Spirits may be communicating with you and you are not aware of it. You may see a butterfly each morning as you walk to your office, or you’re always smelling the scent of a flower each before you go to bed at night; listen to these signs around you as they may be spirits trying to talk to you.

4. Try Automatic Writing

Try getting a piece of paper and a pen. Write anything that comes to mind. But make sure you are relaxed and free of any distractions when you do this so what comes out of your hand is as free and flowing as can be.

5. Be Patient

Do not rush the process and don’t be frustrated if you tried to make contact and you don’t receive any messages for a long time. There may be some distractions in you, some negative energy, or something that’s blocking you from creating a channel of yourself for connecting with the spirit world.

Relax, learn to quiet your mind, and meditate. From time to time, try contacting a deceased loved one. Don’t give up just because you don’t get it right the first time. Becoming a medium is an out-of-this-world experience that will totally change the way you see life and the world in general. You will prove to yourself that there is life after death, that we are on a continuous journey in this world, and that other realms actually do exist.

Communicating with your deceased loved ones can be a scary yet liberating experience as unanswered questions will now be cleared, and hurts from your past can somehow be understood and lessened.

And when you communicate with deceased loved ones of other people, it can be the most overwhelming yet fulfilling experience of your life. But be careful, using yourself as the channel for such communication can be dangerous, too, so always make sure you are protected at all times and never, ever, communicate with the spiritual world with any negative intentions.

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