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What is Channeling & What does it mean to channel a person?

by | Jul 9, 2019

Communicating with the Divine and spiritual world might be something that most people never dream of.  Talking to spirits, angels, and even animals seem to be reserved only in movies, books, and the world of magic. However, the truth is quite the contrary.

Channeling, a form of communication between a human being and entities beyond the physical realm, is a skill that absolutely anyone can learn and practice.  Talking to spirits, angels, and other beings, as well as your own higher consciousness, can be done through this process.

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So what is channeling and how is it done?  Let’s start with knowing what channeling is all about.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of psychic ability wherein a human being is able to communicate with beings from the spiritual world, such as:  angels, natural spirits, and even the spirits of animals or pets.

Such entities communicate to you, not in words or language, but in non-verbal language, as these beings deem the human language as messy and clumsy.  Instead, they communicate by giving symbols, signs, sounds, and archetypes.

In short, communicating with spirits through channeling is through the senses:  visuals, smells, sounds, and touch sensations.

The channeller, or the human being, receives this non-verbal language and interprets them.  In a way, the channeller is an interpreter or translator or such sensory messages.

A lot of online psychics are using this senses to interpret your future. But let take a look what types of channeling do we know.

What are the Types of Channeling?

People channel through these different types of channeling:

1. Spiritual Channeling

This occurs when you are communicating with spirit guides in the supernatural world, such as angels, spirits, and animals.

2. Consciousness Channeling

This occurs when you are communicating with your own spirit, either from the past, or from your higher sense of consciousness.

3. Trance Channeling

This occurs when you bring yourself to a state of deep consciousness and you achieve a trance-like state.  Entities communicate through you and you are not aware of what is happening. Often, an aid writes down or records in audio or video the channeled information.

4. Conscious Channeling

This occurs when you communicate with the spiritual world and you are completely aware of what is happening.

How is Channeling Done?

Channeling can be done in many ways.  As mentioned, you can meditate and reach a trance-like state of consciousness so you are able to receive messages.

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Other times, you can also make use of forms of divination such as Tarot cards (or Oracle Cards), crystal balls, or an Ouija board to open yourself up to the spirit world.

What usually happens is you achieve an expanded form of consciousness and you become receptive to non-physical entities.  You then choose a being to communicate to, and since your consciousness is open, they are able to communicate to you.

How to Channel Spiritual World: Step-by-Step Tutorial!

If you want to try channeling for the first time, here are some simple steps to try talking to the spiritual world:

Step 1: Cleanse Your Energy

Step 1: Cleans your energy

You open yourself up to the spiritual world by cleansing yourself of negative energy.  Other entities will not communicate with you if you have blocks, negative energy, and any bad intentions.

You can meditate and remove any distractions, or you can also pray to the Universe and the spirits to cleanse your energy.

Step 2: Raise Your Vibration

Step 2: Raise your vibration

Once you’ve cleansed your spirit of negative energy, raise your vibration by asking the spirits and the Universe to bring you Divine love, light, and protection.


Step​ 3: Call on the Spirit or Entity

Step​ 3: Call on the Spirit or Entity

Once you’ve raised your vibration and achieved an expanded consciousness, choose an entity to communicate to.  If it is an angel, visualize that angel and talk to it. Ask it to speak to you. Visualize that entity communication with you and call to it.


Step 4: Ask Your Question

Step 4: Ask Your Question

Once you have a clear image of that entity in your mind, ask it a question.  You can be as specific as you want.


Step 5: Be Aware of the Messages

Step 5: Be Aware of the Messages

Since entities do not speak to you in words, be aware of what is happening around you, as well as in your head.  You may hear sounds, smell something, or see images. Pay attention to them as these are the messages the entity is communicating with you.


Step 6: Interpret these Signs and Symbols

Step 6: Interpret these Signs and Symbols

If you suddenly see dogs or cats, or if you smell a sweet aroma, or you suddenly feel cold, receive these sensations as the messages and interpret them.

What is the Difference Between a Medium and a Channeller?

Both are psychic abilities and both individuals communicate with entities in the spiritual world.  A medium, however, usually communicates with spirits of the dead. A medium does not have to meditate or bring himself to a trance-like state.

The medium is fully aware of what is happening, can remember what happened, and can receive messages in human language, and does not necessarily need to interpret these messages.

A channeller, however, mostly communicates with entities such as angels, demons, animals, and other spirits.  The channeller must bring himself into a state of higher consciousness to be able to receive the messages.

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Is Channeling the Same as Prophesying?

No. Prophesying is knowing the future; whereas channeling is simply communicating with spiritual entities to ask for guidance.

The conscious mind is not enough to be able to live a fulfilled and accomplished life. Sometimes, there are many questions this physical world cannot answer, but the spiritual world can.

It is the combination of both the physical and the spiritual world to bring us the truth and love that we are desperately looking for.

Writer Judita Tanko

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