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How to Use Oracle Cards in 6 Easy Steps

by | Jun 16, 2019

What are Oracle Cards?     

Oracle cards are one of many divination tools that people have been using for many centuries.  They are a means to tap into the spiritual world to help find answers to questions that you or someone else may have and receive guidance from the Divine world.

You can use oracle cards for self-guidance but you can also use them when someone seeks spiritual guidance from them through you.

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You can buy ready-made oracle cards, which always come with a guidebook, or you can also make your own.  There are no standard number of cards so it’s up to you how many cards you want to have in your deck. They can contain words and images, or simple images alone – there are no rules to what each card represents.


What are Oracle Cards Used For?

Oracle cards are used to call into the spiritual world when you seek some sort of guidance or assurance to decisions and questions that you may have.

Your questions could be about your career, romantic relationships, family, or finances – whatever issue you may have, oracle cards can help to give you the answers you’re looking for.

How to Use Oracle Cards in 6 Easy Steps

There is no standard or rulebook on how to use oracle cards.  You can use them as you wish, but if you’re a beginner and you don’t know how to use them, here are 6 steps to using oracle cards:


Step 1: Clear Your Card Deck

Step 1: Clear Your Card Deck

Anyone that touches the cards transfers their energy into them.  Even when you’ve just bought them from the store, you have to clear them of the energy that has been transferred during the manufacturing and shipping process.

If you’ve used them before but read them for someone else, you have to clear your deck of cards, as well, since the other person’s energy still remains.

To clear your cards, hold the entire deck on one hand, and with your other hand, sweep your hand over the deck of cards and think of the thought of cleansing the cards of all the energy it contains.

As you sweep your hand over the cards, say a little prayer like this, “Dear Universe, Heavens, and Angels, lift away anything that’s not pure of Divine love.

Your thought of clearing the cards of negative energy will cleanse the cards and make them receptive to your positive energy.


Step 2: Prepare the Cards

Step 2: Prepare the Cards

After you’ve cleared the cards, prepare the cards to receive your energy.

Touch the tips or corners of each of the cards and think of bestowing your energy onto each one of them.

Say a little prayer asking the Universe to bless the cards with your positive energy.


Step 3: Set an Intention

Step 3: Set an Intention

Talk to the Universe and the cards and prepare them for what you are about to ask.

Set your intention for what you want to achieve with the reading.

Hold the cards, relax, and call on the Universe, the angels, and the Heavens for guidance.


Step 4: Ask a Question

Step 4: Ask a Question

Ask your question.  You don’t have to say it out loud since the Heavens hear your thoughts but you can also say it aloud – it’s up to you.

When asking your question, be as specific as possible so the Universe can also answer you specifically.

Ask open ended questions rather than those that can only be answered with a yes/no.

Don’t worry about not getting an answer, as oracle cards always give you guidance whether you like what it says or not.


Step 5: Shuffle the Cards

Step 5: Shuffle the Cards

Shuffle the cards and as you do this, think of the question you have in mind.  As you shuffle, call on the Heavens to guide you, and pay attention to all the emotions, thoughts, and images that come to mind.

You can stop shuffling after a few seconds or you can also let your intuition decide when to stop.

If a card or some cards “jump” out of the deck as you shuffle, set them aside to read later on, or you can also stop shuffling and consider the card as your answer.


Step 6: Pull a Card/s

Step 6: Pull a Card/s

You can pull one card to serve as your answer or you can use the simple 3-card structure that answers your past, present, and future.

If you’re reading for someone else, let them choose a card on your oracle card deck.

The card that you draw is your answer as there are no wrong answers for oracle card readings.

Once you master these 6 basic steps, you can use the cards in any way you can, in any structure you wish.

There are many oracle card spreads that you can do but as a beginner, a single card reading or a simple celtric cross or 3-card reading will do.

What’s the Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

Both cards function pretty much the same way, as they are both tools of divination, but they differ greatly in how they are being used and their structure.

Tarot cards take more time to study before you can use them with your friends or live tarot reading.  They also consist of a fixed number of 78 cards. These cards are then divided into 22 major arcana cards and 36 minor arcana cards.  They are then divided into 4 suits, which are Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

Oracle cards on the other hand have no specific number.  You can have 22 cards or even more than a hundred, it’s really up to you.  The imagery used also depends on you. It’s more free willing and its use depends on the owner.

A tarot deck and an oracle deck of cards are similar in function but completely different in structure, oracle cards and tarot cards serve as spiritual guides but the former is more free-willing and the latter more rigid.


Oracle cards are a great way to tap into your spiritual self, as you are calling the Universe, the angels, and the Heavens to give you guidance.

They’re much easier to use than Tarot cards, and they’re also much more personal. If you seek guidance or reassurance with regards to a pressing issue or you simply want to have a fun way to seek answers, oracle cards are a great way to start.

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