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What is Theta Healing Therapy? And how to do it?

by | Dec 12, 2016

The power of the mind is limitless. When we are able to use even the slightest bit of its potential, we are bound to achieve incredible things. Such is the basic premise of Theta Healing Therapy – which uses your subconscious to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

What is Theta Healing Therapy?


The healing technique was developed by Vianna Stibal over a period of 10 years. A naturopath, intuitive reader, and massage therapist, Stibal was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor on her right leg. Despite her illness, Stibal continued to practice and treat patients. She then realized that if she could heal other people, then maybe she could heal herself, too. It was then that she ventured into theta waves healing and soon enough, the tumor miraculously disappeared and she was completely healed.

Theta Healing Therapy is a meditation technique that allows you to experience Theta brain waves. In a way, the therapy brings you to an altered state of consciousness where you can access your subconscious. The practice or philosophy believes that when you are able to access the subconscious, you can control which cells to “switch on” and which cells to “switch off.”

For example, you have negative beliefs about yourself that are limiting you from getting the job that you want. You believe that you don’t deserve it and you will probably fail if you actually do get the job. When you are able to reach your subconscious, you have the capacity to change these beliefs, allowing you to reprogram the way you think. You can then “switch off” your negative thought patterns and “switch on” positive beliefs.

According to Stibal, you are able to connect with the Creator through Theta Healing Therapy. The Creator is not based on any religion and can take on the role of the universe, or the supreme being that you believe in. No religious affiliations are associated with the therapy and practitioners embrace all religious beliefs. Practitioners help you “switch on” and “switch off” your cells by praying to the Creator.

Theta Healing Therapy involves the interaction between a practitioner and a patient. The practitioner himself/herself accesses their own subconscious through the use of Theta waves, and techniques are then applied on the patient so that both are in the same level of consciousness. The role of the practitioner is to help induce Theta waves and the both of you work together to “switch off” the cells that are causing trouble in your life, and “switch on” the ones that will bring you healing.

The Benefits of Theta Healing Therapy

The benefits of the therapy include:

☯ reduced stress levels
☯ elimination of fears and phobias
☯ improve negative relationships
☯ manifest abundance, prosperity, and success
☯ improve creativity
☯ improve long-term memory
☯ boost the immune system
reduce pain
☯ stimulate the release of hormones and neurotransmitters

If you have current medical conditions, emotional problems, or simply want to improve your life, Theta Healing therapy can help you to improve your current state. However, it should not replace medical advice or medication. Take Theta Healing Therapy as a form of supplementary treatment rather than the main or only mode of treatment if you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

What are Theta Waves?

There are 5 brainwave frequencies: beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma. Beta brainwaves are active when we are fully awake or conscious, while alpha brainwaves are active when you are relaxed. Theta brainwaves are active when you are in a deeper state of relaxation but not yet asleep: it’s the state between being awake and being asleep. Delta brainwaves are active when you’re sleeping, while gamma brainwaves are active during learning and other higher cognitive tasks.

What are Theta Waves

Activating theta brainwaves is the ideal mental and physiological state for emotional and physical healing. It is achieved through meditation and hypnosis. People often meditate for hours to be able to activate Theta waves.

Being in the state is likened to a trance – you are awake but your mind is in a different place. It’s the state of consciousness that you are in when you’re driving and your thoughts are wandering, and all of a sudden, you realize you’ve actually driven 5 miles. It’s the state you are in when your body is on autopilot and your mind wanders off.

When the mind is in very deep relaxation, it reduces overall stress and anxiety, and therefore triggers the body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself. Theta wave activation is also the source of creativity and intuition. Many of the world’s inventors, scientists, and greatest minds are said to have activated Theta waves during their “Eureka” moments.

Theta Waves Healing uses these beliefs to promote therapy sessions that help you to induce the brainwaves so you are able to enjoy physical, spiritual, and emotional healing, as well as improved creativity and intuition.

What To Expect in a Theta Healing Session


Theta healers must be certified to be able to practice. They have to go through intensive training to be able to heal

Theta Healing Meditation

patients. You must find a practitioner with whom you are comfortable with, so you can express your issues, problems, and desires freely and make full use of the therapy.

A session varies from one practitioner to the other. Typically, a session starts by asking you what you want to work on. They can then proceed to give you a muscle test, which helps them determine the beliefs that you may have which are causing your problems or preventing you from finding solutions.

Procedures to active Theta waves are then conducted. Once the practitioner is in the meditative state, she or he is then able to connect to the Creator, wherein they can conduct an intuitive and psychic reading and proceed with helping you reprogram your beliefs.

The therapy sessions can be conducted in person, over the phone, or over the internet. When you and the practitioner are not in the same room, distance healing can still occur.


Theta Healing Technique

Theta Healing therapy is very powerful in the sense that you are able to reach your subconscious easily. People meditate for hours to be able to reach this level of consciousness so they can tap into their intuition and achieve spiritual connection with the Divine. Once you are in this state, you then have the power to heal your mind and body, and to create the change that you want to see in yourself.

With the aid of a practitioner, you can absolutely reprogram your mind and body to heal, to promote well-being and basically change your life.

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Writer Judita Tanko

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