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Cat Symbolism and Their Meanings in Spirituality

by | Jun 29, 2020

  • Cats symbolize intelligence and the ability to act at the right moment.
  • Cats exemplify independence while also enjoying social interaction.
  • With their agility and sharp instincts, cats demonstrate adaptability in various situations.

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For anyone who’s spent a great deal of time with cats, you may have noticed their love for solitude, their deep stares, and their curious nature.In the spiritual world, they evoke several representations and meanings.

Cats are often associated with mystery, darkness, and omens. And while black cats are most often associated with witchcraft and sorcery, there’s so much more to these felines than meets the eye.

Cats In History

Cats are not a common animal for the Native Americans, therefore, they are not part of the original totem animals, which are known to symbolize the individual. Cats were actually brought by Europeans who came to America and regarded them as domestic feline pets.

Nevertheless, cats are still given divine symbolism and representation in the spiritual world.

While many cultures and ancient civilizations regarded them as bad omens, they were actually celebrated in many parts of the world. The Egyptians, for example, worshipped them. Ancient Egyptians considered cats as royalty and were treated with privileges.

In popular culture, cats have been associated with darkness because of their capacity to see clearly and stay active at night. They have highly adaptive eyes that are piercing, and they move in a sensual and sly way that reminds people of the cunning and manipulative forces of other beings.

But what do they really represent in the spiritual world and what does it mean when your spirit animal is a cat?

Let’s dig deeper into the spiritual significance of cats.

Cat Totem: The Cat As Your Spirit Animal

Cats are considered to be highly magical creatures in the spiritual world. They are known to help protect human beings, act as messengers, and even help in healing. Because of this, they are often seen with Shamans, healers, and psychics.

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When your spirit animal is a cat, what does it mean and how do you use it to your advantage?

1. Cats Are Intelligent

Cats are great hunters in the wild. In fact, Egyptians began to domesticate cats because of their great hunting ability. Cats act when the time is right. When they hunt, they not only use force, but they master the sense of timing in their attack.

They follow their targets, wait patiently, then position themselves until they catch it.

The wisdom of the cat totem lies in its ability to remain patient, observe, and act when the time is right, and this makes them highly intelligent creatures.

When you relate this to your life, you may notice you are often better positioned to reach your goals due to your patience and capacity to strike when the iron is hot.

2. Cats are Independent

Cats are often seen lounging on their own, separated from other cats. They explore on their own and don’t really need someone else to take care of them. However, they are also social creatures and love the companionship of their owners.

This very ability for cats to be independent while being social means they are confident with themselves. Whether they are on their own or with other people, they are happy and content and don’t need the approval or help of someone else to survive and live life.

3. Cats are Agile

Cats are vigilant and agile. They may stay quiet and only observe but when needed, they can be sharp, cunning, and quick in action.In life, those with the cat totem easily adapt to situations and quick to make decisions.

4. People Are Drawn to Cats

Cats are sensual beings and that is why people are drawn to them. They are sweet, sensual, and soft, and in human beings, people are attracted to you because of your feminine essence.

5. Cats Can Be Cunning and Manipulative

Because cats know that other creatures and humans are drawn to them, they know exactly how to act to get what they want. And because of their natural ability to be patient, they often observe your weaknesses and pry on them when the time is right.

Because of this, you have the ability to manipulate and take advantage of people, and this is one symbolism that’s flawed in cats, and also you, as a human being.

What Do Different Colored Cats Mean?

Cats come in many different fur colors, each with different representations. These are the symbolisms of cats when you see them, according to their colors:

The Orange Cat

orange cat

The orange cat encourages new beginnings. It also represents leadership and confidence. If you are at a point in your life when you are deciding whether to stay in your job, relationship, or a city, seeing an orange cat may mean that you must make a change or a new beginning.

The Grey Cat

grey cat

The grey cat is often associated with mystery, harmony, good luck, and silence. It also represents emotional stability, peace, and love. Seeing a grey cat encourages you to practice peace and love if you currently have a conflict with a loved one, coworker, or anyone. It encourages you to practice silence instead of confrontation and tells you to engage in harmonious behaviors rather than resisting or forcing your own beliefs.

The White Cat

white cat

White is the spiritual color of cats and they are often seen with special powers. They are great supporters of human beings and bring purity and positivity. They help you raise your own powers because of their connection to the spiritual world and nature.When you see a white cat, they help to bring special healing gifts. Whether you need healing in your physical body, mind, or relationships, seeing a white cat can help you become more positive in the outcomes of what you are going through.

The Black Cat

black cat

The black cat has often been misunderstood. For most parts of the world, the black cat is considered as a bad omen. They are often accompanying traditional herbalists and witches but what most people forget is that these people are actually healers. Black cats have incredible healing powers and their medical instincts are actually amazing.They are also great companions for artists for their creative powers.So the next time you see a black cat, don’t run. They are actually here to help you heal and inspire you.

When You See A Cat In Your Dream

Our dreams are a great place for the spiritual world to connect with us. When you see a cat in your dream, spirit guides often tell you to evaluate your manipulative behaviors and stop. It can also mean you have to connect better with your feminine essence and sensuality.The Egyptians believed that cats can travel to different dimensions and that when they appear in your dreams, they are being sent messages from another world.

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Cats are beautiful creatures that have always been associated with the spiritual world. Their sense of mystery, solitude, and curiosity has always intrigued human civilization.

While most people believe they are cunning and evil, cats are incredible healers. Because of their ability to see clearer at night, they have the capacity to see beyond what the physical eye can see, providing them with knowledge of different dimensions that ordinary human being cannot perceive.

Humans should embrace and learn from their amazing spiritual symbolism instead of shunning them, especially black cats.


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