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Pet Psychic – Would You Like To Know What Your Pet Is Thinking

by | Dec 11, 2019

We all know that some people have the gift of psychic ability. They can talk to spirits, whether the ones here on earth but are far away, or spirits who live in other dimensions. But did you know psychics can also talk to animals?Yes, there is such a thing as pet psychics and they’re becoming more and more popular today.

Pet psychics claim they can “talk” to pets through energy channels that exist between spirits. And yes, they believe animals have spirits and that they even have distinct identities.

To better understand what they do and how they do it, let’s start with what they are in the first place.

What Are Pet Psychics?

They are psychics that specialize in communicating with animals. They don’t use the pet’s body language or behavior to “talk” to them, but rather, pet psychics use energy fields to receive communication from animals.

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Pet psychics are used by pet owners today to help them with a variety of issues: from behavior problems to health issues, to end of life issues, and even with finding missing pets.

Pet owners whose beloved dogs or cats have passed away, also make use of pet psychics to know whether or not their pets are happy where they are, or if they’re in a good place or not.Though many animal communicators are successful in solving behavioral issues or finding lost pets, they receive a lot of skepticism. Most psychics do, but critics are highly cynical that pet psychics merely read the pet’s body language to provide information to their owners.Cold reading, most often used to explain extrasensory perception abilities, is also claimed to explain the ability of pet psychics to “read” animals. Cold reading is basically what cynics allege the methods used by psychics to extract information from people or pets.

For example, the psychic will say, “Your cat senses that something is new in the room.” And the pet owner would say, “Yes, I changed the curtains.” Then the psychic would say, “Yes, your cat noticed the curtains, that’s why she doesn’t want to come in the room anymore because she doesn’t like them.”

But many believers say that pet psychics are actually the real deal, with countless success stories in finding missing pets, helping to heal health issues, as well as improving behavioral issues.The most famous animal communicator of all time is Sonya Fitzpatrick, who is a British television and radio personality, and has hosted her very own show on Animal Planet called “The Pet Psychic.” She claims that she’s always had telepathic abilities to talk to animals since childhood, and says she can talk to birds, reptiles, and animals of all kinds.

How Pet Psychics Talk to Animals

Compared to pet whisperers who use the animal’s body language and a claimed understanding of animals to “talk” to them, pet psychics use the animal’s energy.Proponents of the paranormal believe that everything has energy – people, animals, pets, and even objects. Pet psychics claim they are able to communicate with animals through this energy.They also claim that animals don’t have a language. They don’t talk in words, but rather in images and feelings. Recent research claims that animals actually have emotions such as fear, rage, anger, grief, and joy.

Pet psychics say that when they “talk” to animals, they receive images and emotions, and they interpret these to provide information to the owner.

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How You Can Benefit from those Readings?

If you’d like to give pet psychics a try for your pet’s health or behavioral issue, or if you’re looking for closure for a dearly departed pet, then a pet psychic just might give you the answers you’re looking for.

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Here are the benefits or services that a pet psychic can provide:

1. Find a Missing Pet

As discussed earlier, pet psychics communicate with pets through their energy.

Your pet does not have to be present for the psychic to be able to “talk” to them. Thus, for missing animals, they can sense their energy, to know whether or not they’re alive, where they may be, or even helping to guide them back home.

2. Health Issues

If a vet has a hard time figuring out what’s wrong with your pet, maybe a pet psychic can. Using your cat’s energy, a pet psychic can ask your pet where his pain is located, or if they’re feeling well or not.

3. Behavioral Issues

Your pet may be acting up – maybe he used to be calm and quiet, but now he’s rowdy and always barking.

Or maybe he’s always waking you up in the middle of the night. A pet psychic can “talk” to your pet to figure out what’s bothering it.

4. End of Life Issues

A pet psychic can also help with end of life issues, such as whether or not your pet wants to die naturally or if it wants to be euthanised due to its extremely low quality of life or its suffering from too much pain.

5. Prepare for Major Life Changes

A pet psychic can also help your pet with major life changes, such as the arrival of a new member of the family, moving houses, or if you’re going through a divorce.


Pet psychics may receive a lot of criticism from cynics and mainstream society. Whether or not they use physical cues to gather information about your pet, doesn’t deny the fact that they may have the ability to help you with some of your pet’s issues.If you think nothing is helping you with your pet, whether it’s a health or behavioral issue, then maybe a pet psychic can.

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