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Weight Loss Spells – Guide, Dangers

by | Jun 11, 2020

Are you struggling with your weight? Have you tried all the exercise programs, diets, supplements, and programs to no avail?

Losing weight can be the most challenging thing you’ll ever have to do. But if you’ve tried everything and nothing works, then maybe casting a weight loss spell just might do the trick.

Now, you might think that casting a spell is evil or associated with the dark arts. But it’s actually not. Spells are actually a manifestation technique that aligns the universe with the energy that you desire.

The universe is made up of vibrational energy and the more you focus on a single thought, the more those energies come to you.

Spells are a great way to manifest what you want by attracting energy to you. When you want to lose weight and cast a spell, you are calling out the energies of losing weight to come to you, and voila, you lose weight.

While it may not work for everybody, as there are many factors to consider when you make a spell, it won’t hurt to give it a try. Who knows, it just might work.

The Dangers of Casting a Weight Loss Spell

Just like other weight loss methods that you use on your body, casting a weight loss spell also has its dangers.

The most important thing with spells is to be as specific as possible. You might want to lose weight, but the universe interprets “losing weight” with many things.

You can get food poisoning and lose weight because you can’t digest food, or you get into dire financial trouble that you can no longer afford food, so you starve and lose weight, or you become so sick and bedridden that you can’t even move your body to get food, so you lose weight.

There are so many ways that you can lose weight so be careful when you cast a weight-loss spell on yourself. You have to be as specific as possible.

The Mindset: How Weight Loss Spells Work

Before you start making the spell, you have to be in the best mindset. This means that when you decide to cast a weight loss spell, it must come from good intentions.

What this means is that the reason why you want to lose weight should not be because you want revenge on an ex-boyfriend who cheated on you, or you want others to approve of you, or you want to be more popular.

The reason for your desire to lose weight must come from a positive place. You must focus your thoughts on the feeling of positivity when you do lose weight. You can think about feeling more confident, feeling happier, and more content with yourself, rather than looking for external motivations.

Your desire to lose weight must be internal, it must be for yourself and not for other people. Otherwise, your intentions are not focused on you. So keep this in mind when you’re doing the spells.

Two Simple Weight Loss Spells

You don’t have to be a Shaman, a psychic, or a witch to cast a spell. Everyone can make a spell on themselves and on others.

Have you ever wished on a shooting star? Or maybe throw a few pennies on a wishing fountain? While these might not be spells, these acts move the universe’s energies just like spells do.

They are manifestation techniques that we use to call out into the world to give us something that we want. This means that any regular individual can make spells work for them.

Here are 2 simple weight loss spells (we included an infographic that you can share with your friends):

infographic weight loss spells that work overnight

1. The Onion Weight Loss Ritual

This spell is great for beginners and uses basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen.


  • 1 Large Onion
  • 1 Liter Water
  • 2 Lemons

What To Do:

  1. Boil the onion in 1 L of water.
  2. Wait for the water to cool.
  3. Once it’s cool enough to drink, take 250ml of the water, squeeze one lemon into it, and drink.
  4. Drink the concoction before or after breakfast every day for 2 weeks.

While you’re drinking the water, think of all the happy feelings you’ll have when you lose the weight you desire to lose.

2. Brazilian Weight Loss Spell

This spell was created by the famous medium Chico Xavier.

This is a powerful weight loss spell so you don’t need to do any special diets for the time being.


  • Water
  • Grains of Rice

What To Do:

Begin the spell on a Wednesday morning.

  1. Prepare a glass of drinking water half full. Prepare the number of grains of rice that corresponds to the number of pounds that you want to lose.
  2. Let the water sit for an entire day, and in the evening, drink the water but leave the rice inside.
  3. Refill the glass with half a glass of water and set aside.
  4. On Thursday morning, drink the water and leave the rice inside. Refill it again with water that fills up to half the glass. Leave it aside.
  5. In the evening drink the water, leave the rice again, and refill it again with water.
  6. On Friday morning, drink the water and rice together.

Each time you drink the water, think about the positive feelings you will have when you lose weight.

You can repeat this process once every 2 weeks. Always use the same glass when you do the spell.

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Weight loss is something that many people struggle with. It’s not an easy thing to do and sometimes, people just give up on their attempts.But before you do, why not try these weight loss spells and direct your energy into your mindset and the universe instead? With spells, the only tool you really need is intention. So before you do try these spells, keep in mind it is actually your very own positive energy that contributes to your weight loss success.

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