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Sex Spells – Guides, Dangers

by | Jun 17, 2020

Are you looking for more pleasure or passion in your sex life? Maybe you’re in a relationship, married, or single, and you want more from your sex life or lack thereof.

Then maybe calling on the spiritual world of magic might just be the answer you’re looking for.

Sex spells are incantations and concoctions that you can do to ignite passion in your relationship, boost sexual pleasure, and give you more satisfaction with your sexuality.

The topics of sex might be taboo for some people but it’s actually healthy to explore your sexuality and to discuss it with your partner. Before we begin to reveal a couple of sex spells and magical tricks to boost your sex life, we have to talk about what it is and the potential dangers that come with it.

Sex Spells: What are They?

Sex spells are rituals that can help to boost your sex life, create a burning desire between you and your partner, as well as increase your sexual pleasure.

These are great tools if you feel like you lack communication with your partner in this arena, or you feel like you’re not happy with your sex life.

Sex magic is all about red magic, or also known as the “magic of love” or “sexual magic.” This kind of magic is used to develop interventions in a loving and sexual environment.

A ritualistic spell is exceptionally effective at awakening, igniting, and improving sensations and feelings to an incredible intensity.

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The erotic arts have long been practiced by many civilizations. There’s something about love and attraction that drives people to seek the gods and spiritual world. In fact, in 2016, archaeologists discovered Egyptian papyri that consisted of 2 love spells that called on the gnostic gods to invoke sexual attraction on a target.

Erotic spells were a popular form of magic in ancient times. Sex and magic have always been intertwined, with human beings having always placed great importance in improving their love lives since time immemorial.

Today, it remains the same. Human beings are even more involved in exploring their sexuality, desiring to attract objects of affection, and wanting to take their relationships to new heights.

In a way, sex spells are used by people not only to improve their sexual experiences, but also to discover deeper connections with their romantic partners, and even with themselves.

The Dangers of Sex Spells

A true, genuine sex spell is not dangerous. When sex spells are used, it should come from a place of positivity. When you desire to improve your pleasure, you must also include a desire for healthy relationships. Your intentions should never be to force someone to go against their will.

Sex spells are based on noble red magic, and not black magic, which makes them safe. However, when you use organic substances such as blood, hair, or nail clippings, sex spells could be dangerous because the use of these substances is associated with black magic.

The spells that we recommend for you make use of red magic, which means they are safe.

Another tip is that when you use sex spells, you must include yourself in the picture. When you visualize or think about the result that you want to manifest, you must think of your own pleasure or desire. Using magic on others or visualizing to manipulate their will can be dangerous and can work against you.

So take these tips in mind when you use our sex spells or any magic spells for that matter.

Two Sex Spells To Ignite Your Sexual Desire and Pleasure


1. Rose Incense Sexual Ritual

What You Need:

  • 1 red candle
  • Rose incense
  • Photo of your partner
  • Clove of garlic
  • Chili powder
  • Small red pouch

What To Do:

  1. Relax, meditate, and visualize your partner. Evoke positive emotions of love, desire, and pleasure.
  2. Light the red candle and incense.
  3. Take a photo of your partner and place it over the smoke. Shake the photo over the smoke and chant the following phrases:“Want me, need me, desire me, lust over me. Ignite your passion, want me with a burning desire. Bring me my sweet, passionate sexual animal.”
  4. You can repeat the chant three more times. Place the photo of your partner inside the pouch, together with the garlic and chili powder.
  5. Blow out the candle and incense and place the pouch under your bed or inside your underwear drawer.

This sex spell will help to reignite your attraction to one another and help you create a strong desire for each other.


2. Midnight Burning Desire Ritual

What You Need:

What To Do:

Do this at midnight.

  1. Carve out your partner’s name on the candle vertically.
  2. Place a pin in the middle of each letter.
  3. Light the candle with a match.
  4. While the candle is burning, visualize your partner touching you, kissing you, and making you feel sexually wanted.
  5. Once the first pin drops, blow out the candle and repeat the next night.
  6. Repeat the ritual every midnight until the last pinfalls. If there are still matches left, burn the candle and matches together and collect the ashes.
  7. Bury the ashes and say a little prayer to the spirits, thanking them for igniting the passion between you and your partner.

Do the ritual on the day of Jupiter, which is a Thursday. Burn the candle between 12 midnight and 3 am in the morning.

This ritual will help you and your partner develop a strong sexual desire with each other.

Consider sharing the Sex Spells Infographic below

sex magick spells

Sex Spells For Yourself

If you are single, celibate, or want to explore your sexuality for yourself, there are magic tricks that you can do to enjoy sexual intimacy.

One of the best gifts that we can give ourselves is self-love and sex with yourself is one way you can receive the kind of love that you give to others.

You can practice color magic by wearing pink lingerie. Pink is the color of love and by wearing pink and surrounding yourself with this color, you are telling the universe to bring more loving energy to yourself. Using sex toys to pleasure yourself is also a great way to practice self-love. Charge your sex toys with the magic of the moon by placing them beneath the moon’s rays at night. You can also use crystals to charge them. Use pink quartz to charge your toys for increased sexual pleasure.

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The Bottom Line

Spells and magic exist in our world and all we have to do is embrace it. Magic works in ways that most people don’t realize and invoking the spirits to improve your sex life is a great way to experience intense pleasure.

However, always make sure you are using red magic instead of black magic. You can ensure this by not using organic substances in your spells.

Whether you are a sex spell caster for your relationships or yourself, have fun, and let the world of red magic bring you pleasure in your sex life.

Writer Judita Tanko

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