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Citrine Crystal Meaning & What Are His Healing Properties

by | Mar 10, 2019

Abundance and prosperity are everyone’s birthright but alas, they’re both elusive for most people.  Money, success, and satisfaction in one’s life seem to be limited to a select few, but in actuality, they are all needed to live a fulfilling and actualized life.

The citrine crystal is the premier manifestation stone and if you want to attract abundance and prosperity, then it’s the crystal that will help you do just that.

What is Citrine?

Citrine is a yellow quartz stone, featuring a yellow hue, but its color ranges from pale yellow to golden yellow, to almost brownish.

The name comes from the Greek word “citron,” which means lemon, as the stone’s color resembles that of many citrus fruits.

Citrine has many names which include “The Merchant’s Stone,” due to its ability to increase cash flow;  as well as “Burnt Amethyst,” as many citrine stones in the market today are not actually natural citrine but are heated purple amethyst stones.

Speaking of “Burnt Amethyst,” natural citrine is actually rare and is found in a small number of locations around the world.

Rio Grande de Sol in Brazil is the largest natural citrine supplier but the stones can also be found in the USA, Burma, Spain, South Africa, France, Madagascar, Britain, and Russia.

Because citrine is popular and in high demand not only for its beautiful color, but also for its healing and amplification properties, many suppliers heat purple amethyst, which then turn into a yellowish stone, and market them as citrine.

Benefits:  Why You Should Use It?

Citrine is a beneficial stone and it brings about a long list of advantages. Among its benefits include:

  • physical healing,
  • mental clarity,
  • protection from negativity,
  • relieving fear and anxiety, and most of all,
  • improves your ability to manifest your desires.

As the premier manifestation stone, citrine helps you acquire the things that you want to have.  Whether you want to have more money, more success in your business, or even in your relationships, citrine will help you achieve the life that you want for yourself.

And as a quartz stone, it’s also an amplifying stone, which means it helps to boost the benefits of other stones.

In terms of the chakras, citrine is known to bring energy to the lower chakras, especially the solar plexus chakra, which is found on your abdomen.

Reasons to Use Citrine

1. Manifest Abundance and Prosperity

Contrary to what most believe, money isn’t actually evil.  Money improves the quality of your life, relationships, and it helps you become the person you were always meant to be.

Every human being in the world deserves the best life that they can live and money is one of the main things that will help you get that.

Citrine, as the top manifestation stone, will help to attract money and abundance, as well as success and prosperity.

And because manifestation involves imagination and vision, citrine also helps to improve your imagination so you truly receive the best things the universe has in store for you.

2. Absorbs Negativity

Citrine also helps you cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.  The stone carries with it the power of the sun, making you feel sunny and cheerful.  When you have negative energy, citrine will help to improve your mood swings, depressive thoughts, fears, and anxieties, and bring positive energy into your body and soul.

If you’re doubtful about yourself, or if you have any insecurities, citrine will also help you get rid of any negative thoughts you may have of yourself.

The stone is known to improve self-esteem as it helps boost your personal power, so you become more confident and sure of yourself.

And in terms of negative thoughts, citrine helps you achieve mental clarity, especially if it is placed near the crown chakra.  It will help you become more decisive and help you choose the right decisions that will bring positive results into your life.

3.  Attract Love and Happiness

Because citrine absorbs negativity, the stone can also help you with your relationships.  Citrine has the ability to smooth out conflicts, so if you’re not getting along with a loved one or romantic partner, the stone will help to get rid of any negative energy that surrounds you and the people who are close to you.

Citrine will help you become more easy going so you won’t always take things too personally, allowing you to go with the flow and not take things too seriously.

Remember that it helps to get rid of fears and anxieties so it helps you resolve interpersonal issues, as well as to turn sour relationships into friendly and harmonious unions.

The stone is also very protective of its wearer or owner so if someone in your life has negative feelings or energy towards you, it will help ward off this person from getting near you or meddling with you.

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The Healing Properties of Citrine

Aside from being a manifestation and amplification stone, citrine also features healing properties.

Citrine is known to improve conditions that involve the digestive system, kidneys, gallbladder, urinary tract, as well as improve your endocrine system, blood circulation, as well as issues that you may have with your thyroid glands.

It’s also used for weight loss as it stimulates the metabolism, helping you burn more calories, as well as reducing your cellulite.

Its other health benefits include purifying your body from toxins brought about by pharmaceutical medication, as well as helps in reversing degenerative diseases.

How to Use Citrine


1. As Jewelry


Citrine is a beautiful stone and its color ranges from pale yellow and even to a pretty brown color.  And yellow being the brightest color, it surely attracts attention when worn as beautiful accessories like earrings, pendants, charms on bracelets, and even as inset stones on watches, bracelets, and rings.

When worn as jewelry, the part of the body the stone touches will receive healing energy from the stone, bringing about its healing properties to the body.

When worn as an earring, it helps to achieve mental clarity, as well as brings benefits to the eye:  opening your mind, your perspective, as well as helping in its physical healing and protection.

2.  Placed in a Cash Box

To help you manifest increased money or cash flow, you can place citrine inside your cashbox to tell the world you want to attract more money.

You can also place a stone inside a purse or wallet, or even your pocket for money manifestation.

3.  Place Under Your Pillow

If you’ve been suffering from insomnia or nightmares, you can use citrine’s metaphysical properties to have a good night’s sleep, to have pleasant dreams, and even to manifest your desires while you sleep.

4.  In Combination with Other Stones

As a quartz stone, you can also use citrine to amplify the effects and benefits of other stones.  If you need healing, you can use citrine to boost the benefits of healing crystals such as sugilite or amethyst.

In Conclusion


Natural citrine is the premier crystal for manifestation and if you need to attract prosperity and abundance now then it’s the stone that you need to have right now.

Whether it’s natural or has gone through heat treatment, citrine is a powerful amplifying and manifestation stone that gets you what you desire.

It does however has a downside, as anyone who has a dominant negative side will also experience an amplification of that negativity, such as those who are aggressive and have a violent nature, so make sure you are using the stone for good purposes.

Aside from helping you acquire your innermost desires, citrine also brings about healing properties, making it a beneficial stone that goes beyond what it’s popular for.

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