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Lapis Lazuli Meaning – How to Use This Powerful Healer

by | Dec 18, 2018

A stone used in antiquity for its attractive deep blue color, Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful semi-precious stone. Dubbed as the stone of friendship and truth, it is one of the most sought after gemstones in the world. 

This beautiful crystal is a powerful healer for the throat chakra and can be used for healing, removing stress, increasing creativity and communication, and much more.


What is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is a combination of two different words from two different languages: “Lapis” means “rock” in Latin, while Lazuli comes from the Arabic word “azul,” which means blue. Literally, Lapis Lazuli means “blue rock.” Casually called Lapis, it is one of the very first gemstones to be worn as jewelry. 

It is characterized by being opaque, with a deep blue color, sprinkled with golden specks of pyrites that feature a glimmer effect like little stars. It is a rock that contains many minerals, which are Lazurite, Sodalite, Calcite, and Pyrite. 

Major deposits are found in the northeast region of Afghanistan, in the mines near the Lake Baikal in Russia, and the Andes Mountains in Chile. Smaller deposits are also found in Italy, the US, Canada, and Mongolia. A highly prized stone, it was exclusively used by priests and royalty, and regarded to be the sapphire of the ancient times. It was used extensively in Mesopotamia, in Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Persia. 

One of the most popular Egyptian masks ever recovered, King Tut’s Mask, features Lapis Lazula around its eyes. A valuable ornament, Lapis was often used by Egyptian kings and queens, where it was carved into scarabs and jewelry. The stone was also prized for the ultramarine dye that could be derived from it. 

The garments of priests and royalty were often dyed in Lapis to symbolize their status as one with the gods. As the stone of friendship and truth, it is known to promote harmony between relationships and encourages the wearer to be his or her authentic self. It also reveals inner truth.

History of Lapis Lazuli

In ancient Egypt, they associated Lapis Lazuli Stone with royalty and spirituality, The ancient city of Ur had a thriving trade in the stone, and many of its murals and artefacts featured this intense blue stone.

The stone dates back 1000’s of years, to the time of the Pharaohs. It was used by ancient Egyptians as an amulets and other treasures.  With the Book of the Dead partially written on a slab, the stone also has links to the Bible. It was also found in the breastplate of the High Priest of Jerusalem.In Europe the stone went by the name of ultramarinum, meaning “beyond the sea”. The stone was used as a secrete ingredient of the pigment ultramarine, used by painters until the nineteenth century to paint seas and skies.

The Romans believed that Lapis was a powerful aphrodisiac, while the people of the Middle Ages considered it a stone to keep the limbs strong and stave off fear.

The Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

The benefits derived from the use or presence of Lapis on your body, home, or office are varied and vast. As the stone of truth, it encourages honesty and authenticity, while also stimulating one’s desires for learning. 

1. Activates the Higher Mind

Lapis enhances intellectual ability and encourages one to fulfil his or her passions. It is known to be effective in activating the higher mind and aids in the process of learning and memory.

 It is especially useful for executives and journalists as it stimulates good judgment and wisdom. It’s also fitting for historians or archaeologists, as it aids in problem solving and creating new ideas and innovations. 

2. Encourages Honesty of the Spirit

It brings about authenticity and calms temperaments. It brings about a loving connection between family members, and aids with the tempers of individuals with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and other attention deficit disorders. 

3. Provides Protection Against Negativity

It helps to shield the wearer from any negative energy, specifically negative influencers that may cause one to make bad decisions. 

4. Empowers You to Live Your Dreams

It helps to open up the mind to new possibilities, allowing you to foresee your future and make good judgment calls in terms of your career or personal life.

Lapis Lazuli amplifies your thoughts, allowing to explore passions you’ve never fulfilled, past hurts you’ve never gotten over, and enhances your desires or dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli’s Healing Properties


Lapis contains 4 major healing properties: the physical, emotional, spiritual, and Chakra healing. 

1. Physical Healing

Lapis is known to provide a long list of physical healing benefits to the wearer or owner of the stone. Among these health benefits include: 

  • overcomes hearing problems such as hearing loss and other problems with the ear and nasal passages; 

  • encourages improved blood circulation and improves cardiac rhythm 

  • reduces intensity of vertigo 

  • lowers blood pressure 

  • relieves menstrual irregularities, cramps, and other pains 

  • relieves general pain and inflammation 

  • reduces occurrence of migraines and headaches 

  • aids the nervous system 

  • beneficial to the throat, vocal chord, and larynx 

2. Emotional Healing

It allows repressed emotions to surface so you can overcome hidden hurts and anger. It also encourages self-expression with no fear or apprehensions. It also encourages one to be honest, compassionate, and upright. 

3. Spiritual

Lapis harmonizes the heart and mind, and promotes stronger bonds between them. The stone leads you to feel closer to your mind and body, allowing you to reach your spirit and listen to what it tells you.

Since ancient times, Lapis has been known to be a spiritual stone and used by priests, healers, and royalty. It helps to stimulate psychic abilities and enhance your inner vision, expanding your awareness and allowing for inner peace and serenity to take over. 

4. Chakra Healing

Lapis is associated with the Brow Chakra and the Throat Chakra. The Brow Chakra is also known as the Third Eye chakra, and its energy helps to open the mind to new perspectives. The stone’s energy also helps to unblock the Throat chakra, allowing you to communicate your ideas, beliefs, and emotions more clearly. 

How to Use Lapis Lazuli

1. To Manifest Desires and Goals

Lapis is a manifestation stone and helps to bring about desires and goals. Simply rub the stone as you visualize yourself achieving your dreams and acquiring your goals (also read 10 Tips to Make Your Dreams a Reality). 

2. For Actors, Creatives, or Musicians

Wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry when you go to auditions. It will help to remove fears and doubts, and allows you to express yourself freely. 

3. To Improve Your Career

Wear Lapis jewelry at work or simply place a stone figurine or cluster on your desk. It can help to bring about promotions, success, and lasting recognition. 

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4. For Eye Infections


Soak a Lapis stone in warm water and rub the stone over your eyes, or use the soaked water as an eye bath to combat eye infections. 

5. For Bruises and Skin Problems

Place the stone under direct sunlight until it feels warm. Place the stone over the affected area for several seconds to a full minute. 

6. For Good luck

To bring luck to your home, place the stone in different areas of your house. Place a figurine, carving, or cluster in the southeast to attract wealth and abundance; in the east to attract health; and in the north to attract success. 

7. For Meditation

If you want an out-of-body experience, then Lapis will help you to do just that. It aids in detaching from one’s physical body, encouraging a deeper state of consciousness and stimulating a more harmonious connection with the body and mind.

You can hold a Lapis stone as you meditate (download free meditation), or place it on the part of the body you want energized or healed. 

Lapis Lazuli is an enchanting stone that was highly regarded as a prized possession by ancient royalty. Today, it still holds its appeal, being a unique and attractive gemstone used in jewelry. Keep the stone closer to your body by wearing this beautiful Lapis Lazuli crystal necklace.

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