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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 9th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Mars-the warrior, with birth stone of Garnet

You tend to present your front as extremely peaceful and calming. You have great ambitions, and you are very driven and always ready to go that extra mile to make a big difference and leave an impact on whatever you put your mind to. But you do need to learn to keep your focus on present moment when you go about your agendas, rather than strive for the future.

Every calm and peaceful nature has its outbursts when things tend to go different ways. You are no different. You like your peace and quiet, you like to know you are correct in your thinking and acting, you like life to run your own way. And as much as you do not give much of a thought to the world’s ways, you do want people to notice your way. And it is a solid direction, as you do tend to lead by example and love to teach people your ways, but there is a downside to it all, if people disagree with your current path and see a different predicament, you tend to loose your temper and you do tend to hold a grudge, even if it is but a minor thing.

Holding grudges after loosing temper is quite a large issue for you. As you tend to hold people causing that explosion accountable for your actions and push them aside, and add them to your list of “stay away” people. And that list can get quite long in time, and that is somehow not the best thing to do. Try and avoid downfalls by keeping as few enemies as possible. People can not come closer to you than they are, if you do not let yourself see their stories. And you make it your effort to not see it, as you prefer sticking to what you know and experience, which is most likely within your comfort zone and is quite controlled.

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You have a quick mind. You strive to rise to the top and will do whatever it takes to get there. You do not take any less but the best or better said “perfect”, and because of that it is very hard to please you, rare people can rise up to your standards of expectations, and for that reason you prefer to work alone rather than in group.

As I mentioned before it is very important for you to focus on now, and savour your achievements as they come, as you can never get the present moments back if you keep overlooking them as you keep your eyes on future endeavours, plotting even bigger impact in goals you are setting. Be more observant of now and more appreciative of the little things happening in your every day will allow you to take pride in what you create rather than to keep wanting and waiting for approval from the world, which does never have the weigh you expect because your approval will always be missing.

You need to take advice from people surrounding you, and take some time off, switch off and just try and relax and be in the moment. You dwell for a partner who would accompany you on your quests and even more important, support you in your endeavours. But what is even more important allow them to show you and encourage you to relax, to play a little rather than work all the time. Relaxed mind and fresh air inspire new projects and goals anyways.

You do have a good short timeline for bouncing back up from being knocked down. And it is a great and amazing quality, that you are able to overcome the obstacles on your path. However it is the means and lengths you to to, in order to overcome them, that can be your downfall. That ruthless side of yours that comes out to play in times like this, should stay hidden, or even left behind, as you do not take well the falls, as in your means to climb back to the top, you will go to desperate means, even if that means turning friends into enemies along the way.

There is really a golden rule to success if you would to play a bit with the thought, and it says “the secret to success is not to have any enemies”. Learn to overcome your violent anger reactions, as once you find other ways to deal with your frustration, there are great many things waiting for your admirable qualities to take over. Learn to listen to your consciousness, and do not act on the first note, maintain the balance and keep your mind focused on success. This way there is nothing to stop you from benefits life of purpose has to offer. Replace the sparkles of angry outbursts with happiness and excitement.


A partner who can keep up with your energetic and upbeat pace, with a good understanding of your idealistic views, and a passion for live is not only a good relationship match, but also a good lifestyle balance for you. Of course you are a very picky person, you will accept nothing less than a soul mate, who is at same time a big family person, as you are too, so obviously you would demand the same from your partner. Once you find that perfect match, you are capable of great many sacrifices for those you love.


You are so prune to overwork yourself, as you will drive self to extensive lengths to achieve anything you set your mind to, it also means you will not take a second thought as to stop for your own body to recover. For that ruthless drive of overdoing it, you are prune to stress, fatigue and lowered immune system. There is no word that can describe the outmost importance of taking care of self first! Healthy diet, gentle exercise and plenty of rest. And when I say rest, I mean a great many efforts to remove self from a crazy environment that drives you to constantly be in overdrive, take a vacation!


Career advancements are a must in your life, so you will always choose the job that has an opportunity for you to step on a higher level. Most of you will likely end up in business waters, attempting marketing or advertising or some kind of media career, especially if you can push yourself forward to create money in a fast and efficient way including your own personal experience in it. But in general a search for the right place for you in the career department will take some time and experimenting before you choose the right path for you.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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