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How To Make A Vision Board

by | Apr 4, 2019

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Wants, desires, goals, and dreams – we all have them. Each day, we wake up and start our day with the intention of being one step closer to what we want to achieve in our lives. Vision boards have become quite popular in recent years because of its purported power to motivate us and remind us of the very things that we want to have in our lives.

What are vision boards and what exactly do they bring? Do you really need them or are they just a useless, time-consuming craft project that doesn’t really accomplish anything?

If you’ve always wondered or contemplating on making one, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn about what a vision board really is, how you can make one, how to make it successful, and what to avoid to prevent failure.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is literally a poster board that contains images of the very things that you want to have in your life. It’s basically a collage of pictures of things that you don’t have just yet but want to bring in your life. The pictures could be images of your dream home, dream car, dream spouse, as well as your dream career.

A simple, yet powerful tool, it is mostly used in conjunction with the belief in the Law of Attraction – the philosophy that states whatever you think will manifest. Vision boards help you organize, clarify, and concentrate on your goals.

When we want to achieve a goal, say, a promotion, we constantly think about it. However, when distractions come, such as the form of a personal problem or some competition at work, we have a tendency to give up or forget about what we actually wanted in the first place. Vision boards help us maintain the focus so your actions are constantly and consistently in tune with your goals.

Different Kinds of Vision Boards

There’s no rule that states you can only make one vision board. You can make two boards or several at once. If you want to bring more focus on several areas of your life, you may do so by creating boards that focus on one area only.

1. Relationship Vision Boards

Images of romantic couples, families, or the exact object of your affection are just some examples of what you can put on this board. You can also use words and romantic statements, and just about any image that represents your dream relationship.

2. Financial Vision Board

If you want to earn a specific amount of money, you can write yourself a big check and place it right smack on the center of your financial board. You can include a specific date as to when you’re earning this amount.

3. Digital Vision Board

There are vision board software and apps that you can use. You can create your vision board online and use it as your desktop background so you see the board each time you use your laptop or computer, or you can also use it as your phone wallpaper or screensaver so you’re seeing it every time you use your mobile devices.

The number of your boards depend on what areas of your life you want to specifically focus on.

How to Make Your Vision Board in 5 Easy Steps

So now that you know what a vision board is, it’s time that you learn how to actually make one. These 5 steps are incredibly easy to follow:

Step 1: Evaluate What You Want

The very first step in making your vision board is evaluating what you really want to achieve in your life. Be as specific as possible. Don’t cut out a picture of a regular penthouse – include as much details as possible. Determine the exact location of the penthouse that you want, how big it is, what kind of interiors it has, how many bedrooms it features, as well as the views that you want it to have.

Step 2: Prepare the Materials

You can use a cork board or any thick and sturdy board. Buy some glue stick, a pair of scissors, and plenty of magazine images, or have pictures of the very things that you want printed. Start cutting out pictures and determine which ones are your top priorities.

Step 3: Create Your Vision Board

Determine the number 1 thing that your heart desires and place it right on the center of your board. Surround this image with the rest of the pictures of your goals (Go Here to Download Goal Setting Worksheet) and reach your goals. Organize the images in such a way that you see each one clearly. The images can overlap but you must be able to see them in their whole entirety.

Step 4: Select a Location

Simply creating the vision board is not enough. Vision boards are the tangible representation of your thoughts, so if you want to maintain the motivation to keep going, you must see the images of your desires on a daily basis as the visual reminder.

Place the vision board somewhere you can see it everyday, it can be at the back of your bedroom door, on your desk at the office, or on your dresser. You must be able to see the images everyday so place it on a visible area at eye level when you’re standing up or sitting down.

Step 5: Believe

Creating your vision board is futile if you won’t believe you’ll actually reach them. Feel the emotions you’re going to feel if you got that promotion; feel the marble floors of your dream home on your bare feet; feel the embrace of the man or woman of your dreams while you’re watching a romantic movie.

The secret to the law of attraction is believing and feeling the emotions of actually having everything you ever wanted.

How to Have a Successful Vision Board

Aside from the steps stated above, vision boards can be more successful when using these tips:

1. The Best Time to Make Your Board

The best time of the year to make your wish or vision board is at the end or beginning of the year, or on your birthday. It is during these times when you are at your natural reflective state. You are usually more open to evaluating your life and creating new plans to head into the right direction of where you want to be.

2. Practice Visualization

Making them and hanging them on your bedroom wall or office are not enough. You have to practice visualizing these goals each and every day.

When you take a look at the board, take a few seconds each day to close your eyes, breathe in and out, and feel the emotions of actually achieving your goals.

Why Your Vision Board Might Fail

Many people question whether or not vision boards work. Some say they work like magic while others say they’re a waste of time. What’s the difference between these two kinds of people? The answer may lie in what they do and what they feel. Here are 4 reasons why your board might fail:

1. Too Cluttered

Though you may want many things in life, keeping your board organized and clear is much more effective. Make it as simple as possible so you are focused.

2. Location is Not Right

As mentioned earlier, place your board where you can see it everyday. Don’t keep it on a shelf where you can’t see it, don’t place it in your bathroom, or your closet because you’re embarrassed someone might see it. Place it where you can see it everyday – plain and simple.

3. You Don’t Feel

You have to believe that you deserve everything that your heart desires. Eliminate all of your self-doubts and worries, but believe that your desires are actually on their way.

When you know 100% that you actually achieved something, doesn’t that make you feel incredibly good? Feel that emotion and be ready to receive all of your goals.

4. You Give Up Easily

Your completed vision board board won’t work if you’re not patient. Yes, believing that you already have them is one of the keys to success but becoming annoyed that they’re not happening yet already sets you up for failure because you are no longer believing that they’re coming.

Any negative thought or the slightest doubt that what you desire is not coming is pushing your goals away. There should only be positive thoughts of faith in your mind and nothing else.

Dream boards per se don’t work – it’s what you do with these boards that make it a success. Evaluate everything that you want to achieve, be as specific as possible, and believe the images will come, and in no time, everything will start falling into place.

Now you can have a vision board party with your fiends.

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