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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 4th

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Uranus-the visionary, with birth stone of Garnet.

With your idealistic and practical way of thinking, your life’s mission is to gather the knowledge you find useful and put it to positive use. You are a visionary, your creativity is quite resourceful, and you find ways to inform and inspire everyone around you with your creative visions of better world.

You feel misunderstood most of the time, and that is somehow your most significant stressor. But feeling of being misunderstood comes from mostly because you are so fluent in your ideas, that you forget that people do not understand where you are coming from because they were not participating in your thought process. So eliminate the feeling of misunderstanding by putting yourself in other people’s shoes and explain your point of view by looking at it from their perspective.

Your love for experimenting and analyzing knowledge you come across gives you the ability to discuss solutions in a whole other level. And if you truly believe you are correct and stick to your truth, you will absolutely reach your goal by doing what it takes to get there. You are picky, to say the least, but in a way this is a positive thing, as you tend to single out only the best and use it applying your creative approach in all aspects of life. Even the collection of your friends looks like “vip” address book. In a way even with your ability to shift through the crowd and pick out the jewels, to the outside world your life still looks like a huge mess, that just keeps cluttering. But again that is only for the reason you have a vision for each and every piece of your puzzle, and the outside world does not quite understand what you will do with it or how some things or people fit in the whole mess.

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Same as you pick everything in life you do with your knowledge sources and with your ability to sniff out the information kind of and apply it to your endless ability to visualize and transform it, you come out with expressive and revolutionary knowledge sounding much like out of some modern encyclopedia of life. These viewpoints serve you well in almost any situation.

Because of your natural instinct and interest in so many aspects of life, you tend to stir up issues in people who come to contact with you, most likely by facing them with informations about things they might rather not face. You have little patience for dishonesty, and as you are very direct and you tend to only engage in conversation if it has purpose, you loose interest fairly quickly if things do not feel genuine, you are not big on chitchatting, you just do not have the patience for senseless talking. But that is not become a problem, as you can fairly quickly sum up the conversation and come straight to the point. For that very personality trait you can sometimes come across as very controlling and cold. But look at it from this side, at least you do not loose endless energy and time.

You sure know how to have fun, especially in your younger years, but you do not keep the enthusiasm for long, as you soon find that investing your energy and talents towards different projects holds more value to you than senseless partying. And the time when you switch from partying to diverting energy to new projects and visionary agendas is the time your success starts coming to fruition and your emotional satisfaction is fulfilled. Because of your natural visionary traits and creativeness you may find it hard to find the right area of work for yourself, so searching for that special spark in different areas starts early in life for you. But when you find it, your creative and spontaneous nature and visionary abilities make for a very innovative person in the work environment, and if you can express the real you in work environment, your private life feels fulfilled as well, as your work is kind of your lifestyle.


You are like a walking encyclopedia, so topics for conversations in your company are endless, which attracts friends. But finding a partner tends to be a little bit trickier for you, considering your ever changing nature, many have a hard time understanding where you are coming from, so finding someone equally vibrant as yourself is very important. But until you find that person, you might end up in a few relationships ending reasonably quick as you are very magnetizing by nature and that draws people in quick, but the commitment logistic takes a lot more than just magnetizing personality. Cold, controlling, intolerant. At your best Independent, imaginative, methodical.


You are very prune to experiment with every information you find, same goes for the health area of life. Because of such active mind, you tend to be over-reliant on energy boosters such as coffee or even drugs. And until you find a healthy balance with healthy diet – which by the way is extremely hard to achieve in your life, you will try many different means in substances that will keep your mind working at optimum. It does take experiences to get you on the right path in this aspect of life, as you need to experience the results of healthy habits, such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and finding the right exercise for you to adapt the routine. And even though I used the word routine, it will be a very changing one at that, as you have a constant change of heart in your quest to test your theories.


As I mentioned earlier it takes some time for you to figure out the area you wish to work with. But it will be one where you have plenty of diversity to choose from on daily basis, meaning filled with things to see and experience. You have very good communicative skills and the way you perceive and transform information you are given is a good predisposition to teach people. The areas you would thrive in are travel, media, scientistic fields, lawyers even, as you twist your words masterfully, journalism and as your mind work on a totally different level and you are a visionary I would not be surprised if you also have success with your own inventions. You have a great potential at success and admiration in your fields, when you find your productive zone in life.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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