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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on January 3rd

The astral sign of Capricorn, ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Jupiter-the philosopher and luck bringer, with birth stone of Garnet
Your main objective in life is teaching others that what is deemed impossible is actually absolutely possible. You know yourself and what you can do when you put your mind to it. You have the ability to influence others and win against all odds. And you are the impersonation of the phrase “the power of the mind”.

Your mind is in overdrive the entire time. You love making decisions, you are absolutely impatient when you have to wait on others to decide, as you do not understand what is so much to think about. You love to hang with people who are stress free and quick to act on things, you do not like to wait for people to catch up with you. You have an adult mind in dealing with life, you do not like wasting time. Although the downside to you is if you do get caught up in boredom, you will feel like you have lost the time and will not give yourself a break about it once you do pick up the pace again.
Your mind is constantly daydreaming about different plans and scenarios, you know sometimes it does benefit the mind to take time off, so new and fresh ideas get a lucky break to jump in, give yourself that time, so you can make the right decisions for yourself. The constant overdrive is understandable, as for people born on this day a failure is never an option, as you will not quit until you reach some sort of success. You always finish what you start, as obviously you are not a quitter, you will rather find any hardest way of doing it than let it be, and at the end you always overcome the impossible. You are however incredibly persistent and your sense of duty is like stubbornly following command that has been issued. The downside to this “stubbornness” is that you often come across as very intolerant, as you will show a nasty attitude when anger sets in rather than admit defeat.

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Your drive to achieve your goal, or shall we use stubbornness to achieve your goal tends to put so much pressure on yourself or even people you are working with, that if you do not see your way out you resort to every means possible to persuade people of what you believe in, and your charm and ability to do so does get the job done. What can I say, when committed to the cause, your success rate is 100%. Although the determination to get things done does take a tole on people around you, you pound on their patience button so much many are just not tolerant of your doing, although with your persuasion you can tame the outcomes. Born on this day for sure do impersonate “inventiveness under pressure”. There is no diverting directions with you. Even when to the outside world it would seem you lost, in your world you already are working on your comeback and finishing the job, even if it be revenge.

You definitely do apply that determined fully accomplished commitment to your appearance as well. There is nothing like a well deserved compliment. You have an eye for beauty and fashion and absolute no tolerance for imperfection. You will most likely have your own style have figured out down to the last detail. And you take it as an important factor for success. However with that said, you do love to select out the people that do not fit your lifestyle, and if they accidentally end up in your social group, you tend to alienate them.

Over the timeline of your lifetime, you tend to always try and connect your gut feeling to what you do, and once you tap into your intuition and start using it, you tend to apply it to developing your strong points and make an impact on the world. And by the time the whole picture comes together, I like to say you have the whole package figured out. You have a very high possibility of success. However no matter how far in life you tend to come, your controlling and erratic behaviour is something you will have to learn to control, as it can always be your downfall, since your success in your mind is rated based on popularity.


You are just absolutely devoted to the idea of family life. You love the comfort and happiness family brings. It makes you feel secure in knowing somebody always loves you for who you are. You are absolutely determined your relationships will work, which in case it does not work out, can leave you prune to revenge. Same as you are extremely protective of your loved ones, you also tend to be very overprotective in relationship, which can result in feeling of suffocating and controlling for your partner, so ease up a bit. But you are also an absolute softy for affection or flattery from outside the relationship, so if your partner does not give you enough attention you will look for it outside your partnership.


Healthy diet and strict routine is a very big benefactor in your life. It is also somehow second nature to you also considering you do prioritise your looks over social events or leisurely habits. So exercise definitely would end up on your schedule, although you would fit best in more competitive exercising regimes. Stressing over your looks however in a broader aspect should tune down a bit, as stress does much damage to body. As there is nothing a regular doctor’s checkups or healthy dose of vitamins can’t fix.


You love the attention, so you would do good as actor, musician, charity work even, or maybe financial counselling, since finances somehow are second nature to you. Meaning you are able to accumulate money in various ways, and handle it in the long run. If ending up in more business waters, you do good in smaller establishments, where you keep yourself at base to control the outcomes, self-employment might be best in this case.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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