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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on February 12th

The astral sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus-the visionary, and the birth date ruler Jupiter-the philosopher, with birth stone of Amethyst


Be openminded rather than dismiss other people’s opinions or viewpoints. Rather than spending time with analyzing other people’s lifestyle focus on creating harmony in your own mind and life itself. Remember one thing, what you see in other people’s flaws is mirrored in your life.

It is important for you to recognize your ability to take the information you collect around you and put it together and recreate into a single idea. You like to be neutral in opinions, it is why this ability comes extremely handy. There is no need in your mind to diminish anyone’s idea, when you can simply use it all. But make sure what you present forward becomes something you can stand behind as well, as if your mind is not in the game, your game will be off. But when you put your own thoughts into it as well, you will be able to stand tall and defend your belief. And that very characteristic of yours, the ability to stand your ground and defend your belief is what is extremely valued in your life.

Find a way for yourself to easier maintain focus on one project at the time, as that is always your biggest problem. Maintaining concentration is essential to your success, as with your mind scattered all over the place you can not bring forward your full potential.

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You always see the way out of other people’s problems, in some cases you find yourself a peacekeeper or mediator if you will. You always try to point out the correct direction for them to take, but do not forget it is your correct direction, not what might be right for them. So yes you tend to get a little bit agitated if that information is not taken into consideration. In some cases you even tend to ignore other people’s opinion, as you said your truth and you do not want to hear how others think differently. 

You love taking the lead of situations and well quite fairly you see yourself being absolutely capable of being in that role, but you also need to understand that true and effective leadership does not come through dictatorship and ignorance of opinion. To truly effectively lead you must see the bigger picture and motivate, guide, allow people to want go your way, instead of pushing them.

You have no issues with your confidence. You are also creative and very original with your ideas. But with that you also have a tendency to be all over the place most of the time, so it is important for you to become much more self-aware and master the ability to focus on one thing at a time and follow through entirely before starting on your new interest or project.

You have high moral standards and do live up to your own expectations as you have the courage and charisma to go with it to lead and inspire people. Well once you learn to lead by soft hand, with allowing people to listen and decide if it is right path for them, gently teaching them to stand on their own, that is when you will find you have the ability to change many people’s lives.



You pair yourself best with people that stimulate your mind and strive for their own possibilities to grow, you find that inspiring and it allows you to take it as another guiding moment you will learn from. However you need to make sure the whole improvement and clashing of great equal minds does not foreshadow your own persona. In a relationship you are a very sensitive, fun-loving and definitely loyal person.


You are in good health. You love your routine with food as well as exercise, in a way to the point where it is sometimes important you experiment a little and add new nutritious and healthy foods onto your menu. However do make sure that anxiety and stress don’t get the best of you, as resorting to alcohol and cigarets does not fit your healthy routine. Instead try some relaxing methods that you would like, such as fresh air, nature walks, hot tub even with your favourite salt or essential oils, or even meditation to empty your mind.


You strive to the top with whatever you choose in career. You like the idea of being a leader. So interest in politics does suit you. Being a good diplomat, peacemaker and mediator does make for a great business or management career, but also counselling. Being an original thinker maybe invention or science might attract you as well.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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