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Positive Words That Start With A

by | May 18, 2023

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Positive words are words with positive connotations or meanings and can be used to describe people, things, or events positively.

Positive words are an invaluable way to enhance our mood, outlook on life and writing. By choosing positive language in our writing and conversation, we can feel happier, more optimistic and more assured – making our content engaging, exciting and persuasive.

This article presents a list of positive words beginning with A and tips and benefits of including them in writing.

Whether you aim to enhance your mood, writing skills, or both, read on for more information about positive words beginning with A.


List of Positive Words That Start With A; With Explanation and Written Example

  • Abound – To exist in large quantities or numbers; to be plentiful.
    Example: “In the garden, flowers of various colors and types abound, creating a vibrant display.”
  • Absorbing – Holding one’s attention or interest completely.
    Example: “The novel had an absorbing storyline that kept readers hooked until the end.”
  • Abundance – Having more than enough of what you need.
    Example: “I am grateful for the abundance of opportunities that come my way.”
  • Accessible – Easy to approach, reach, understand, or use.
    Example: “The library aimed to make knowledge accessible to all by providing a diverse collection of books, inclusive spaces, and accommodating services.”
  • Acclaimed – Widely recognized, praised, or applauded for excellence or achievement.
    Example: “The renowned author received an acclaimed award for her latest novel.”
  • Accommodating – Willing to adapt or adjust to the needs of others.
    Example: “The hotel staff was very accommodating, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.”
  • Accommodatingly – In a helpful, flexible, and accommodating manner.
    Example: “The hotel staff dealt with the special requests accommodatingly, ensuring a comfortable stay.”
  • Accommodative – Willing to adjust, adapt, or make allowances for the needs of others.
    Example: “The company has an accommodative work culture that promotes work-life balance.”
  • Accomplish – To successfully complete or achieve something.
    Example: “With dedication and hard work, you can accomplish your dreams.”
  • Accomplished – Proficient, skilled, or successful in a particular field or endeavor.
    Example: “She is an accomplished pianist, having performed in prestigious concert halls worldwide.”
  • Accomplishment – A sense of achievement or successful completion of a task or goal.
    Example: “Graduating with honors was a significant accomplishment for her.”
  • Achieve – To accomplish a goal or task.
    Example: “With determination and hard work, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”
  • Active – Energetic, engaged, and involved in various activities.
    Example: “She leads an active lifestyle, participating in sports and outdoor adventures.”
  • Adaptable – Capable of adjusting or adapting to new conditions or circumstances.
    Example: “She is highly adaptable and can thrive in various work environments.”
  • Adaptable – Capable of adjusting or adapting to new situations, requirements, or changes.
    Example: “She is adaptable and can easily switch between different tasks and roles.”
  • Adept – Skilled, proficient, or highly competent in a particular activity or field.
    Example: “She is adept at multitasking and managing multiple projects simultaneously.”
  • Admirable – Deserving respect and admiration for one’s qualities or achievements.
    Example: “Her dedication to charity work is truly admirable.”
  • Admire – To regard with respect, appreciation, and warm approval.
    Example: “I admire her dedication to her craft; she’s truly inspiring.”
  • Adorable – Extremely charming, lovable, and endearing.
    Example: “The puppy’s playful antics and wagging tail made it incredibly adorable.”
  • Adorn – To decorate or enhance with beauty or elegance.
    Example: “The garden was adorned with colorful flowers, creating a picturesque scene.”
  • Advantageous – Beneficial, favorable, or advantageous in a specific situation or context.
    Example: “Learning a second language can be advantageous in today’s globalized world.”
  • Advent – The arrival or beginning of something significant or noteworthy.
    Example: “The advent of technology has revolutionized the way we communicate.”
  • Adventurous – Willing to take risks and try new experiences.
    Example: “He has an adventurous spirit, always seeking out new challenges and adventures.”
  • Aesthetic – Appreciating beauty, art, and visual harmony.
    Example: “Her paintings are known for their aesthetic appeal and attention to detail.”
  • Affable – Friendly, easy to approach, and pleasant in social interactions.
    Example: “His affable nature makes it easy for him to make friends wherever he goes.”
  • Affection – A gentle feeling of fondness or warmth towards someone or something.
    Example: “I have deep affection for my childhood memories; they hold a special place in my heart.”
  • Affection – Warmth, fondness, and tenderness towards someone or something.
    Example: “She expressed her affection for her family by giving them heartfelt hugs.”
  • Affectionate – Showing love, warmth, and tenderness towards others.
    Example: “He gave her an affectionate hug to express his support and care.”
  • Affectionately – With love, warmth, and tenderness.
    Example: “She hugged her pet affectionately, showering it with love and care.”
  • Affectionately – With love, fondness, and deep care.
    Example: “He spoke to his grandmother affectionately, reminiscing about their shared memories.”
  • Affinity – A natural liking, attraction, or connection towards something or someone.
    Example: “He has an affinity for music; it brings him joy and peace.”
  • Affirm – To assert or declare something positively and confidently.
    Example: “I affirm my commitment to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”
  • Affirmation – A positive statement that promotes self-belief and encouragement.
    Example: “Repeating daily affirmations helps to strengthen my self-confidence and inner peace.”
  • Affirmative – Expressing agreement, confirmation, or positive assent.
    Example: “She nodded her head in an affirmative response to the proposal.”
  • Affirmatively – In a positive, confirmatory, or assertive manner.
    Example: “She nodded affirmatively, expressing her agreement with the decision.”
  • Affirmatively – In a positive, supportive, and encouraging manner.
    Example: “She responded affirmatively, assuring her friend of her unwavering support.”
  • Affluence – Abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
    Example: “Their hard work and dedication resulted in a life of affluence.”
  • Affluent – Having an abundance of wealth, resources, or success.
    Example: “The luxurious mansion showcased their affluent lifestyle.”
  • Agile – Quick and graceful in movement or thought.
    Example: “Her agile mind allowed her to adapt to new challenges effortlessly.”
  • Agile-minded – Quick to comprehend and adapt to new situations or ideas.
    Example: “She is an agile-minded individual who thrives in dynamic work environments.”
  • Agility – Nimbleness, flexibility, and the ability to move quickly and easily.
    Example: “The gymnast’s agility and grace mesmerized the audience.”
  • Agreeable – Pleasant, accommodating, and easy to get along with.
    Example: “He has an agreeable personality that makes him popular among his peers.”
  • Agreeably – In a pleasant, agreeable, or satisfying manner.
    Example: “The team worked agreeably together, fostering a harmonious and productive atmosphere.”
  • Alive – Full of energy, vitality, and living in the present moment.
    Example: “I feel alive when I’m surrounded by nature, breathing in the fresh air.”
  • Aliveness – The state of being vibrant, full of life, and experiencing the present moment fully.
    Example: “The music filled her with a sense of aliveness, making her dance with joy.”
  • Allure – To attract or captivate through charm or fascination.
    Example: “The beauty of the sunset added an allure to the serene beach.”
  • Alluring – Captivating, enticing, and attracting through charm or beauty.
    Example: “Her alluring smile caught the attention of everyone in the room.”
  • Altruism – Selfless concern and care for the well-being and happiness of others.
    Example: “Her acts of altruism, such as volunteering at the local shelter, inspired others.”
  • Altruistic – Selflessly concerned for the well-being and happiness of others.
    Example: “His altruistic nature led him to volunteer at the local homeless shelter.”
  • Amaze – To fill someone with wonder or astonishment.
    Example: “The breathtaking view from the mountaintop never fails to amaze me.”
  • Amazement – A state of astonishment, wonder, or awe.
    Example: “The magician’s tricks left the audience in amazement, wondering how they were done.”
  • Amazing – Causing astonishment or admiration; extraordinary.
    Example: “The view from the mountaintop was simply amazing; it took my breath away.”
  • Ambition – A strong desire and determination to achieve success or reach a goal.
    Example: “His ambition to become a doctor motivated him to study diligently.”
  • Amiability – Having a friendly and pleasant disposition.
    Example: “The amiability of the receptionist made the guests feel welcome.”
  • Amiability – Friendliness, pleasantness, and a warm disposition towards others.
    Example: “The amiability of the staff made the hotel stay enjoyable and comfortable.”
  • Amiable – Having a friendly and pleasant manner.
    Example: “She has an amiable personality that makes everyone feel comfortable around her.”
  • Ample – Abundant, plentiful, or more than sufficient in quantity or size.
    Example: “The buffet offered ample choices of delicious food for everyone to enjoy.”
  • Angelic – Having a divine or pure quality, like that of an angel.
    Example: “Her singing voice is angelic; it transports listeners to another realm.”
  • Animated – Full of life, energy, and enthusiasm.
    Example: “The animated conversation between friends filled the room with laughter.”
  • Animatedly – With liveliness, excitement, and energy.
    Example: “She animatedly described her travel adventures, painting vivid pictures with her words.”
  • Animatedness – The state of being lively, spirited, and full of energy.
    Example: “The animatedness of the crowd added to the excitement of the concert.”
  • Aplomb – Self-assurance, composure, and poise in challenging situations.
    Example: “She handled the difficult customer with aplomb, resolving the issue smoothly.”
  • Apotheosis – The highest point or culmination of something, often symbolizing perfection.
    Example: “Her flawless performance in the concert was considered the apotheosis of her musical career.”
  • Appreciable – Worthy of recognition, acknowledgement, or appreciation.
    Example: “The progress she made in such a short time is truly appreciable.”
  • Appreciation – Recognizing and valuing the qualities or actions of someone or something.
    Example: “I would like to express my appreciation for your hard work and dedication.”
  • Appreciative – Showing gratitude and thankfulness for someone or something.
    Example: “I am deeply appreciative of your kindness and support during difficult times.”
  • Appreciatively – With gratitude, recognition, and a positive attitude.
    Example: “She smiled appreciatively as she received the heartfelt thank-you note.”
  • Ardent – Displaying intense passion, enthusiasm, or devotion.
    Example: “He is an ardent supporter of environmental causes, always advocating for sustainability.”
  • Artistic – Displaying creativity, imagination, and skill in various forms of art.
    Example: “Her artistic talent shines through her captivating paintings.”
  • Artistic – Creative, imaginative, and skilled in various forms of art.
    Example: “She expressed her emotions through artistic drawings that captivated viewers.”
  • Artistry – Skill, creativity, and craftsmanship in artistic endeavors.
    Example: “Her paintings display a level of artistry that evokes emotions and sparks imagination.”
  • Ascend – To rise or go up, both literally and metaphorically.
    Example: “She had to climb many steps to ascend to the top of the tower.”
  • Assent – Agreement or approval, usually expressed through consent or acceptance.
    Example: “She nodded in assent, indicating her agreement with the proposed plan.”
  • Assertive – Confidently expressing one’s opinions or desires without being aggressive.
    Example: “She calmly and assertively voiced her concerns during the meeting.”
  • Assertiveness – Confidently expressing one’s thoughts, desires, and needs.
    Example: “Assertiveness is important in effective communication and establishing boundaries.”
  • Assurance – A promise or guarantee that provides confidence and certainty.
    Example: “His reassuring words provided me with a sense of assurance and calm.”
  • Assured – Confident and self-assured in one’s abilities or qualities.
    Example: “With his extensive experience, he spoke with an assured and authoritative tone.”
  • Assuring – Providing comfort, confidence, and reassurance to alleviate doubts or concerns.
    Example: “Her reassuring words helped calm my nerves before the important presentation.”
  • Assuringly – In a way that provides reassurance, comfort, or confidence.
    Example: “The doctor spoke assuringly, explaining the treatment plan and addressing the patient’s concerns.”
  • Astonishing – Extremely surprising or impressive.
    Example: “The magician’s tricks were astonishing; they left the audience in disbelief.”
  • Astonishing – Filling one with a sense of awe, wonder, or amazement due to being unexpectedly remarkable or extraordinary.
    Example: “As I stood on the mountaintop, gazing at the breathtaking landscape before me, I was filled with an astonishing sense of wonder.”
  • Astounding – Surprisingly impressive or astonishing.
    Example: “The magician’s tricks were astoundingly clever and left the audience in awe.”
  • Astute – Quick-witted, perceptive, and having keen insight.
    Example: “His astute observations and analysis made him a valuable asset to the team.”
  • Attentive – Paying close attention to someone or something with care and consideration.
    Example: “She is an attentive listener, always offering support and understanding.”
  • Attractive – Pleasing to the eye or appealing in appearance.
    Example: “The colorful flowers in the garden make it an attractive and inviting space.”
  • Attractiveness – The quality of being visually appealing or drawing attention.
    Example: “The attractiveness of the store’s window display enticed customers to step inside.”
  • Audacious – Bold, daring, and fearless in taking risks or challenging conventions.
    Example: “His audacious business plan caught the attention of investors.”
  • Auspice – A sign, indication, or omen suggesting future success or positive outcomes.
    Example: “The new business venture began under the auspices of experienced mentors.”
  • Auspicious – Indicating future success, favorable circumstances, or positive outcomes.
    Example: “The wedding ceremony began on an auspicious note, bringing joy and blessings.”
  • Auspiciously – In a way that indicates favorable or positive circumstances.
    Example: “The project started auspiciously, with the team receiving overwhelming support.”
  • Authentic – Being genuine, true to oneself, and showing sincerity.
    Example: “She has an authentic smile that brightens up the room.”
  • Authenticity – The quality of being genuine, original, and true to oneself.
    Example: “Her authenticity shines through her honest and heartfelt speeches.”
  • Authenticity – Being true to oneself, genuine, and not trying to be someone else.
    Example: “Her authenticity shines through her unique style and personality.”
  • Authenticity – The quality of being genuine, real, and true to oneself.
    Example: “She valued authenticity and encouraged others to be true to who they are.”
  • Avail – To make use of or take advantage of an opportunity or resource.
    Example: “She seized the opportunity to avail herself of the company’s professional development programs.”
  • Avid – Showing great enthusiasm or passion for something.
    Example: “He is an avid reader who devours books in his spare time.”
  • Avidity – A strong passion, enthusiasm, or eagerness for something.
    Example: “Her avidity for learning led her to pursue multiple courses simultaneously.”
  • Awake – Being alert and conscious rather than asleep or unaware.
    Example: “After a good night’s sleep, I felt refreshed and fully awake.”
  • Awake – Being alert, aware, and conscious.
    Example: “She remained awake throughout the night to watch the beautiful meteor shower.”
  • Awaken – To become aware or conscious of something new or inspiring.
    Example: “The book awakened a sense of purpose and passion within me.”
  • Awe-inspiring – Filling someone with an overwhelming feeling of reverence or admiration.
    Example: “The grandeur of the Taj Mahal is truly awe-inspiring; it took my breath away.”
  • Awesome – Extremely impressive or inspiring.
    Example: “The fireworks display was absolutely awesome; it left everyone in awe.”
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Inspirational Words That Start With A

Remember, incorporating these inspirational words into your writing can help evoke positive emotions, motivate your readers, and inspire them to take action.

  • Abundance – The state of having more than enough of something.
    Example: “Embrace an abundance mindset and believe that there is more than enough success and opportunities for everyone.”
  • Achievement – The accomplishment of a goal or a significant milestone.
    Example: “Celebrate each small achievement along your journey, for they are stepping stones to greater success.”
  • Authenticity – Being true to oneself and expressing one’s genuine thoughts, feelings, and values.
    Example: “Embrace your authenticity and let your unique voice and perspective shine through your writing.”
  • Ambition – A strong desire and determination to achieve something great.
    Example: “Let your ambition fuel your actions and drive you towards your dreams and aspirations.”
  • Acceptance – Embracing and acknowledging oneself and others without judgment or resistance.
    Example: “Practice self-acceptance and extend acceptance towards others, recognizing that we are all on unique paths.”
  • Adventure – An exciting and daring experience, often involving exploration and new possibilities.
    Example: “Embark on new adventures, both big and small, as they provide opportunities for growth and discovery.”
  • Appreciation – Expressing gratitude and recognizing the value and importance of someone or something.
    Example: “Take a moment to pause and reflect on the things you appreciate in your life, cultivating a sense of gratitude.”
  • Awakening – A moment of realization, insight, or newfound awareness.
    Example: “Let this experience be an awakening, a catalyst for personal transformation and positive change.”
  • Authenticity – Being genuine, sincere, and true to oneself and others.
    Example: “In your writing, strive for authenticity, allowing your unique voice and perspective to shine through.”
  • Aspiration – A strong desire or ambition to achieve something significant.
    Example: “Let your aspirations drive you forward, fueling your determination and guiding your actions towards success.”
  • Adaptability – The ability to adjust and thrive in changing circumstances.
    Example: “Cultivate adaptability, for it allows you to embrace new challenges and find creative solutions.”
  • Altruism – Selfless concern for the well-being and happiness of others.
    Example: “Let kindness and altruism guide your actions, making a positive impact in the lives of those around you.”
  • Attitude – A mental outlook or perspective that shapes one’s thoughts, actions, and experiences.
    Example: “Cultivate a positive attitude, for it can transform challenges into opportunities and setbacks into comebacks.”
  • Assertiveness – The ability to express oneself confidently, standing up for one’s rights and beliefs.
    Example: “Practice assertiveness, advocating for your needs and ensuring your voice is heard in a respectful manner.”
  • Authenticity – Being true to oneself and embracing one’s unique qualities and strengths.
    Example: “Embrace your authenticity, for it is your genuine self that will inspire and resonate with others.”
  • Awareness – Consciousness and understanding of oneself, others, and the world around.
    Example: “Develop self-awareness and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world, allowing for personal growth.”
  • Adversity – Challenges and difficulties that test one’s resilience and character.
    Example: “View adversity as an opportunity for growth, for it is through overcoming challenges that we become stronger.”
  • Abiding – Enduring and steadfast in one’s beliefs, values, and commitments.
    Example: “Remain abiding in your pursuit of excellence, staying true to your vision and purpose.”
  • Affirmation – Positive statements that reinforce and encourage a desired belief or mindset.
    Example: “Start each day with affirmations, empowering yourself with positive thoughts and intentions.”
  • Artistry – Creativity and craftsmanship in expressing oneself through various forms of art.
    Example: “Infuse your writing with artistry, weaving words into a tapestry of emotion and meaning.”

Nice Words That Start With A

Incorporating these nice words into your writing can add positivity, warmth, and a touch of charm. They can help create a pleasant tone and evoke positive emotions in your readers.

  • Adorable – Delightfully charming and lovable
    Example: “The little puppy with its wagging tail and innocent eyes was absolutely adorable. It brought smiles to everyone’s faces.”
  • Admirable – Deserving respect and admiration
    Example: “Her tireless efforts to raise awareness and support for charitable causes were truly admirable.”
  • Affectionate – Showing warmth, love, and care towards others
    Example: “She gave her sister a tight, affectionate hug to express how much she missed her.”
  • Amazing – Inspiring awe and admiration; remarkable
    Example: “The acrobats’ incredible stunts and flawless coordination left the audience in awe. It was truly an amazing performance.”
  • Amiable – Friendly and pleasant in nature
    Example: “The amiable shopkeeper greeted every customer with a warm smile and helpful attitude.”
  • Alluring – Highly attractive and captivating
    Example: “The alluring melody of the violin filled the room, enchanting everyone who listened.”
  • Appreciative – Expressing gratitude and recognition
    Example: “He wrote a heartfelt thank-you note to show how appreciative he was for the support he received during a challenging time.”
  • Assuring – Providing comfort, confidence, and reassurance
    Example: “The doctor’s assuring words and gentle manner helped alleviate the patient’s anxiety.”
  • Accomplished – Skilled and successful in one’s endeavors
    Example: “After years of dedication and hard work, she became an accomplished pianist, captivating audiences with her breathtaking performances.”
  • Authentic – Genuine, true to oneself, and trustworthy
    Example: “She expressed her authentic thoughts and feelings, creating a deep connection with her readers through her honest writing.”

Positive Words That Start With A to Describe a Person

positive words that start with A to describe a person
These words describe various positive qualities that can be attributed to individuals.

  • Accommodating – Willing to fit in with someone’s wishes or needs.
    Example: “He is always accommodating and easy to work with.”
  • Accomplished – Highly skilled or successful in a particular field or activity.
    Example: “She is an accomplished pianist with numerous awards.”
  • Acclaimed – Publicly praised or celebrated.
    Example: “The acclaimed author received rave reviews for her latest novel.”
  • Adaptable – Able to adjust or adapt to new conditions or circumstances.
    Example: “She is incredibly adaptable and thrives in any environment.”
  • Admirable – Worthy of respect or admiration.
    Example: “His dedication and work ethic are truly admirable.”
  • Admirable – Deserving of praise or admiration.
    Example: “She made an admirable effort to help those in need.”
  • Adorable – Extremely cute, charming, or lovable.
    Example: “The puppies were absolutely adorable.”
  • Adroit – Skillful or clever in a particular activity or field.
    Example: “She demonstrated adroit problem-solving skills.”
  • Affectionate – Showing love, care, or fondness towards others.
    Example: “He is an affectionate partner, always expressing his love.”
  • Affirmative – Confirming or asserting something to be true.
    Example: “She gave an affirmative response to the proposal.”
  • Agile – Quick, nimble, or mentally sharp.
    Example: “The gymnast displayed agile movements during her routine.”
  • Agile-minded – Having a quick and adaptable mind.
    Example: “He is an agile-minded thinker, able to process information rapidly.”
  • Altruistic – Showing selfless concern for the well-being of others.
    Example: “Her altruistic actions have made a positive impact on the community.”
  • Amiable – Friendly, sociable, or likable.
    Example: “He has an amiable personality and is well-liked by everyone.”
  • Amicable – Characterized by friendliness and goodwill.
    Example: “They reached an amicable agreement through peaceful negotiations.”
  • Ample – Sufficient or more than enough in size, quantity, or capacity.
    Example: “We have ample time to complete the project.”
  • Amazing – Causing wonder, astonishment, or admiration.
    Example: “The view from the mountaintop was absolutely amazing.”
  • Ameliorative – Intended to improve or make something better.
    Example: “The ameliorative measures implemented by the government helped the economy.”
  • Ample – Sufficient or more than enough in size, quantity, or capacity.
    Example: “There is ample space for everyone in the auditorium.”
  • Angelic – Resembling or characteristic of an angel; pure, kind, or innocent.
    Example: “Her angelic voice captivated the audience.”
  • Animated – Full of life, excitement, or enthusiasm.
    Example: “She gave an animated presentation, keeping the audience engaged.”
  • Applicable – Relevant or suitable for a particular purpose or situation.
    Example: “The rules are applicable to all participants.”
  • Appreciable – Sufficiently large or significant to be noticed or measured.
    Example: “There has been an appreciable improvement in sales this quarter.”
  • Appreciated – Recognized and valued for one’s efforts or qualities.
    Example: “Your hard work is greatly appreciated.”
  • Approving – Expressing or indicating consent, agreement, or satisfaction.
    Example: “She gave an approving nod after hearing the news.”
  • Artful – Skillful or clever, especially in a cunning or deceptive way.
    Example: “He crafted an artful argument to convince the jury.”
  • Articulate – Expressing oneself clearly and effectively.
    Example: “She is an articulate speaker who can convey complex ideas.”
  • Artistic – Creative or imaginative, particularly in the visual or performing arts.
    Example: “She has a unique artistic style that is admired by many.”
  • Ascendant – Rising in power, influence, or importance.
    Example: “The ascendant leader quickly gained support and followers.”
  • Assertive – Confidently self-assured, especially in expressing one’s opinions.
    Example: “She is assertive and not afraid to speak her mind.”
  • Astonishing – Extremely surprising or impressive.
    Example: “The magician’s tricks were astonishing and left the audience in awe.”
  • Astute – Quick and perceptive; showing keen judgment or understanding.
    Example: “She made an astute observation about the market trends.”
  • Attractive – Appealing or pleasing to the senses or aesthetic preferences.
    Example: “The painting had an attractive color palette.”
  • Attentive – Paying close attention or showing interest and care.
    Example: “He is always attentive to details and never misses a thing.”
  • Audacious – Bold, daring, or fearless, often in a challenging or unconventional way.
    Example: “She embarked on an audacious adventure to climb Mount Everest.”
  • Auspicious – Showing signs of future success or positive outcomes.
    Example: “The project started on an auspicious note with strong early results.”
  • Aromatic – Having a pleasant or distinctive smell.
    Example: “The bakery was filled with the aromatic scent of freshly baked bread.”
  • Avid – Enthusiastic, eager, or passionate about something.
    Example: “He is an avid reader, always devouring books.”
  • Awesome – Inspiring awe or admiration; excellent or outstanding.
    Example: “The view from the mountaintop was truly awesome.”
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Alive, Adore, Amaze, Agile, Adept, Adapt, Array, Agree, Ankle, Above

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