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How to Remote View: Learn Remote Viewing Techniques

by | Jul 16, 2019

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is the ability to perceive information from a target that’s distances away, or not perceived by the senses. The target could be a person, an event, a place, or an object – something that’s not within the visual perimeter of the eye, or something that’s hidden.

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Proponents state that the ability had been practiced as early as the time of the Ancient Greeks.

It came into mainstream popularity in the 1970’s due to an experiment at the Stanford Research Institute, conducted by famed psychic Russell Targ, Ph.D., who is also credited for using the term remote viewing.

The experiment grew so much interest that the US Government further expanded the project, investing over $20 million dollars over a span of 20 years.

The project, known as the “Stargate” Program, involved remote viewing experiments in controlled conditions, wherein subjects collected information from different parts of the world, specifically in use for the US defense agencies.

The program was stopped in 1995 and remote viewing was deemed as a pseudoscience and nothing more.

However, Targ and its proponents continue to maintain the notion that remote viewing is real and scientific.

Is Remote Viewing Something Anyone Can Learn?

Absolutely yes. Remote viewing is not limited to those who have inborn psychic abilities. The skill can be learned through practice, by elevating the conscious mind to its higher levels of consciousness.

Although there are some people who are more receptive to the skill, just like there are people who can play the guitar and those who cannot; remote viewing can be learned by the average person.

How to Remote View; Learn Techniques

Just like any skill, remote viewing takes time and practice. To start with, here are simple steps to begin your remote viewing sessions:


Step 1: Clear Your Mind and Body

Step 1: Clear Your Mind and Body

Your mental and physical capacities must be cleared before you begin your first remote viewing session.

You have to ensure that no stressors or distractions can enter your mind, as remote viewing is like opening a portal in your mind where information is received. Thus, any negative or chaotic thinking must be removed first.


Step 2: Find a Calm and Quiet Place

Step 2: Find a Calm and Quiet Place

To help remove distractions, you must look for a place where you can focus and concentrate on the target.

Make sure you won’t hear any other sounds and make sure you are as comfortable as you can be.


Step 3: Reach a Meditative State

Step 3: Reach a Meditative State

Meditate, listen to a song, hum a tune or mantra – do something that brings your mind and body into a meditative state (Muse Brain Sensing Headband will get you there) so you are able to perceive information better.


Step 4: Practice with Simple Experiments

Step 4: Practice with Simple Experiments

  • Assistant Outside the Door

One experiment that you can do is to ask another person to serve as your assistant. You can tell that person to go outside the room you are staying in and do a movement or any action. Concentrate, view the target, and describe what this person is doing, then check if your answer is right.

  • Pictures in Envelopes

Another experiment is by asking your assistant to place images inside different envelopes. These images must be specific and not abstract, such as a picture of a dog, a child, or a tree, or maybe a car.

Have your assistant place them on a table separate from one another. Stand over these envelopes, meditate by closing your eyes, and focus on the hidden objects inside.

Get as much sounds, images, smells, and feelings that you can get from the envelopes.

Write all the information that’s coming to you. Interpret the information and guess what images are placed in each envelope.

You might not be able to guess correctly for the first time and that’s okay. Just like learning any other skill, becoming a remote viewer takes time.

Is Remote Viewing Real?

The scientific community says that remote viewing is not real, just like clairvoyance, telepathy, and others considered to be pseudoscience.

There has been no scientific data to prove that it truly exists. Though hundreds of controlled remote viewing experiments have been done over the past several decades, the skill has been highly criticised due to the lack of repeatability, and lack of controls.

Whether you believe extrasensory perception is real or not, it won’t hurt if you try to practice the skill. If you’re curious or you think you may harness this ability, this simple guide or exercise can be a start of something that will unlock your human potential.

Used in many espionage experiments and programs, it’s a controversial topic that’s based on out of body experiences that can be hard to study.

Real or not, remote viewing is still an interesting way to develop the power of your mind, and achieve higher levels of knowledge and consciousness.


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