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Pendulum reading: Get Yes & No Questions Answered

by | Apr 25, 2019

Do you have a decision that you need to face right now or maybe tomorrow?

Maybe it’s a financial decision, or maybe a career decision, or maybe a choice to marry a person or not – making a firm decision without guidance can be a difficult thing.

If you’re looking for a quick yes or no answer from the spiritual world or from your own higher consciousness, then a pendulum reading might just do the trick.

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What is a Pendulum Reading?

A pendulum reading is a practice of divination, wherein you ask a question to the universe and use a pendulum to get your answer.  It is a practice used since ancient times, where a pendulum is used to make important decisions, to locate objects or even water, and even gold.

When people see a pendulum, they often associate it with hypnosis, but that’s not the case with pendulum reading, also known as pendulum dowsing.

Dowsing is the simple act of seeking for a yes or no answer, and pendulum dowsing is seeking for an answer with an aid of a pendulum.

Therefore, pendulum reading is simply a practice, which is a powerful and spiritual tool for gaining access into a spiritual form of guidance.

A pendulum can be made of any material as long as it is a weighted object that hangs from a chain or twine, or any kind of string.

Ideally, the string must be between 6-8” long.

Wood, stone, or crystals are used as the pendant. It doesn’t matter if you bought the pendant or if you made it yourself, or if it’s something significant to you or not.

How to Use a Pendulum

Once you have a pendulum, here are the basic steps to get started:

1. Prepare Yourself


You will need to clear your mind and declutter your thoughts.  Answers will come from your subconscious and not from anything else.  You need to believe in the power of the divine, in the metaphysical, in the spiritual world.  Otherwise, pendulum dowsing will not work for you.

Preparing to have a pendulum reading is similar to preparing yourself to meditate (use Brain Sensing Headband – Muse that will help you quiet your mind), so you can listen to instrumental music, light a candle, burn some incense, or start a chant.

2.  Position Yourself

Sit in an upright position with both of your feet flat on the floor.

When you hold the pendulum, you have to hold it in front of you in a way that the pendant is in your line of vision.

If the chain is longer than 6 inches, do not hold it from the ball or the tip of the chain as the pendulum may move too much.

You can hold the chain about 3-4” from the pendant so movement is limited, which is what you want.

3.  Program Your Pendulum

how to program a pendulum

You’d want to have your own language with your pendulum so this step is very important.  You only do this once unless you want to change your pendulum’s language on your next reading.

You can program your pendulum to sway front and back when you want it to say “YES;” side to side when you want it to say “NO,” and in circles if you want it to say “MAYBE.”

4.  Test Your Language

Now that you’ve programmed your pendulum, you can now verify your language or movements.  You can ask facts such as “Is my name Mary?” and if your pendulum swings front to back or back to front, then you’re ready to do a pendulum reading.

If you’re not getting the right answer, then you’d need to go back to step 3 and reprogram your pendulum.

5.  Call on Your Spiritual Guide

You will have to do this each time you do a pendulum reading.  Before you begin, you’d have to say a prayer to the universe, asking it to give you guidance and of truthful answers.

6.  Ask Your Question

You have to ask a specific question since pendulum answers are only limited to a yes or no answer.

7.  Wait for the Answer

A pendulum can answer questions when your higher consciousness is ready to answer.  You will have to be patient when you wait.

8.  Clear Your Pendulum

Once you have your answer, clear the pendulum by holding the pendant with the palm of your hand.

9.  Store Your Pendulum

Keep your pendulum in a sacred place.  Place it in a box or pouch by itself, and keep it in a safe and sacred place.

Pendulum to choose from

Once you have it in your hand you can start asking questions with yes or no answers – predict yourself a future or have some fun with your friends.

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How Accurate is a Pendulum Reading?

A pendulum reading can be quite accurate when the reader is highly skilled and experienced.

However, beginner pendulum readers can also get an accurate reading when the reader is calm, relaxed, and have no expectations when regards to the answer he is looking for.

A highly accurate reading occurs when the reader is detached from the answer.

What Makes the Pendulum Move?

A pendulum moves in response to energy fields that surround you.  Your thoughts, for example, have an energy field. Your conscious mind has an energy field, as well as your subconscious.

The answers that come from the pendulum are said to come from your subconscious, and your higher consciousness, and the energy fields that they omit are what makes the pendulum move.

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Typically, when a pendulum moves in circles, such as in a clockwise motion, the answer is positive;  when it moves in a counterclockwise motion, the answer is negative.

If the pendulum shakes, an outside energy field is said to be in interference and when this happens, you’d have to transfer to another location when you do your pendulum reading.

Reasons to Use a Pendulum

If you’re struggling with a decision, a pendulum will help guide you in choosing the best decision you can make. However, you should not use the pendulum’s answer as your basis in making your decision.

Pendulums only guide you, not make the decision for you.

If you need to gain information from your subconscious mind, your higher self, and from the cells of your body, then a pendulum will amplify answers that you are seeking.

When making important life decisions, we sometimes need signs to give us that final nodge.

You can work with your pendulum to give you the reassurance that you need, but it shouldn’t be the only reason that you make a decision.  Other tools of divination can be taken into account, as well as your own spiritual affirmations.

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