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Who Will You Marry? Psychic Can Predict Your Marriage.

by | Apr 17, 2019

According to the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, Inc., about 69% of American women admit to having consulted a psychic, and about 85% of these women ask questions regarding matters of the heart.

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This goes to show that a person’s love life is one of the most asked about topics when it comes to psychic readings.  And rightly so.

Love and marriage are one of a person’s basic needs – to be loved, adored, and to belong to someone who you equally love in return.  And alas, true love is elusive to many, and thus explains the reason why so many people around the world seek it.

When blind dates, meeting other people, and online dating don’t seem to work, many people want to have that reassurance that indeed, love is in the stars for them.  And what better way to get that much-needed reassurance than from a psychic who can seemingly predict the future.

can a psychic tell me who i will marry

Can a Psychic Predict Marriage?

Romantic love is one of the trickiest things to predict when it comes to psychic readings.  This is because it involves not just one person but two, and the other is mostly absent during meetings.

Psychics can sense or read energies and they can only read the energy of the person in front of them.

So if you ask them if your boyfriend is going to propose, then it will be hard for them to answer that question since the psychic can’t read your boyfriend’s energy since he isn’t present.

Though some psychics, such as those that practice Remote Viewing and Clairvoyants, do get a sense of another person’s energy from a distance, answers are still pretty tricky as it’s up to the psychic to interpret.

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However, psychics can sense positive and negative energies on your part, so in a way, they can sense if happiness is in the cards for you in the near future.  They can sense love, harmony, peace, and even dread and sorrow.

So for example, you’re currently in a relationship and you ask whether or not you’re getting married soon and the psychic senses a happy event in the future, then the psychic can answer, “yes, marriage is in the future.” But if the psychic senses a tragedy, the psychic can say, “not in the near future,” or she can say, “yes, but negativity or sorrow is in the works for you.”

Can Psychics Predict Your Soulmate?

Just like any other reading, psychics can predict energies that are either good or bad.  For concepts such as soulmates, psychics believe in the reincarnation of the soul as they believe in spirits and the metaphysical world.

According to psychics, spirits and souls remain in the world and they are reincarnated from one body to another, and from one generation to the next.  Psychics believe that some souls are meant to connect, so in a way, they do believe in soulmates but not in the concept that most believe have.

Most people believe that there is only one soulmate for each person and that this person is who they’re supposed to be with for the rest of their lives.  But that’s not the case with psychics. They believe that some spirits are meant to meet but not necessarily meant to stay.

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Using the concept of reincarnation, some spirits may have been brother and sister in a past life, or father and daughter, and thus, in this life, they are meant to meet but since their roles were not of the romantic kind in their previous lives, then they are not meant to marry or if they do, their marriages are doomed.

How Accurate are These Readings?

1. Predicting Exact Times and Dates

Predicting times and dates for when you’ll get married or when you’ll meet your future spouse is very tricky for psychics.  This is because in this physical world, time is linear and in the spiritual world, time is not framed in a linear context so it’s very hard for spirits to communicate exact times and dates due to the fact that the concept of time is completely different in both worlds.

We need to take into consideration that the physical world and the metaphysical world do not operate on the same concepts so time and dates are not exact in the spiritual world.  There’s an idea of time, such as past, present, and future, but dates and calendars do not exist in that world.

2. Free Will and Fate

As mentioned, psychics believe in fate and they also believe in free will.  It’s kind of contradicting but it makes sense.

Psychics can sense that you are meant to meet and be with someone, but it’s ultimately your free will that will dictate whether or not to stay in the relationship or not.

Let’s take the example of the father and daughter spirits who meet as lovers today.  They are drawn to each other since they were family in a previous life.

The boyfriend may be domineering and controlling due to his being the father in a previous life, while the girlfriend may feel resentment because of this.

Both spirits were meant to meet but it doesn’t mean they were meant to stay together. The strong connection is there, but a lasting relationship may not be possible due to the fact that they were father and daughter in a previous life.

But if both parties want to work on the relationship (free will), then the possibility of marriage and making it last can happen but it will take work.

In this example, fate brought them together, but free will makes the relationship last.

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How Can a Psychic Help You With Love Life?

Because psychics see and sense energy, they can identify blockers that you may have in your spirit that may be preventing you from receiving the love you were meant to receive.

Psychics can guide you on what to do to be able to remove these blockers so your energy becomes more receptive to love.

If a psychic senses romantic energy in you, you can then feel confident and stop worrying whether or not you’ll meet someone.  When you are confident, you are more open to possibilities and thus, you send positive energy into the world and this tells the universe that you are ready to receive love.

If you are currently in a relationship and you are having doubts or trouble, a psychic can help you understand what is wrong.  Such as the father-daughter spirits mentioned, a psychic can help you understand why your boyfriend may be controlling and possessive and that can help you resent him less and will help you move forward with more empathic behavior to your situation.

Psychics do not provide you with concrete answers because there are so many possibilities in the world and if and when they do give you specific answers, such as “You will meet a brunette lawyer who’s in his 50’s,” then you become fixated on that and ignore other possibilities and other spirits that could be a better match for you.

Psychics can predict the spark but not the fire in a relationship because fire takes work.  And psychics also only give you reassurance of something that you already know deep down inside.

Psychics can read your consciousness, and they can sense what you really want: giving you the mental reassurance that you need to move forward whether it be entering into a new relationship, believing someone will come along, or whether to stay or leave a marriage.

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