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How To Read Your Own Palm – Beginners Guide To Palmistry

by | Dec 9, 2018

Have you ever looked at your hands and wondered what they say about you? 

For thousands of years and until today, palm reading has remained one of the most popular ways of predicting the future. And it’s easy to see why: unlike other methods of fortune-telling which rely on outside tools, in palmistry, you are literally holding your fate at the tip of your fingertips. 


Whether you’re an expert palm reader or a curious first timer, you can easily reveal a lot about a person simply by looking at their hands. 


Which hand to pick for a Reading

First things first: which hand should you choose?

It’s always good to read both, but keep in mind that each hand tells a different story.

Typically, the left hand indicates your past while the right reveals the future. More accurately, it also depends on a person’s age and gender. 

If you’re a male and less than 30 years old, the left hand should be used for primary reading and the right for any supplemental information.

For females less than 30 years old, the right hand is best for primary reading. The opposite should be done if the person is more than 30 years old. 

In any case, you can always choose your dominant hand to signify your past/present and the non-dominant one to show your future. 

Chinese Palmistry

The earliest form of palm reading traces its roots to China during the Zhou Dynasty, dating back to more than three thousand years ago.

Modern variations of the craft have retained the basic structure of Chinese Palmistry, particularly reliance on the four basic elements of the palm: the lines, the mounts, the signs, and the shapes.

Less prominent lines indicate areas of your life that need more work, while deeper ones mean you have reached a particular goal. 

Reading the Major and Minor Lines

how to read your palm lines

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1. Life Line

The Life Line starts from the edge of your palm between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of your thumb. Other than showing the length of one’s life, it reflects your physical vitality or one’s “life force.”

This is why it is one of the most important lines to read. 

  • A deeper line means good health, 
  • while fainter ones indicate susceptibility to disease or illness.
  • Longer lines also mean that the person is suited to sports or physical labor,
  • while shorter ones mean that the person is more intellectual or adept at using the mind. 

2. Heart Line (Love Line)

Also called the Love Line, this line starts from the edge of the palm and extends to either the middle or forefinger.

It indicates emotional stability as well as one’s romantic perspectives and attitude towards different kinds of love.

It is important to note where the line starts:

  • if it begins underneath the index finger, it means that you are contented or happy with your love life. 
  • If it starts below the middle finger, it indicates you are selfish when it comes to love. 
  • If it is between both fingers, this means that you give your heart away too easily. 

The shape of the line should also be considered. A straight and long line indicates the ability to control your emotions, while a curved line shows that you are easily hurt or traumatised.

Wavy lines also mean trouble in a marriage or relationship. 

3. Head Line (Wisdom Line)

Sometimes called the Wisdom Line, it is found in the middle of the palm, right beneath the Heart Line.

It reveals a persons belief, wisdom, knowledge and thinking ability. 

  • A deep, long line means you are focused on your goals and have a clear mind. 
  • A shorter line indicates you are impulsive and indecisive.
  • A curved line means you are creative and would most likely excel in art, literature and social sciences. 

Aside from the three major lines, it is also important to read these other lines, though keep in mind that not everyone has them: 

4. Fate Line

Runs from the base of the palm up to the middle finger and indicates success in one’s career or job.

Absence of this line means that you are always changing jobs. 

5. Marriage Line

Found just above the Heart Line and shows the status of one’s marriage or love life. 

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6. Sun Line

Starts at the base of the palm near the little finger and indicates a desire for fame or popularity. A short line or its absence means that the person wishes to live an ordinary life. 

7. Children Line

Located below the little finger just above the Marriage Line and shows the number of children a person will have. A forked end indicates twins. 

8. Money Line

These are upright lines on the base of the little finger and indicate wealth and money. 

Deciphering the Mounts

how to palm read your hand


The mounts, or bumps of flesh on your palm, play an important role in palm reading. Each hand has seven (7) mounts, each with its own specific characteristics depending on whether they are flat or elevated: 

  1. Mount of Jupiter – Aggressive, Ambition, Leadership 
  2. Mount of Saturn – Stubborn, Intellectual, Serious 
  3. Mount of Apollo or Sun – Creative, Artistic 
  4. Mount of Mercury – Spirituality, Communication 
  5. Mount of Venus – Desire, Passion, Lust 
  6. Mount of Mars (Upper, Lower and Inner) – Courage, Physical Aggression 
  7. Mount of the Moon – Imaginative, Fear 

Meaning of Special Marks or Signs

Mystic Cross

If a mark similar to that of a cross is found in any of the three major lines, it signifies obstacles or difficulties in any of the three areas of your life.

If it is found below the index finger, it means you are talented. If below the ring finger, it implies wealth. If below the little finger, it indicates spirituality and a desire to be closer with God. 

Star in palmistry

A star sign is formed by three or more intersecting lines on the palm. It implies either good or bad luck, depending on where it is located.

If found on any of the three major lines, it means injury, disease or physical trouble. 

Triangle in palmistry

If found in the center of the palm, it indicates good luck particularly in your career.

If located near any of the three major lines, it means you are self-disciplined and an achiever. 


Whatever the result of a single palm reading, keep in mind that your fate is not sealed.

This is because the lines in your palm change as your life progresses through time

So it is always a good idea to read your palms every few years and take note of the changes.

Think of your hands as mirrors – whatever current decisions you make will reflect on your palm lines, particularly in your dominant hand. As you change, so do your hands and with them your fate. 

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