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Atlantisite: Meanings, Properties and Healing Powers

by | Mar 22, 2019

Life has many roads and journeys that take us to both good and bad destinations.  But with some guidance and protection, we lessen the roads that lead us to our demise.

The Atlantisite crystal, a beautiful and rare stone, is a guardian crystal that provides us with both guidance and protection, as well as health, wealth, and relationship benefits.

Named such because it provides the owner with access to ancient wisdom and skills from the past era in Atlantis, the crystal is also known to some as “Tasmanite,” as it is commercially mined only in Australia, specifically in a small hilltop called Stichtite Hill in the Zeehan District of Tasmania.

Atlantisite features a yellow green color with bursts of pink or purple.  The crystal is actually a combination of two stones: serpentine and stichtite.  The yellow green color is serpentine crystal and the pink or purple color is stichtite crystal, which makes Atlantisite a unique stone featuring the properties of both crystals.

Benefits:  Why Use Atlantisite

Atlantisite brings a multitude of benefits to the owner, some of which include:

  • physical healing
  • spiritual healing
  • protection from negativity and dangers
  • solution to interpersonal conflicts
  • bringing about prosperity and abundance
  • creating a calmer and more peaceful environment

The stone is an especially wonderful meditation stone that will bring alignment to your physical body, relax your mind, as well as connect the different chakras or energies.

Atlantisite specifically connects your heart chakra to your third eye chakra so your intuition becomes stronger.  And because Atlantisite has a strong association to Mother Earth, it also helps in clearing energy imbalances so positive energy will flow throughout your torso.

Reasons to Use Atlantisite

1. Deals with Anger and Resentment


As mentioned, Atlantisite will help relax your mind and ease anxieties, which include your emotions, whether good or bad emotions.  It will help you become more calm and at peace, so that whatever anger or resentments you may have will slowly diminish.

The stone also helps you clear out negative emotions, so you are more open to situations and more compassionate.  It will help you with any interpersonal conflicts you may have with loved ones, making you more forgiving and empathic.

Atlantisite also promotes thinking before speaking, so if you have anger in your heart and are dealing with someone who may have done you wrong or are currently bringing negativity in your life, you are better able to deal with that person more maturely and more rationally.

The stone will also help to get rid of pain, loss, or hurt that may have been caused by someone you love or someone in your life.  It will help you accept and move on.

2.  Promotes Positive Thinking

Because Atlantisite helps you become calmer and more rational, it also promotes positive thinking.  It will help you get rid of negative thinking and make you see the brighter side of things. It will help you achieve a more rational and more inspired way of thinking, as well as diminish any thoughts that will hinder the improvement of your self-esteem and confidence.

3.  For Protection

Atlantisite is a highly protective stone and if you need to protect anything in your life, be it possessions, yourself, or your loved ones, the crystal is a fantastic stone to give you just that.

The crystal is known to protect travelers from injury or harm, so if your work requires you to travel a lot, Atlantisite is a great stone to have with you as you travel.

4.  For Wealth

Atlantisite will also help you improve your financial intentions.  If you need a little push or motivation to finish a project, having the crystal with you will bring you guidance and inspiration to get the job done.

The crystal also helps to clear out old patterns and if you find yourself not improving financially, Atlantisite will help to give you fresh ideas so you can increase your income and attract more finances into your life.

The Healing Properties of Atlantisite

Atlantisite is a healing crystal for both the heart and the lungs.  It is a blood strengthener, improving your circulatory system, cellular respiration, along with improved delivery of nutrients to the cells.

The crystal is also beneficial for any digestive or kidney issues that you may have.  It also helps ease menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, as well as improve metabolic conditions such as hypoglycemia and diabetes.

The green serpentine color and the pink/purple stichtite colors help with your concerns regarding your sexual and reproductive organs, such as in the treatment of infertility or sexual imbalances.

For chronically ill patients, Atlantisite will bring about protection against further illnesses or infections.

How to Use Atlantisite

1. As Protection for the Home

As mentioned, Atlantisite is a wonderful protection stone, providing security and protection to physical possessions, to people, and your inner self.

For the home, place the crystal in the East direction of your home so positive energy of the universe will flow freely into your house.  If you need protection of possessions, place the crystal beside the object.

2.  For Guidance and Protection When You Travel

Bring an Atlantisite crystal with you when you travel to protect you against injury or harm.  Place a crystal in your pocket, purse, or bag, so you and your belongings are protected as you travel.

3.  As Jewelry

You can use the crystal as a pendant and hanging close to your heart so your intuition is improved.  If you want to enjoy its physical healing properties, place a crystal over your stomach or heart so any issues you may have with these organs of your body will be improved.

Atlantisite is also known to bring about kundalini energy awakening, making you more empathic to others.  If you are having difficulty getting along with coworkers or family members, wearing the crystal when you encounter such individuals will help you interact with them in a more peaceful and kinder manner.


Atlantisite is a guidance and protection stone but it brings about a long list of benefits that include physical healing, as well as emotional healing.

Bringing peace and calmness into your life, emotional immaturity will be diminished, as well as irrational fears, and in return, you will feel more secured, protected, calmer, and have a more positive outlook in life.

In terms of relationships, you will enjoy more feelings of love and compassion, as well as inner peace when it comes to the spiritual world.

A powerful tool that brings about improved life force in many aspects of your life, Atlantisite will guide you and protect you not just from the outside world, but from yourself as well.

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