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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 9th

The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Sapphire

You are a wonderful person with quite a sharp mind, which can make you look like quite a serious individual, with a strong sense of responsibility to people around you. And you may find you attract or are also drawn to people who have quite a complicated situation or come across as complicated individuals, and also you are drawn to difficult situations as such.

These difficult situations and people showing up in your life may seem strange to you, but in reality they are quite on the line of your vibration most of the time, given your emotional deficiency with feeling like something is always missing from your life. And that emotion is constantly following you around no matter how settled your life seems to be.

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You search for something to fulfil you basically your entire life, from early age to as long as you figure out what that something missing from your life is. In a sense that is exactly the magnet that draws the difficult people to you, as they present the challenge you need to figure out what is missing. Understandable they are not the best people for your personal development, but they do cause you to expand and search for whatever it is you are looking for. They do however cause you to become very anxious and insecure as well though.

Stop looking for fulfillment outside in your surroundings, but instead look inside yourself and find the spiritual connection and needs. This will help you find balance between exciting world you strive for and more meaningful aspects of life. Introspection is not easy for many people, you may be one of them, and that may result in a bit of a reckless behaviour on your part, rather than facing the challenge. But you need to realize as well that the only person that can focus on reaching your goal in success is basically you.


You are quite observant, despite loving your privacy. You fill absorb just about anything going on around you. Your care for others often times brings you to situations where people reveal their most secret thoughts and desires to you. Once you find the perfect match and commit to a relationship, you do slowly open up to yourself. People you are most likely drawn to as partners are very powerful and to a degree complex individuals. However they do need to make sure they keep their independence in a relationship with you.


You really need to make sure you get plenty of quality sleep, and that goes for you on a daily basis. In order to do that properly you really need to make sure your room is comfortable and promotes a place you really want to relax in. You are prone to anxiety, you worry too much, and that is the biggest reason why you should be getting enough sleep and than relax your intensity. Now diet plays an essential role in this whole part. As you need to find the right foods, that are nutritious, healthy, fresh and have no allergic reactions to your body as well. Try aromatherapy in terms of keeping you on schedule of positive thinking as well. Thinking with quite an intense score will not help speed op the process at all.


Your desire to help everyone around you with great sacrifice often times shows you paths in careers of education such as social work , charity or even politics. But you may also be drawn to public relations, negotiations, writing, art, drama or even music. Your one main objective would be the self-employment.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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