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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 4th

The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Sapphire.

You are this ultimate planner. You are constantly looking for the future with a very specific process and precision to everything you do. Constantly planning, designing, organizing, looking to put a more and more precise and productive process in place.

You are very much the person who people reach out to, as they like you to guide them through the process as well as help them plan ahead. Your natural understanding of how systems work makes you for quite a valuable help around people. You have this genuine understanding of procedures, establishments, buildings, etc. well just about every process is a simple comprehension to you. But just because of that, you always look for ways to figure out a more efficient one, as once you find short cuts to things, it happens to be the better more efficient way to doing things.

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Your intelligence and knowledge can be used as brilliant as you tend to be. For magnificent and very future focused ideas or even for a bit less worthy causes, for example as conmen or women – depending on your development stage.

Early on in life you sense a need for for connection, or in other words you need to feel connected to people, you also find a sense of harmony and beauty, which helps you focus on planing your future. And over the years you grow to find the importance of finding ways to plan financial or business activities as well.

Even though you are constantly focused on planning, your life is not constantly revolving around material gain or career at all. You focus much more to gaining your spiritual enlightenment, this goal may however frighten you at times, but once you understand the path you can concentrate and dedicate your time and energy to the right focus. After all positive and passionate focus on future is how you create and plan and manifest future.


You are charming and seductive, you have no problems getting attention from others. You are very serious when it comes to a relationship, sometimes a bit too serious, but always committed. You pair yourself best with someone who is intelligent and creative but loves fun and relaxing moments, so they can influence you into having some fun and relax a little. They also need to be appreciative without the need to take anything in a relationship for granted.


In terms of health you really need to learn to be less focused on criticism and dedicate more time to relax. You need to focus a bit more on what you eat, as healthy diet is extremely important for you even though you may be quite a picky eater. Finding foods you like but still making sure they are nutritious, fresh and well portioned is important. Some moderate exercise will help you keep your body in shape while tackling your every day challenges, but most importantly you need to get good quality rest to relax your mind and body. In this case a warm bath would help as a good addition to it.


Your multi-talent means you can succeed in many different careers. So the question will be what area of interest you have. Combining your talents and interests may be your best option as it will also satisfy your hunger for action and constant planning. You may like careers as diplomats or teachers, counsellors, sales persons, manufacturers, engineers, managers or any career in medical profession.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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