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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 28th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Opal

You have a very magnetic vibe about you, quite seductive, and that is why people are quite drawn to you. And given that potential you also can wrap just about anyone you want around your finger. However your belief that seducing just about anyone with your charming aura would be enough to bring you happiness is just not really true. You really need to understand that your charm will surely get you far, but to reach success, you really need to put emphasis on discipline and hard work to really get things done.

You will most likely find your personal fulfilment through your emotional and sensual indulgences. Also you always find you are in pursuit of beauty in all its forms at all times, and it is not a strange occurrence given your highly imaginative and sensitive senses. You have a strong desire to bring harmony and beauty to the world.

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Early on in life you put quite an emphasis on your concerns and issues in relationship topic. And given your early age and fact that everyone is getting to know who they are in early age, that is quite normal to be facing at this time. Later on however you do find your emotions strengthen and transform and you put more emphasis on your personal power.

Your response mechanism to opportunities life presents to you is really a great determination of your successfulness in both personal and professional aspect of life. In a way a very important thing to do is to make practical decisions and of course back them up with hard work, that is definitely one of the potentials for success. You do really need to be careful though, as the thrill of chasing success can get you so wired up you block your potential creativity.

At the end of the day you really need to understand that you will always be able to charm the life out of people surrounding you. But the key to success and ultimately to happiness is not in that, but in passion for what you do in life and what you live for. Have a clear direction and passion to pursue it is what will bring you emotional fulfilment in life.


Your flirtatious ways and charm of seduction will always draw masses of admirers your way. In relationship however you take advantage of your charms and take it to manipulation, which can in some cases end up in inflicting pain. So make sure you know what you are aiming at and what your goal in relationship is in the first place. Your best bet to stay on track with sticking to seduction and pleasure is to meet someone you do not feel the need to play power games and can just be loyal and dependable partner to them.


Healthy diet rich in libido-boosting nutritious foods will help your health as well as mental health to keep you in your full balance. Also regular mild exercise along with proper intake of vitamins and minerals will help you balance your hormones and boost your libido. You take your good looks very seriously. So with that said you know the importance of the above properties turned into a proper lifestyle to keep you right in check. In general though it would be in your best interest really to steer clear of smoking and drinking all together, after all remember you want to look good and feel good, and playing with such addictive substances can damage your looks and health.


Passion in business as well as potential for inspiration is what gets you reaching for success in careers such as writing, art, acting music, advertising, media, public relations, leisure and also quite popular amongst you born on this day, beauty industry.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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