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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 25th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the speculator, with birth stone of Opal

You are a very empathetic person who can really identify self with others, but at the same time you can be fiercely independent and also critical of everything that goes on around you, which makes you quite keen to set yourself apart from others too. So in a way that makes you quite a complicated person.

You are a polar opposite to your own self a lot of times. Even in living life in general, you see things very black and white and will fairly often criticize the surroundings, but at the same time you have a desire to be more versatile and opened to new things. And yet your see achieving success as a fruit of hard labour. And you expect others to do the same, and do same in every aspect of the word, especially in terms of working hard for it. So in a way you can get quite resentful to people who reach success without putting as much effort in their work.

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From early age you are presented with situations that will help you develop your social skills, creativity and opportunities for gaining financial as well as material success. And that firm structure is probably why you tend to become so judgmental about everything around you, trying to place everyone and everything in a certain pile to easier manoeuvre through the potentially successful endeavours and those that you deem unsuccessful.

Later on in life that need to control becomes a bit less forceful in you and you tend to be drawn to situations that require your transformation into a bit more adventurous and freedom loving person, and with such energy success comes much more naturally, after all your amazing imagination and creativity can really stick out of the crowd.

You can be quite complex individual in deed. But once you embrace that complexity and own it, you really can make the best out of your psychological growth. Trusting your intuition will help you on your way to uncover your tremendous potential that’s hiding underneath the black and white point of view.


You can hit a wall with your sharp tongue quite often, that judgmental way you have is not really something you gain your admirers with. Sarcasm also does not really fall on the right terms with people either. And that is probably why you will often feel quite misunderstood and lonely. You do find a way to loosen up and become a bit more lovable and forgiving. And once you go down that road you will find you can become quite a warm, loyal and loving partner. And you are mostly drawn to people like yourself, after all it is simple to love the projection of power and determination right?


You are in a way addicted to physical pleasure. Which is often not limited to healthy physical experiences. Regular exercise on daily basis is recommended, however as long as it is in limits of normal, not excessive. As far as diet goes though, healthy, fresh, nutritious is good. Finding a good schedule for food intakes benefits your lifestyle as well, as it is important for you to be balanced in your endeavours. But do make sure you steer well clear of any addictive substances you may encounter in your path. That includes caffeine intake.


You would make wonderful journalist or politician. But on the lighter side you would also be great in anything to do with media, publishing, advertising, or even lecturing in subjects of artistic area (music, art, theatre, literature), or even in careers working with museums or antiques.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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