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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 22nd

The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Uranus – the visionary, with birth stone of Sapphire

You are a very intelligent individual with a very good hardworking ethics and being multi-talented just adds to your attributes. You also have excellent communication skills in your wonderful eccentric way. Your personality is such that you are at your happiest when you are creating, so moving from project to project in in a way how you want to see your every day. You love the challenge projects bring.

You have this solid awareness of knowing you are here for a reason, and that focus actually explains quite a lot about your restless urge to challenge yourself at every step you make. You aim at changing the world around you and make your mark. You always kind of follow your vision or what you are drawn to do, difficulties and obstacles on the way do not really bother you or affect you.

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Your ideals of fairness and equality will often clash with those of people in authority over you, which can make your path to success a bit harder to reach, but once you learn how to play their game, and compromise to your own benefit as well, your transition to success will be much much smoother.

You early age you strive to establish balance and harmony into your surroundings in both personal as well as professional life. It is extremely important for you to find balance to the point where you have time for friends as well not only time for yourself. Later on in life this balance results in you being much more self-reliant and in control. You can definitely reach for the highest success in life if you allow yourself to become a bit more flexible in your thinking.


You have plenty of acquaintances, and that is quite to be expected for being so outgoing and attractive. But for making real friends you can be quite slow. As much as you are outgoing you also like to avoid social situations and that is the reason for your slow movement on close friendship department. You believe in relationships, and not just any but the lasting ones. You can be very affectionate and loyal, but also need the attention you feel you deserve. You also run the risk of becoming a bit insecure and anxious.


When it comes to diet you need to stick with mild, healthy, fresh food. The lighter it is the better you will feel. As you might experience quite a digestive issue with spicy food. And adding good daily routine of exercise and fresh air will help your digestive system to become more balanced. But your biggest issue is your social isolation. Having regular outings with people will help boost up your mental health.


Scientist, public service officer, healing or caring professions, writing, research, teaching, sales, promotion, public relations, design even architecture. Your possibilities are very versatile and endless almost. After all the things, the projects you set your mind to are always on the way to the top.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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