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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 18th

The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Mars – the individual, with birth stone of Sapphire

You are quite a tricky one. You can be devoted and opened to people one moment where as the next moment you are extremely independent and avoid just about anyone in your path. It is extremely hard to get close to you, and people tend to work quite hard to try and get close to you, yet it is very unlikely you will lower your guards for anyone, even less commit to anyone.

You really love your freedom and you have a strong sense about it. Quite often you would just out of nowhere leave everything and change your mind, which confuses people around you quite a lot. Being unpredictable however makes you even more attractive, radiating a sense of mystery, and mystery you like. And that is why you tend to isolate yourself from time to time, in a sense of a word, you tend to vanish here and there.

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Removing yourself from people does hold a very deep meaning for you though. You tend to be quite sensitive to stress, and do not tolerate it much. So instead of dealing with too much, you prefer removing yourself from conflict and reflect on it in private, with that often allowing the situation to sort itself out on its own. There is a very fine line between withdrawing and running away though, so on occasions you do tend to do the later. So even though the experience may be quite unpleasant, you should allow for a confrontation on occasions to learn how to deal with an issue, and with that allow yourself some psychological growth deriving from such confrontations.

Overall you really need to be aware of your own life’s pace and interactions. You need to really make sure you do not become too absorbed in your work and thoughts, as that can quite quickly result in loss of direction or even your identity. Where is if you stay focused and connected, you will find you contribute quite a mass of new knowledge and insight to the world.


You can be quite a peculiar lone wold in this department. When you get hurt, you tend to submerge and resort to books and movies or other virtual worlds that console you. And that in a sense takes away from your potential emotional growth. It is extremely important for you to put your creative energy towards something more productive, such as connecting with people, reaching out and facing the unknown. Surely getting hurt is part of the process, but it will not always be so, over time with growing sufficiently you will find it is much more rewarding than the fear of getting hurt. Continuing down the path of the lone wolf will only make you feel much more misunderstood than you probably felt before and much more lonely. Live a little and experience the power of proper connection.


Being so closed off and negative at times effect much more than just your mood. As I like to say emotions feed the body just as well as food does. So focusing on healthy nutrition is just one side of the three important components to keep your health at its best. Being prone to fatigue, mood changes and automatically aligned with stressful situations for that matter will be the number one cause of your stuffy impatient mood. Lighten up the energy around you and intentionally practice wellbeing, after all it all starts with a simple thought. Changing your diet to lighter, fresh, healthy foods will improve the ability of your body to feel what you practice and adapt to the less stuffed body as well as mind. And than the important component to support both nutrition as well as healthy mind, you need to find an exercise you find liberating and easy, yet effective to get you moving and possibly going out to get some fresh air. It will keep your body in shape and declutter your mind, and with that allow you to experience the healthiest lifestyle possible.


Science, research, statistics, accountancy, business, management, administration, law, psychology, even medicine, writing, music or art. You can be quite diverse in choosing your potential career. And you tend to grasp it in a very serious and committed way, even though other areas are lacking that commitment. Work is where you feel safe and can thrive in a very productive and successful way.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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