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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 17th

The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the teacher, with birth stone of Sapphire

You are this impersonation of a tough, fearless, strong, extremely determined and full of stamina, individual. Your sense of right and wrong is firm and clear. Almost like that heroic figure who can never do wrong. Your are not afraid of hard work, and will do the tasks that would normally make others cringe and steer clear of.

You thrive when having control over everything you do, down to the smallest detail, which you find extremely important. You have the discipline and commitment needed to follow through the task at hand. You like to think logically and organize your approach according to facts, justice, fair play, tradition even, and of course in any situation you find yourself in you do want to remain neutral with your opinion, as that matters most to you.

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You are not all serious and focused the entire time. There are times when you let go and show your fun side, that does however come through on quite spontaneous occasions, but than again at least you do open up. And despite your being so reserved, people around you still can be assured of your absolute sincerity.

In your early age your life revolves around developing the more creative side of you, focusing on meeting new people, forging new relationships both professionally and socially. Through out this process you should take the opportunities and learn to be more expressive, after all that will definitely help your happiness in life. Later on in life that happiness gains a whole new meaning, as you focus more on a deeper meaning of life and of course the power of personal transformation.

You are one of the rare people who quite often do really well financially in life. And with that living or should I say enjoying a good standard of living is one of your number one priorities. You often find you can easily achieve your material goals you set for your life. However reaching your full potential is a bit of a different situation, requiring more commitment towards your spiritual and emotional life. And you often times focus on it for a valid reason, you just are not completely satisfied only with material gain.


You are passionate about your life, however also quite reserved when it comes to people. Opening up is just something that will not come easily with you. You put a lot of attention on trust and understanding in relationship, you need a loving relationship that will feel comfortable enough for you to open up. You would also benefit from more patience and understanding on more than just one occasion, being judgmental does not help you much.


Your diet and exercise will be extremely important for your health. Especially since your workaholic tendencies cause havoc on your mental as well as bodily health. It is extremely important for you to find the healthy diet you can commit to, and when I say healthy I mean you should really reconsider many of the foods you would normally eat. And on top of that it is also very important you find an exercise you like, as you would benefit from a regular exercise on daily basis. It will help you keep your body in good shape as well as help with the mental health, by clearing your mind and decluttering your system. Stress is your common enemy, it brings about headaches, backaches and of course sore eyes. All of that can be helped with a good proper sleep, healthy nutrition and proper exercise to support the overall good health.


Fair play is kind of what you strongly believe in. So it would be no strange thing if you ended up in careers such as law, law enforcement. But being intelligent and hard working means you would do great in any field you are interested in, for example, science, research, economics, accountancy, media, computers, engineering, or for some of you even healing professions seem a good fit.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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