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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on September 16th

The astral sign of Virgo, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the speculator, with birth stone of Sapphire

You are a very passionate and enthusiastic individual with infectious energy and love for life. You have a very enchanting effect to everyone you come to contact with. Although being passionate in life does not also mean you are impatient or impulsive individual, in fact you are quite the opposite of that, you have the discipline and patience to focus your outstanding energy on anything you set your mind to.

You are quite motivated by your own desire to exceed in learning and mastering whatever you focus on. And you most often exceed that which has already been achieved and go far beyond. You love what you do and will quite often try and recruit others to your cause or project as well. You are very courageous, and also a risk-taker, you have no problem standing up for what you believe in, even if that means fighting from your own corner.

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You do not like authority, and in addition to it you really do not respond well to it. Because you are so passionate about life, when faced with authority limiting your passionate approach can cause you to be quite rebellious, and that character is noticeable from childhood. Over all though you are always bursting with energy and vitality, thriving on challenges and even competition.

You are very independent person, and may find it quite hard to work with group of people. However like everything in your life, this is another lesson you take as challenge and in time you learn the art of compromise, which goes far further than the attention-seeking way. However in earlier years you do tend to resort to attention-seeking ways because of the need for popularity and appreciation. That however may be short lived desire, as you soon find it can be quite an illusive endeavour. So soon you do find that self-reliance is what you may count on much more and you tend to focus more on personal transformation.

You really should take any opportunity life offers to you. That way you will learn to focus in the right direction. With that you will find your happiness and be able to actually pass it on to others with inspiration.


Although you have this passion for life, the same can not be said for your love life. In a relationship you may be quite moody and difficult, especially if your partner tries to control your freedom or attempts to change you in any way. There for I would say finding the partner you will enjoy should be on the priority list for you. You really need to focus on finding someone who is intelligent and shares similar passion for life, as that will probably be the only way you will still feel free and be able to be who you are regardless of what you may experience.


Healthy diet will not suffice in your life, as even if you stick to it, you still need to adjust your personality and lifestyle pace. Eating means enjoying the meal and have it properly digested. Eating quickly is actually something you will most definitely do when it comes to meals. So that is one thing that will play a role in your health. Healthy food but poor digestion will not at all work together. Now to help your digestion to get better, you should also add daily exercise on your schedule, which will further help your digestion to become much more efficient. But not only that, it will also help you clear your mind, which is actually the second cause of your possible poor health. As your fast pace influences overload of information and with that comes unnecessary stress. But to help this part further it will also be of benefit to slow down your lifestyle pace. Learn to slow down and take a breath, but also spend time outside on fresh air, relaxing your mind, will definitely help you maintain good health as well.


Financial planning, science, manufacturing, business, mathematics, computers, law, medicine, all of these are some of the more challenging occupations out there. And yet you have the outmost potential to master, exceed and succeed in them. And on top of that it presents sufficient challenge for you to not get bored. For the ones with a bit slower pace by the time you start choosing occupation, education, acting or even writing may be a better fit, as challenging as the rest, but a bit more laid back in terms of lifestyle pace.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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