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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on October 7th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the speculator, with birth stone of Opal

You are quite a strong minded individual, whenever you speak you speak with utmost certainty and commitment to what you believe in. People’s reactions to you can be quite black and white for that reason, they can love you or they can hate you, but no matter what their opinion in agreement or disagreement is you definitely impress them with your determination and strong will.

I guess being an acquired taste is the phrase that most accurately describes you. But it is only as you can come across as a bit pushy or too straight forward sometimes, which obviously you are not really concerned about. You can leave quite an impact on others as you believe that progress and improvements can’t be made without someone rocking the boat or challenging someone. Obviously your intention is not to gain enemies, you would rather gain followers and admirers, but your beliefs are strong and you do not really have problems with opposition or criticism along the path.

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You are quite ambitious and that for most part is responsible for your impactful approach really, so in your earlier years you learn that the path to success is really about combining the ambition and drive with the importance of diplomacy as well as cooperation. And that is a path to a established and calmer path to learn the balance in executing the intent. Especially as later on you tend to look at things a bit more idealistically and optimistically, wishing to take more challenges through travel, study or even creating a new opportunity with re-training.

Regardless of age though keep your mind opened, the rebel in you under control and very importantly understand that your way is really not the only way and you should refrain from pushing it on everyone around you. Being strong-minded is not a bad thing, you do however need to know how to internalize your willpower rather than scatter it, as it will be much more effective in learning to focus, rather than in confrontations.


You are not really a people pleaser, but you do have a lot of grace and charm. Yet it is important for you to keep the company of those who can make you feel secure and accepted, even though you really just want to be alone. In general when it comes to relationships you are drawn to powerful and intelligent people, kind of like yourself. And once in a relationship you can be quite a stimulating partner but also loyal.


You really have a hard time sticking to a proper diet. Especially since if you do not see results instantly, you deem it unsuccessful, and unfortunately you are quite the same with your exercise routine as well. You really need to start to understand that healthy nutritious diet is not something you eat today and than forget about for the next week or so, you need to stick to it for weeks, to see results after that. Same goes for your exercise choices. The body needs to get into routine to understand what you are feeding it as well as what kind of movement and exercise it will get use to on daily basis. You are quite prone to eat unhealthy especially after skipping meals, so keeping on regular schedule with snacks will help that tendency. The very important factor of health is also sleep pattern. Which is another thing you will have to consider in order to be on your optimum health at all times. And to help with proper rest at night, it will really help you to get your daily dose of fresh air, to relax your body and get plenty of fresh air.


You may find you prefer being your own boss or at least having a job where you can be independent, and yet you want to in a way be of service to others. You find your way quite well in careers as an agent, spokesperson, promotor, educator, negotiator, counsellor, advertiser or even financial advisor. But in spirit of that independence you may find you also want to go into business or artistic waters as well. Now to touch up on artistic area, you do quite well in careers as writer, journalist or even artist.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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