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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on October 6th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Venus – the lover, with birth stone of Opal

You seize every day as if it was your last, you are quite spontaneous individual, always aware of everything going on in your life. Your everyday is an adventure, or at least that is how you experience it. You find all these opportunities to fall in love in just about anyone and anything around you.

The tendency to love everything around you makes you quite a romantic adventurer at heart, and that is how people experience you as well. You are driven by the need to experience as many stimulants as possible before moving on to what life has to offer on your next adventure. You are also very unselfish and will strive to help others just as passionately and urgently as your need for constant stimulation is.

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You will be presented with multiple opportunities through out your life to deepen your emotional commitments to others, and with that you will find yourself gaining emotional intensity as well as personal power and transformation. You really need to take advantage of these situations, especially since it will not always be a given. Although people love spending time around you, they do grow tired of your endless optimism, especially since people do take notice of your inability to take into account the darker, more complex and deeper aspects of life in general.

You always strive for the romantic end of the story and really do in a way lack a depth and definition in situations. So it is important for you to understand that life is not always sunshine and roses, but most importantly that the suffering and distress is essential for your psychological growth. With that life does become much more rewarding and exciting.

Later on in life you become much more relaxed and free in your willingness to risk emotional and professional area of life. You are so versatile, energetic and inspirational to the world people are magnetically attracted to you.


You can be quite unpredictable when it comes to friends and family. On the positive note that unpredictability is mostly pleasant surprises and fun occurrences. On occasions also a bit annoying as the unpredictability also means you may not be as consistent as people would expect you to be, so you would not show up at times, and pleasantly surprise on other occasions. You can be a very loving and loyal partner, but you really need to end up with someone who can fully understand your ways when it comes to unpredictability.


You are a wonderful cook, so healthy diet virtually should not be a problem for you. You do however need to be careful you do not become overindulgent in steering into foods that are not on the healthy side. You have to really have a good grip on your tendencies so you do not steer off the healthy wagon and find yourself going downhill into food disorders deriving from body image problems. Therefor healthy lifestyle is extremely important for you. Healthy nutrition rich with vitamins and minerals to support your hormonal balance and healthy immune system will help maintain mental health as well. Adding regular moderate exercise to your daily routine will not only benefit your body but also your mind. You will start feeling confident and at same time have the means to declutter your mind. Do not forget that fresh air is extremely important when it comes to relaxing, so spend as much time outside as you can.


You will most likely be drawn to careers in engineering, building, science, fashion, art, beauty, design, catering, cooking, theatre, writing, music, dance, promotion, production, education, even politics.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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