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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on October 5th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Mercury – the communicator, with birth stone of Opal

You always put others first, as well as the cause you are promoting, in a way you just strive to help in any way possible leaving your own needs behind. You can be so powerful in persuasion of good deeds that you convince everyone else into doing same.

You have a highly developed sense of fair play and are passionate about it, you will defend just about anyone, especially the less fortunate. For that very reason you often come across as quite unusual and altruistic individual.

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You feel strong sense of ethical responsibility and concern in every situation you find yourself, and you really are the kind of person who does not only talk but rather willingly takes action. And that very thing earns you respect and loyalty of people surrounding you. Occasionally though you can lose you sense of perspective and get so wrapped up in your righteous propensity that you can become impatient and aggressive, and are often failing to consider consequences.

Early on in life you often experience a growing need for emotional change, which sticks with you for quite a long time, and throughout that time there is numerous opportunities to express your social instincts and in that focus make a mark on the world. You however need to learn to keep your cool, pay attention to details and make sure you don’t get carried away experiencing your own power.

You are such an example to others, always joyfully dedicated to direct people, as you believe it is much more productive and loving approach as oppose to doing things for them. And with that very way of approaching situations involving guidance of people you have the tremendous potential to become the leading figure in any reforms leading up to improving spiritual, humanitarian or even social environment of people.


Warmhearted, sensual and very supportive you are as a partner. However your good deeds can quite often make your partner feel neglected. You have quite a circle of friends, which can be a big factor contributing to that feeling of neglect by your partner. Now going backwards, you have admirers all around you, which makes falling in love quite simple for you, and when you do you fall in love deeply, however you really need to be careful not to get involved in any destructive power game when pursuing love.


You will help just about anyone seeking help. And at same time your mind can be extremely focused on your professional life. But when it comes to your health and wellbeing you can be extremely neglectful. You really need to become aware of the need to put yourself first. After all you can not take care of other people if you do not take care of yourself. Focus on healthy, nutritional meals, home cooked preferably, adding plenty of vitamins and minerals to your diet as well, to help maintain good hormonal balance as well as maintaining strong immune system. Regular exercise on daily basis will help your overall health. It is extremely important to be very mindful with the lifestyle you should be leading in order to keep your mind and body relaxed and healthy. Spend time outside in fresh air and take those moments to relax, calm and balance yourself.


You absolutely fit in careers in social work, charity work or social reform environment. But you also have much to express for some of you acting, music, dancing or entertainment in general would make for an amazing career. For some of you however working in politics will come as quite a worthy challenge and fulfilling career.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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