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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on October 16th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Neptune – the visionary, with birth stone of Opal

You have a sharp mind and highly developed critical faculties. You find yourself analyzing everyone and everything you come across, as you find human behaviour very intriguing as well as source of endless supply of material. You are extremely perceptive and intelligent, yet your greatest talent will show itself in ability to break through layers of confusion and present the findings with almost brutal honesty.

You are a sociable person, very independent and in a sense also full of criticism directed to others. However that criticism does not get communicated in a direct manner, you much rather approach it from the distance, for example writing about it. You are motivated by a desire to enlighten or inform others of their errors or misconception, however your manner of presenting the information with the uncomfortable accuracy does seem to come across quite offensive which can cause people on the receiving end to alienate themselves from you.

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You value justice above all, in that retrospect you really strive for honesty and equality in all your dealings. You will most likely always get your way in dealings with people or situations, and when you do you are absolute model of charm. However if you are ignored, you can become very moody, and will refuse any attempts of compromise as failure is not something you want to every deal with

In your early years you will be dealing with emotional sensitivity and power, as you are are at this point stubborn and definitely trying in the face of opposition. Later on in life however you do make effort to widen your perspective on life and expand your horizons through travel, study and finding adventure.

Life brings you multiple opportunities, and you really should take advantage of opportunities to work cooperatively with others and form partnerships. This approach on life brings considerable success to your life, as well as good fortune to both your personal and professional life. Make sure you use your brilliant and unconventional mind, as it will eventually lead you to self-analysis.


You can be quite a challenging individual in relationships, unpredictable and impulsive one moment and quiet and sulky the next. However despite that, you can be quite an interesting person to spend time with. Although you can be quite a challenge to people wanting your presence, but you also possess strong need for love and affection and are willing to give much of you to people you love.


Your considerable intelligence does not always mean you extend that common sense to your physical health. You can quite often be drawn to addictive tendencies, especially the love of alcohol. On top of that you also are a bit of a workaholic, meaning you will spend a lot of time on hard work and be exposed to stress, resulting in insomnia, anxiety even headaches. Therefor it is extremely important for you to take time and recharge, or in other words, you need to really get your sleep routine in order and make it a routine of going to bed on time as well as waking up at same time every day. Same applies to your diet, you need to have your meals and snacks on schedule so you can stick to the proper feeding times and allow your immune system to boost from sufficient nutrients per day. Regular, daily exercise will also be necessary for you, as it helps the body to work properly, especially as far as digestion is concerned. However it will also keep the entire body in shape an help you tackle day to day challenges.


Your intelligent already insinuates the draw of academic world. You can become an amazing teacher or lecturer. And since your preferred method of your blunt communication is indeed writing, you may find it a very good match as a career. Some other career paths you may also find fitting and intriguing to you are for example commerce, advertising, publishing, in some extreme cases even politic. After all you do have opinion on every topic you encounter, and are also eager to share it.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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