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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on October 11th

The astral sign of Libra, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Opal

You are a master of socializing, to that addition you really feel happiest and at your best when you are in centre of attention in group of colleges or friends. You are always so easy going and elegant, and your personality is very likeable, with all of this said, there is no wonder at all in how well you can mix with people of all different ages and walks of life.

Your life to the outside world seems extremely simple, you make connections with groups flawlessly, start a conversation with incredible ease, even with a total stranger, your career spikes up the ladder effortlessly, as well as your climb up to highest social circle. So no wonder you can be the target of envy. However that exterior definitely hides the feeling of something being missing the entire time. As effortless as your life appears to others, there is a key component missing from your life, and that is your personal ambition. And that can be quite a huge issue for you, especially as it represents your ignorance to your emotions.

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So in general yes you are quite the visible member of any group, and you slide into them very smoothly, but without any clear definition of your personal goal in what you are doing there. And for that very reason you feel like you have very little control over your life at all times. And even when you are presented with challenges supporting your emotional growth, the suffering through the challenging situation just does not feel well placed to you, so you find it better to avoid it rather than to actually experience it.

Your early years are overflown with opportunities for your emotional growth, and you really need to take advantage of them. It is extremely important for you to challenge yourself professionally as well as personally, after all challenge is the key to your success. Of course all this turbulence through challenges does pay off in the end, and you do most likely widen your interests and feel much more free in seeking inspiration through studies, relationships and even travel. But the one thing you should never forget even in spirit of more relaxed environment you create for yourself is, that you still need to challenge yourself every day to take calculated risks and embrace challenge.


You really do not have any problems attracting romantic admirers, the issue you do encounter in this relationship game is more of a personal nature. And it has to do with your tendency to not being able to decide between being an intense and passionate lover and being a free person. So long term relationships can be quite a challenge for you. So there is nothing wrong with being very picky and discriminating with the choice of your partner, after all that special someone has to be there for you with all your perks and flaws and should never be chosen for looks and popularity but rather for their intelligence and adaptability to your needs.


You need to be very cautious when it comes to your health. Especially with not being the best at listening to your emotional and bodily needs. You definitely need more rest and sleep than the average person. So make sure you take all the fresh air your day offers in walks out in the nature, to be able to get some quality sleep and rest in the evening or even mid day, you can also resort to music to calm your mind. However that mental break you most definitely must support with healthy diet, avoiding addictive substances, such as caffeine, tobacco, and even alcohol. However since you do like to reach for sweet stuff as well, see you can always replace that chocolate with fruit, it is a better alternative to sugar. Also in order to keep your body in shape to easier tackle the challenges of the day, you should consider introducing regular daily exercise to your routines.


You may find yourself drifting from career to career in your lifetime, after all early on you really do need to taste the market to know what you really want to do in life. By the time you find what you really like and want to commit to, you may find your career choices may vary between careers in writing, music, sports, sales, promotion, commerce, counselling, teaching, law, politics, advertising, art in general as well or even design and media.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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