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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 6th

The astral sign of Scorpio, ruled by the planet Mars – the Warrior, and the birth date ruler Venus – the lover, with birth stone of Topaz

You are a vibrant and stimulating personality with boundless energy and ability to create an enthusiastic environment wherever you go. You are always stimulating and motivating others, with your infectious, honest and limitless enthusiasm.

You totally have a can-do attitude to everything you set your mind to. You have such drive and ambition, you are rarely sidetracked from following your goals. This gives you incredible potential for success, there is also however a downside to it, as you can get quite ahead of yourself and with your overconfidence go straight after the goals you have set for yourself, without any actual plans. Other times your goals can appear so far reaching, people will simply mark it as impossible, yet although you shake off criticism with humour, a part of you does feel hurt that people do not believe in you enough.

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You like to surround yourself with individuals that are as optimistic and upbeat as you are yourself, as keeping the company of like minded people is quite uplifting, and also important too. Yet you really need to make sure you also inject a heavy dose of realism into your life, after all it also is important for your success. Besides a realistic outlook is not at all a negative one, it just takes into consideration both the upside as well as downside of a situation.

You start developing your characteristic enthusiasm quite early in your life. You also start off with quite positive and expansive outlook very early as well, which leads you to further your education or guides you to pursue travels, you also are stimulated to be much more adventurous and take more chances, which all contributes to your expansion. This influence continues well into your mid age when you slowly sense the need to become more realistic and practical, but also a bit more organized in your approach to life, which is quite great for your psychological growth.


You are attracted to people who are very cool and unobtainable, which obviously is not the best type of people to aim for when it comes to relationships, in fact it is kind of damaging. You need to make sure you think of yourself when it comes to love, and protect yourself from people who will bring stress instead of love and joy into your life. You need to take a long look at what you can have, and obviously want have. As your charming and attractive personality does attract those who are much more worthy of your love.


In general you are bubbling with limitless supplies of energy. However, making sure you are maintaining healthy, fresh diet rich with vitamins and minerals. Especially since daily intake of vitamins and minerals will help you keep your hormones balanced and your immune system strong. It is also very important for you to get plenty of sleep which will help your body to recharge. You should also consider some mind-body techniques to keep your body and mind in sync and free of stress. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and get as much fresh air as you can.


You find you are the happiest in careers that actually put your incredibly energy to good use, you are in constant need for action. You find you are drawn to careers in entertainment world, business, tourism, even leisure and sports industry, but also education. Technology, science, politics, emergency services, music, dance, writing, these are all career possibilities you thrive in.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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