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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 27th

The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter – the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Turquoise

You are just a bundle of bubbling energy, enthusiasm and excitement. You are a fierce, individualistic person who really goes anywhere imagination leads you. You invest yourself in seeking out knowledge and truth to formulate your own opinions and plans. You can be quite spontaneous in that endeavour, yet that approach can have a negative side to it. You can find yourself in a bit of a puzzle not knowing which direction you are heading or tend to even get overwhelmed by your enthusiasm.

Your intuition is most of the time your guideline, you are not afraid to follow your instincts, even though it can be a double sided sword, it may bring you a spectacular, incredible success, or it may also lead you to disappointments and rejections. At the end of the day the trick is to distinguish between intuition and wishful thinking, and the only way to do so is to understand yourself better, and also take a more realistic view of situations before you decide to throw yourself into situations full heartedly.

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You may find yourself experiencing setbacks at times along the way, you do however have this spirit of a person who is always able to stay at the top of the game, you are remarkably resilient in the face of adversity. Do not get carried away though, as your self-reliance can at times work against you. Your pride can also get in the way at times, as you refuse to go to the length where you ask for help, which can significantly decrease your chances of success.

Early on in your years you will quite likely research your career options, experimenting, traveling, studying, just doing anything that would broaden your horizons. But that quite soon changes into a more pragmatic and focused outlook on life. You tend to bring much more order and focus on goals into your life. Your focus does not last long, soon in your later years you find yourself craving for more adventure and independence again.

It does not matter what age you are, the secret behind success and happiness is in your ability to control the powerful energy within you, and direct it to a worthy cause. Of course there is a great power in asking or reaching out for help and advice. Ideally by this time you will already have the goals set and will know well where you are going, and most likely it will be to the top.


You can be quite quick in moving forward when it comes to relationships. You tend to idealize your partners and end up blinded by the illusion rather than seeing the reality. That brings you quite to ab abrupt stop a lot of times, so you will be jumping from relationship to relationship quite a bit. You rarely fall completely in love, because your freedom is so important to you. The perfect person in your life is definitely one that is creative and hardworking, but also dependable enough to give you the support you need in good and bad times.


When it comes to your food, you need to learn to eat slow, make sure you really are aware of digestion starting in your mouth, with chewing that is. Do not try and speed your way through food. Take your time with food. Of course it is also important you eat healthy, nutritious food, and add plenty of vitamins and minerals to your diet to support your hormonal balance, and also take care of your immune system at the same time. Add a daily exercise on your schedule as it will help you keep your body in good shape, but also relax your mind. It is also important you take time and relax, get a good quality nap every day, to keep your mind and body nice and relaxed.


You can thrive in any career in which you set your mind to. Your desire to benefit others will make for a great career in politics, education, writing, tourism, advertising. You may also be quite drawn to entertainment world, arts and even sports. In some cases you may find your perfect setting in working for yourself.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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