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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 24th

The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter – the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Venus – the lover, with birth stone of Turquoise

You are energetic, outgoing and spirited individual. Your opinions have a strong impact and influence on people. You are not the person to avoid problems or challenges, and are definitely at your happiest and best when you can debate about issues or even troubleshooting for solutions. People are absolutely irresistibly drawn to your courageous energy and ideas. Your mysterious vibe only adds to that attraction.

Your life may look as safely settled and secure to the outside as possible, yet your appetite for excitement is so great that intrigue will never fall far behind. It will manifest in situations or relationships that are quite complicated, or have internal conflicts, there is just always that big question mark in your life that always makes the outcome quite uncertain. In a sense it only means your life is never a dull moment, and there will always be endless topics of conversations for others. Yet there will be times when you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and confusion, and will often be unsure what your own motives are.

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You will most likely be aiming at the top when it comes to your professional life. Only to really find that the sacrifices you need to make are the ones you are really unwilling to make. You may also find yourself creating an active social life, only to find that you just want to be left alone.

In your early ages you actually seek the adventure and want to expand the horizons. You will likely do so thorough ventures of studies or travel. However later on in life you will find yourself in a need of settling down and becoming more practical, goal oriented and definitely realistic in your approach to life and situations. As the time goes on you will find you develop a growing need for freedom, new ideas, and the need to express your individuality.

Life for you holds endless opportunities, which you can experience and enjoy in every stage and age of your life. You can develop your original notions and and plans, yet the key to success and solving mystery to your life is to simply accept yourself for who and what you are. And you really are highly unusual, creative and incredibly courageous individuals, who can never really fit into the mold, simply because your destiny breaks it.


You can easily be drawn into quite complicated relationships, or even love triangles. Therefor it is important for you to try and find balance, simplicity or at least honesty in this area of your life.You can be quite sensitive and restless, which definitely does not fit being in a relationship that is stuck or has become uneventful. You need to be with a partner that is to you extremely interesting and obviously needs to be as intelligent as you are yourself.


You need to lead a life full of movement and excitement, as if you get into too much of a routine, you tend to experience fatigue and mood swings. Finding a good counsellor to introduce you to some cognitive behavioural therapy techniques will help you manage your mood swings. Your Diet should be rich with different foods, variety of vegetables and fruits, obviously meats as well if you are keen on keeping it in your diet. But most importantly adding proper vitamins and minerals to the mix will definitely improve your immune system as well as keep your hormonal levels balanced to better support your overall health. You do need to steer clear of alcohol though, overindulging is not a good habit to have. Vigorous exercise, preferably on daily basis, will help you release the access energy, and help you become more balanced and centred with doing so.


You have the people skills to tackle any line of work, and on top of that are very intrigued by troubleshooting different topics. You may for that matter be quite drawn to professions in counselling, psychiatry, teaching, writing, philosophy, research, music, entertainment, metaphysics, spirituality.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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