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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 23rd

The astral sign of Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter – the philosopher, and the birth date ruler Mercury – the communicator, with birth stone of Turquoise

You really know how to think and stand on your own two feet. The fact you can be self-sufficient makes you quite sought after, both at home and work. You have a way with words, often knowing just the thing to say at exactly the right time, does not matter the situation you find yourself in. You are great with comforting a friend, making a huge presentation at work or sweet talking your lover. Combining your communication skills with your intelligence and originality, you really have the ability to make a significant and benevolent contribution to society.

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There is a side to you that is drawn, irresistibly I might add, to confrontational people or situations. And it often happens when your inspirational aims are challenged, and you will go as far as even to provoke a very unnecessary argument, just to make your point clear. But if you are not careful you may create quite a tension. And at this point in life you really would want to avoid that tension, after all you have likely been experiencing it since childhood, and will likely find yourself in similar situations with your colleges and friends as well as loved ones. So needless to say as much as it can be quite a tough pattern to break, it is in your best interest to try and work on it, as you are not really good at handling conflict, despite being quite a magnet for it.

In your earlier years you will often concern yourself with issues of freedom and expanding your horizons, and you will tackle it through education, study and travels. Yet later on in life you will adapt a more structured and pragmatic approach to life. You also find a strength and focus to achieve your professional goals.

Again I will put emphasis on importance to avoid engaging in conflict, as in doing so you will find you will spend much less time alone, and will avoid road blocks on your way to success. Once you learn to choose your battles wisely, you will find you can save your energy for what really matters. Especially when it comes to developing your outstanding potential in becoming authoritative, innovative and expressive motivational role model.


Your preferred company will definitely be a strong-willed individual who is also determined and shows a lot of purpose. Kind of like yourself. You are extremely seductive and charming person, your ability to sweet-talk the most stubborn or unlikely people into a relationship is amazing. There is however a matter of keeping that relationship going that can be a bit of a struggle. Keeping it long term will definitely take some much less provocative and argumentative characteristics, so do make sure you do not find yourself stirring confusion and conflict with your passion.


The most important thing you should do for your health is most definitely taking more time out in the fresh air, with adding a gentle breathing exercise to your walks to promote relaxed demeanour, for a greater balance and calmness. There is also an emphasis to be shed on your emotional strength, as you can easily get hurt, so learning not to take everything so personally will improve your health as you will avoid stress and tension. It is important you support your health with a proper diet as well, but do take simple steps each day to ensure you have the freshest and healthiest option of food possible. Also make sure you add vitamins and minerals to your diet to promote hormonal balance and of course keep your immune system strong. Adding mild moderate exercise to your daily routine will help you not only maintain your weight but also your energy levels as well as keeping your entire body in good shape and ready to tackle the world.


You are a total leadership material, but you really need work that will give you as much freedom as possible. With that said you may find your best fit in working for yourself. There are however a few options in careers you find interesting for yourself, for example education, law, science, writing, politics, acting, music, or even some other work opportunities in entertainment.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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