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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 1st

The astral sign of Scorpio, ruled by the planet Mars – the Warrior, and the birth date ruler Sun – the individual, with birth stone of Topaz

You always strive for life full of variety and challenge, you are stimulated by progressive and radical concepts, despising inaction or lack of progress. In a sense inaction is your greatest fear. You are the person who respects doing things much more than thinking and to an extend where you keep yourself busy at all times, you will start new challenge upon completing the previous, and you put your whole into whatever you do. You thrive on constant movement.

It does not matter what challenge life throws at you, you are up for anything with excitement. After all uncertain situations life offers really make you feel alive. You will always look for different ways to satisfy your hunger for adventure and stimulation, after all your boundless energy and vitality give you the power and potential to make things happen. You are so far adjusted in your lifestyle of constant movement, that if for some reason you find yourself in environment of less or no action, you sink into depression.

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You are a very honest and outspoken individual, who is willing to offer opinion on anything. And although your self-confidence is really admirable, it really does not always help you achieve your set goals. After all it is not always self-confidence that determines success, most of the time good judgment is the key component.

You do not really like to listen to advice from other people, even if they would be experts in their field, you just have a head of your own in a sense. But that very tendency can end up in taking dangerous, very unnecessary risks, or sometimes ends up in making the wrong judgment or you can misinterpret, even underestimate situations as well as people, which needless to say can really work against you. In a sense you are just not very strong on your mindful decisions, you tackle every situation head on first, and than try to figure out the rest.

You can come across as a very intense and serious person. But that appearance changes quite quick early in your years, as you tend to break out of your shell, and your adventurous nature really shines through. You find yourself taking more and more chances and tend to challenge yourself in new areas, which really helps you build up your sense of purpose in this life. You find your courageous spirit which pushes through to expand in new knowledge and outlook on life, which really gives you a tremendous potential to become inspirational and influential force.


You are really good with people, your magnetic personality allows you to make friends quite easily. But when it comes to love, it is still quite a difficult task for you to actually choose your partner, even though you are quite adored by your admirers. However choosing your partner is not hard for being indecisive, is more along the lines of you having such high expectations. You strive to find someone who is passionate and supportive, but at the same time intellectual equal to you. Once you settle down in a relationship, the effect on you is quite grounding and positive.


You naturally drift towards competitive activities, so although vigorous exercise is recommended, is hardly said you need constant encouragement, as you do understand the benefits of exercise. As far as diet is concerned though, you really need to focus on figuring out a healthy and nutritious diet, as you tend to really just eat whatever you find handy at the time, which may result in not so healthy decisions. Combining the two, along with finding ways to calm your mind and relax your body on well established schedule will reduce the accidents you are so prone to.


You are attracted to careers that provide you with wast variety and challenge, you need to have excitement in work environment or you do not enjoy it. You thrive in careers as business entrepreneur, inventive field, legal field, scientific field, artistic field, tourism, marketing, banking, sales, education, medicine, even social work.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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