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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 18th

The astral sign of Scorpio, ruled by the planet Mars – the Warrior, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Topaz

You are like this exuberant and energetic ray of warm sunshine. You can enliven any situation with your cheerful demeanour, positive and humorous approach. Your upbeat approach to everyone and everything makes you quite a wanted, sought after individual.

You enjoy being the centre of attention, but than you also are a naturally and fiercely ambitious, which makes you natural leadership candidate. Underneath the happy face presentation though there is a whole different world of uncertainty and conflict. And it is because you are unusually sensitive to the feelings of others, most of the times to an extent where you don’t know where your feelings end and where their feelings start. As a result of this emotional fluctuation, despite your clear potential of being a winner or innovator, you often end up feeling confused, scattered, purposeless, and also without direction.

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You need to focus and find a way to balance your sensitivity towards others, as that focus will help you fulfil the ambitious urge to realize your goals in life. That way your success will definitely be assured. Just be sure to keep the focus as if the balance shifts in either direction, you will loose the sense of direction. This direction of indecisiveness will definitely affect your psychological growth, and may also block your personal success.

In your earlier years you experience emphasis on issues related to freedom, adventure and expansion. You will most likely be traveling and experiment with different careers over the early years of your life. Later on in life you do become more responsible, precise and much more practical. You start focusing more on structure and order. Keep in mind though, no matter the age you are, you need to use your sharp and probing mind to investigate your own power and potential. After all with more self-awareness and greater belief in your own potential, lots of dedication and hard work, you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to.


You are fun, and sexy, and entertaining, and responsive, and romantic, yet only as long as your partner gives you plenty of attention and affection. You always need reassurance, and if you do not get it you surely do jump straight into the attention seeking behaviour and temperamental mood swings. So for that very reason it is important you make sure that you are with a partner who is as giving and energetic as you are yourself.


The tendency to be negative can make you quite prone to depression, so for the sake of your self-esteem and your mental health it is important, absolutely crucial that you focus on uplifting thoughts. Some cognitive therapy may be quite a positive step, as well as maybe spending more time with positive people who can uplift you. Proper diet is absolutely crucial for keeping high level of energy as it promotes positive emotions. So make sure you keep your diet fresh and nutritious, but also boosted with vitamins and minerals to support a good hormonal balance as well as keep your immune system strong. You will also benefit from vigorous exercise as it will help with your digestion as well as bodily shape.


You are most likely drawn to careers in science and research or even technology where you can have the freedom to be innovator with a great potential. But your success can absolutely also be reached in careers of art, music, literature, writing, but also business, teaching, lecture, politics, and also entertainment.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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