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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 15th

The astral sign of Scorpio, ruled by the planet Mars – the Warrior, and the birth date ruler Venus – the lover, with birth stone of Topaz

You are smooth in your present as well as your actions, with incredible precise accuracy. You will often strike out in quite an unexpected and sudden manner, especially when setting out to defend yourself or your beliefs or to strike out in attack.

Your life is quite a series of unforeseen events, encounters challenges and confrontations, it never has a straightforward existence. Yet instead of crumbling under pressure and intensity, you seem to be thriving on all the excitement. Further more you tend to find yourself in conflicts or challenges all the time as you tend not at all to avoid them, you actually will for sure be the last to back down.

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You are actually brilliant when it comes to defending yourself, yet your biggest advantage is that you know how to find the weak spot in your opponent’s arguments or situation, you know exactly how to wait for the right moment to strike, in a sense your timing is absolutely perfect. You truly are not the person one wants for their enemy.

In the mids of all the constant challenges, you fail to see though that not every situation you are presented is really a battle, you seem to focus so much on what you will find in it, in constant search for conflict, that you fail to appreciate all these moments of beauty and joy life offers you. You will find you can be constantly suspicious of everything going on around you, even when you have no reason to be, and for that very reason you can alienate others and even create negativity where there is really no need for it.

There are also those moments, where your genuine love for challenge and change creates conflict, just for the sake of excitement that comes out of it. And in earlier years of your life these tendencies are at their most intense, so you do get numerous opportunities to take chances, and some do pay of while others really do not. However later on in life you do find you benefit much more from discipline and realistic outlook on situations, even life. It does benefit you to stay optimistic and with that in a way inject some healthy dose of self-belief in your life.


Your tendency to speculate every situation as well as every move people make can actually mess up your love life a bit, as you do tend to influence this area of life as well. So with that said, it is not at all strange you keep your feelings to yourself. Yet on another note you can also be quite affectionate and seductive if you want to. This dual mask of character can send out quite mixed signals to your potential partners, but it can also add appeal to your already fascinating and attractive image. Keep in mind though that the right partner however will be able to teach you that love in its true sense is all about letting go and allowing yourself to be free and trust the love.


You must have noticed by now that your greatest enemy is pretty much yourself. If you would just focus on finding wellbeing in everything around you, you may find the situations become much less stressful on you body and mind, which definitely contributes to your wellbeing and overall health. When it comes to diet, you should really make sure you avoid additives, fats, etc., and just stick to healthy, nutritious, fresh foods at least as much as you can. Little bit is much better than nothing, and trying is important. You would also benefit from quite active everyday exercise to help keep yourself in best shape you can be, and also to help with relaxing your mind and body through releasing the piled up energy.


You will find yourself gravitating towards careers that provide you with constant challenge, especially if they involve plenty of travel and change, you thrive on change. So some of the careers you may find appealing are secret service, military, bodyguard, politics, law, to some of you business, and the more artistic souls amongst those born on this day will be drawn to writing, acting even music.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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