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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on May 29th

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Moon – the intuitive, with birth stone of Agate

Your life is mainly all about finding the career that will give you the satisfaction in life you deserve. You love to show but also share your talents, and people love that about you, especially as you approach with very vibrant and light charm. And you love that people love that about you, as you do appreciate a proper audience.

You love to expose yourself in ways like entertaining people around you, and you tend to get quite frustrated if you do not attract the proper audience, as you kind of rely on the energy from people. You are not really, motivated by money or social status but you do rely on your connection with people. Your life in your eyes is such a fun experience with your amusing and stimulating conversation skills.

You have sharp communicative skills and also boast quite impressive diplomatic skills as well. You often involve yourself in the middle of people’s conflicts attempting to resolve them. You always strive to try and please others but spreading yourself thin like that does take a toll on you many times, and results in violent outbursts of anger. You go about piling up emotions, not taking the time in the day to resolve them as they come, so outbursts really sort of say are inevitable.

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Learning to deal with stress and piling emotions is your best way to not come into situations where your outbursts happen. Also not expecting people to act a certain way and not trying to please everyone, but rather make sure you fulfill your desires will help you avoid many complications.

You are somehow just the kind of person who likes quantity and movement on your hands. You will involve yourself in so many projects one can hardly keep up with you. But you have the creativity to pull it all off. Your managing skills are leaving people to wonder how you can even manage it all. But with your determination and a genuine desire to test yourself is what drives you forth with such passion.

You will take your time with going through details of different skill sets and projects, and will sharpen your focus in each and every one of them until you find the one that is your true passion and will become your career. But by that time you will most likely be a master of various skills.

In later years you tend to settle and focus a lot clearer and chase after fulfillment of your desires. There is also a greater desire for emotional security at that time. But you never let go of your serving tendencies, you will always make sure you try and improve other people’s lives, and with your leadership skills you really can make a difference.


You are a charming romantic, needless to say you have numerous admirers, as in general your desire is to accumulate a massive audience. Love life is no different. You can be quite mesmerized by many different people and can find it hard to figure out which person you want to go with. I live that choice to you. But the bottom line is, once you commit you give it your all, especially with sensitive and loving person by your side who believes in your ability to reach far and do more.


With you there is especially great emphasis on keeping healthy, fresh and reasonable diet, with plenty of vitamins and minerals as part of it. It is extremely important you hang on to good balance with food to keep your immune system strong and hormones balanced. But you also need to make sure you get plenty of moderate everyday exercise, preferably with fresh air involved. It will help keep your body in shape and mind clear. Try and find time in the day to let go of thought and just empty your mind. That way you will avoid stressful situations and hopefully rid yourself of insecurities that burden you.


Your leadership abilities and people skills along with remarkable communicative skills are a great foundation for careers law, politics, reforms even business. You may also be well attracted to careers in teaching or lecturing.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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