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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on May 27th

The astral sign of Gemini, ruled by the planet Mercury – the communicator, and the birth date ruler Mars – the warrior, with birth stone of Agate

You have quite an astonishing ability to comprehend different angles of situations, and being creative thinker helps. You are also quite fond of making steps, in other terms you want to make things reality and take action, you are not one for philosophical ideas and keeping it all in the head. On the contrary, it annoys you.

Taking many actions and having your own ideas about different approaches does take quite a bit of self-confidence, and you have it. You rarely loose your cool even when faced with most difficult of circumstances. But the healthy dose of confidence also helps with dealing with your interest in human condition. But you also know how to detach emotionally, which serves in your favour when dealing with issues people have around you.

Not everyone understands your distanced and impersonal approach sometimes, some people find it cold even. But the way to offer effective help does not involve getting all emotional. In fact the most effective way to help people with issues they need help with is being emotionally detached from the situation.

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People have a genuine respect for you. And it is for the optimism and sophisticated strong presentation in any given situation. But the close relationships however are not as harmonious, as you do prefer devoting much more of your time to work.

Your success is greatly supported by your self-confidence and self-belief. You are opened to new ideas and for that many opportunities present themselves to you. But that does not always mean life flows unobstructed at all times, as you do need time to find the right path for yourself, something that matches your talents. Only once you do what you feel you really know how to and you are good at will you feel that much more confident in your ability and be happy with it.

In your life there is many milestones of reconsidering what you want to do in life, and every time it seems you will be drawn back to any kind of profession to do with society and its improvements. And in each and every milestone you face, there is a huge learning experience going on, so needless to say you should take full advantage of it.

I guess the biggest lesson for you revolves around your learning to be less controlling and be able to hear what people suggest, even criticism. The more flexible you are the more you will be able to reach people with your inspiration and motivation.


With you kind of having a selective hearing can be quite a challenging thing to have a constructive conversation in a relationship, which leads to unnecessary turmoil. You are affectionate and loving partner with a wish for a firm and loving relationship. But you will need to lower your guards when topics are not your favourite, or when your weak points are pointed out, it is for your own improvement, not to harm you. After all you are attracted to people who are confident, hardworking and independent.


Having such a firm devotion to your professional can make you quite prone to neglect health in many different ways. One of them being the essential diet routine. Skipping meals all together, and fast tracking with junk food tends to backfire in health department, so needless to say you need to reform the timing and healthy food intake. The constant overload of your mind with focusing on work constantly can also play a large role in depressive states and exhaustions. So finding a good schedule that will work for you involving healthy regular meals, regular exercising and plenty of proper sleep will keep your overall body and mind in healthy and good condition to be able to tackle the daily challenges you face.


You will most likely experience changing careers multiple times before finding the field you really fit in. You are however a very organized and bright thinker that would excel in fields of for example law, politics, teaching, medicine, even art – where in fact you can actually express yourself much more free than any other field. However you most likely will be looking for something that will present challenge in learning and expanding, as you do love knowledge and feel confident in it.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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