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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on May 13th

The astral sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus – the lover, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Emerald

You have a very luring natural charisma topped with a playful charm and absolutely electric effect on people around you. You are a wild child following your instincts even if it means going against the society’s rules.

You reach for your interests mostly with your wild self-initiative, and for the most part what you do in life is often something self-taught. Everything situation you find yourself in as well as people you encounter are dealt with ease and flow, very naturally. You have tremendous potential to attract good fortune. You have it fairly easy making friends as well, it is almost like you have natural magnetism people are addicted to.

But all the attractive natural drive people feel for you can also result in their feeling envious to you, your life, your ways, sometimes even resentment. As long as you are aware of it you can attune to the proper enthusiasm when you are in company of those who tend to see you as a threat.

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You in true nature do not want to deal with the practical concerns, you find them boring and unfulfilling. You like your movement in growth, you do not like to find yourself stuck or restricted in any way, because if that happens you are very prone to depression or reckless behaviour.

You have a rich knowledge base and you keep adding to it, but you tend to use it more on the surface, almost like just brushing against it and never take the time or effort to get in depth of any situation to discover and even enlighten situations. You should gain courage and dig yourself into situations figuring them out inside out, you will benefit from doing so. After all nothing can be mastered if you only recognize the surface.

Later on in life you give more attention to your emotional fulfilling establishments and commitments. Although you tend to glide through life always flowing on top of the game, in truth beneath the surface you do encounter multiple setbacks, and painful situations. Once you learn that it is important to get to the bottom of any knowledge and situation you find yourself in, life becomes much more relaxed and light. But you need to make sure the needs of others are not always as important as your own emotional satisfactions. Life has lessons to offer, and once you find the purpose, which is often later on in life as well, you can enjoy your achievements and recognize that your life is limitless.


You are a romantic soul, and chase after that perfect romantic relationship for most of your life, aiming at perfection for life. But once you find love in the perfect partner you need to remind yourself often that relationships are also work, especially if you aim at perfection as you tend to. Now with that said you do not really have trouble finding admirers, as you are quite overflown with them, but to find the right person you do need to bring your guards down and allow them to get to know you.


You are very much in tune with your body and if you can stay on a healthy balance of diet and exercise, you tend to not really find yourself facing any health problems. However you do need to steer clear of recreational drugs to maintain the bodily satisfaction, as they will affect your physical as well as mental condition. Although you highly benefit from exercise, your way to relax your mind is actually quite the opposite of relaxation as you tend to benefit from organized learning new knowledge in a specific area.


I guess the fact to you is whatever the career you choose you will succeed in. And as for the most prominent directions you are pulled to, they are in artistic field such as design, art or music, or any career where you deal with people, such as sales, teaching, marketing even law.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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