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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on March 8th

The astral sign of Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the teacher, with birth stone of Aquamarine

You know freeing yourself of all restrains does not mean you have to cut the ties with everyone around you. To become more independent all you need to do is feel no dependancy to other people. So whatever you do, do not alienate yourself from friends but rather keep them close to share your accomplishments with you.

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You know it is mostly your agreeable exterior that makes people thing you are dependant on other people’s guidance, but underneath there is a very strong and independent thinker who’s focus is clearly set to overachievements. You do not like being told what to do, and you show that feisty and resilient nature from early age. And is not like it is no reasoning with you because you are flexible enough to change direction you just need to see sufficient reason to do so.

You have a distrust in authority, sometimes complete lack of respect but it is not without a reason. You just believe everyone is entitled to think for themselves and with your empathy for people you make some small but also some great changes in people’s life.

Challenge and variety is what you need in your life and it means often you will not stay on same path for a long time. But you are loyal so you will stay on projects all the way till the end and than break free. You thrive in ever changing environment you create for yourself as it also is your progress. But as you get older the need for stability, emotional and financial takes the lead drive in your life and your uncompromising approach becomes much more settle and stabile.


You are not short of admirers, and early years do not really show it as you can be very hard to tame, but later on in life you do crave for intimacy. You are passionate, charming in relationship, but do have problems with getting to close. Take time and learn to be more spontaneous and opened to change.


You do not have any special health requirements apart from the obvious diet, but at same time you already do have a good balance going on so nothing especially pushy about it. But you do need to make sure you do get enough sleep and rest your body for your highly energetic everyday.


You are going to change careers for sure over a period of time, and is a good thing given your interest span and a need for changes. You may be driven to politics and social reforms, but mostly you will probably shift through scientific careers, career in social spheres or as writers, artists, designers or even musicians. Having a problem with authority and rules may pull you into working for yourself as well.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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