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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on March 3rd

The astral sign of Pisces, ruled by the planet Neptune – the speculator, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Aquamarine

You need to learn to like yourself much more than you do. As you possess talents and original ideas that inspire and uplift people. Work on your self-esteem, it is important factor in building up your persona, important process in loving yourself. Nobody succeeds if they do not believe in their success and self-love is the base you jump off of.

You are intelligent, determined and definitely versatile, so in the making you have great potential to become successful. You also have all these ideas of what to do and how to do it. Now is just the matter of trust in yourself and sufficient self-esteem to go chase after your dreams, and that lack of self-esteem most of the time has you preparing really carefully to figure out steps the making.

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See there is in a way no need for your indecisiveness or lack of belief in your process. You are very quick to detect potential problems in your plans, and that eye for details is a huge benefit when looking at bigger picture. So do not be afraid to lay down all the plans and than just jump into executing them. After all as good as you are in planning, you can also pay too much attention to details in actual planning due to nervousness and delay the actual process of making it happen.


Your self-esteem is important as it plays big roles in decision-making skills which hold you back, but not just you, it affects people around you as well, at work your team-mates, at home your loved ones. Be more decisive and quicker to act on your planning. You will not miss on anything, your are to detail-oriented.

Concur the fear that paralyses you every time decision making takes centre stage. It is important you choose your direction and stay committed to it and just trust your decisions on the way. After all it is who you are that defines you, not what you do. You can achieve great many things but only if you actually do things.


You make a very fun, charming and loving partner. You also will pair yourself with intelligent partner that shares your interests, so it would not be strange if you two even started a business venture together. But make sure you chase those insecurities away before you commit as if you do not, your generosity may be taken advantage of.


In a way healthy diet and exercise routine should not be a problem for you, well at least not from the planning point of view. And as long as you also plan to avoid alcohol and junk food obviously. The problem arises if you plan to much and do to little. Keep in mind, the healthy routine apart from the obvious two components does also require a calm and relaxing piece of activity out in the nature preferably, so you get plenty of fresh air while at it.


Your eye for detail and a talent for planning things will probably drop you into careers like writing, politics, teaching, maybe even counselling. But is not so much the career you would do well at, rather more like what you wish to commit to. You need to focus on the path and stick to it.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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