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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on March 26th

The astral sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars – the warrior, and the birth date ruler Saturn – the teacher, with birth stone of Diamond

Learn to be more spontaneous. It will help you see complicated situations more simplified, and with that allow for much more opportunities to be achieved. As when you learn to be more spontaneous, you will find that you speak up much more frequently and at appropriate times, which makes you appear much more committed.

Your determination and strength is a powerful and obvious predisposition for achieving much in life. You are very straight forward and intense, which is a total opposite of easygoing persona you show on the surface. Honesty dominates your personality, which is kind of obvious as your overall goal is to achieve intellectual and emotional directness as much as you can.

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You are very clearsighted and practical in your pursuits, and once you figure out how to make complicated tasks easier, you have no problems going about your life pulling in projects one after the other. But that boldness can also have a downside to the expression as with your desire to avoid complications actually complicates the process as it becomes too relaxed and not at all challenging, detaching you from the emotional aspects involved in projects, and leaving you behind those who are much more passionate and aggressive about their pursuits.

In general you would benefit much from not being too reliant on your insight as your belief that less is more does not really apply to every aspect of life, led alone every project you pursue. So keep your mind opened and adapt a viewpoint or two that will broaden your perspective. After all it can only benefit you.

Later on in years you start focusing more on creating stability for yourself. And in these times, your creativity and passion will come quite handy. You do not have to be rush in your decisions at this time anymore, just stick to your own pace and put your own effort and idea into your projects. As long as you stick to strive to be spontaneous about it.


Spontaneity is your point well worth of adapting for this lifetime. With it you will much easier let go of those strict patterns you want to run your life about, and allow even love to create harmony in relationship, as long as you loosen up a bit and go about that unpredictable note, at least a little. In relationship you show your colours of generosity and support and can be extremely loyal. And it goes in both love and friendship. Once you make a friend they are your friend for life.


You are so relaxed and easy going on the outside, one gets easily tricked, as underneath there is a person with incredible insight, and that very outlook on things is responsible for your great self-diagnosis, but even though you have the ability to figure out your weaknesses in health, I do recommend you do consult a health expert on the topic. After all it is beyond self-diagnosis once you pinpoint the problem. Better safe than sorry, right? As far as diet is concerned, I urge you to divide that large meal into multiple smaller ones and spread them through out the day, as body gets lazy with too much at once and just gets too overwhelmed which can also burden the mind, which you have to keep light and steer clear of negativity as it causes you to get depressed. Every day challenging exercise will help keep your body in shape as well as keep your mind in occupied and in good mood, to avoid the negativity.


Organization, organization, simple and easy to follow, that is what you find a good direction in career. That is also why you will fit great in military for example, or maybe diplomacy, or if you prefer seeing self in more of a business waters, management. But with your insight and a need to express yourself, you may find music or art a great fit as well.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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