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Numerology Personality Traits

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on March 21st

The astral sign of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars – the warrior, and the birth date ruler Jupiter – the philosopher, with birth stone of Diamond

You have strong values, that is a fact. But allowing yourself to be a bit more observant to other people’s feelings and soften up your words a bit will not mean you are no longer true to self or your beliefs you know. Just try not be as harsh and straight forward mean all the time. Learn to be more tactful.

You are really not the person who compromises at all. You live in belief your way, your intent and your belief always works. Nothing wrong with that, only that you may want to give it a “almost always” not always.

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Your way of conversation is most definitely always brutally honest and direct. And is not really even the words that need to be said as you do a quite decent job making it clear to everyone around you just with your thought pattern, as you are so transparent in your ways that it is pretty hard not to know what you are thinking about. But as much as it is apparent it is also quite secretive, as you will never stir the water even though you are confident about where you stand in life. You tend to keep it to yourself. You are not at all aggressive with your ways, in fact you are very much in your own world with it, unless someone pokes at you.

You are independent and have a very clear sight of where you are going, you are also quite inflexible in your path, as well as antisocial and prone to isolate yourself. Your stubbornness does not help with it. But at the end of the day, you just love living your life according to your own belief and if people do not like it, it is on them. But despite it all, you may want to allow people a bit closer to you, at least to take into account their viewpoints if nothing else. But as it is in a way quite a hard work for you to allow such relation to form, I suggest you go at it while you still young and learn the benefit of that kind of openness during that time as once you get older, the stubbornness just gets much harder to control.

In the world where you put much attention to your improvements and start learning to improve your patience and tendencies of isolation if things do not go your way, you will find you are quite excellent in leadership roles. But as all leadership roles work, you do need to start listening to other people’s viewpoints and give them credit, even at times when it gets hard to push against your own failures.


Your lifestyle dictates solitude most likely, but once you figure out is all just your own preference you will find that you pair yourself well with someone who is kind of your equal in independence and preferably intelligence as well. You are the kind of person who gives your heart to one person and to that one person forever.


You most certainly know how to take care of yourself, in a way you are very self-sufficient. But despite the ability to care for self you should take a bit of advice on diet habits, as far as it goes, you are a person of routine, which is great but you need to at least add some vitamins and minerals as additives if you do not like the taste of actual food rich with the necessary vitamins and minerals for your body. You will also benefit from moderate exercise and socializing.


If you work on your patience and socializing you have great potential in leadership positions in careers for example like military or police, given you are a very disciplined person. Business, business management or even law would be a great fit for you as well. But if you wanted to develop your artistic skills you would also do great in advertising or arts. In general you may find it more fitting to work alone, or in your own business as well.

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About the Author Judita Tanko

About the Author Judita Tanko

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